Top Reasons To Play Skill-Based Games Like Online Rummy

Top Reasons To Play Skill-Based Games Like Online Rummy

Do you have an analytical bent of mind? Do you like games which involve strategy and skill and those that you can play on the go, then you are likely to like skill-based games like online rummy. Read this piece to know the top most reasons how playing rummy online can be of use to you.

A card game like rummy has been there since ages. Chances are that you must have played it. Even if you haven’t played it, you must have seen people around you play it or would have heard about it. It’s a really popular leisure option which helps us bond with others. Now with technology in the form of smartphones and internet the game of rummy has become even more popular amongst all age groups. With technology the game can now be played anytime, anywhere according to your convenience. Not only the old timers who played rummy offline but even the young generation have taken a special liking to the online rummy card game in the past few years. Below are some reasons why should also play rummy online.

Rummy Game is Easy To Learn

Online rummy is a simple game whose rules can be learned quickly. It’s very easy to understand the objective of all rummy variants which is all about forming sequences and sets with cards that are dealt to you. When you play rummy online you will get multiple sources to learn these rules as these are available in the form of video tutorials, articles and by playing free games that don’t involve any stake. The fact that many of us have played rummy offline makes the transition from offline to online even smoother.

Play Rummy Anytime, Anywhere

If you play online rummy you don’t have to fret over planning or scheduling the online rummy games. No need to hunt for competitors who would be passionate, interested and knowledgeable about the game. You don’t even have to travel to a particular venue to play. Play rummy anytime and anywhere as per your convenience. Playing online rummy is a hassle-free process. When you play rummy on PlayRummy, there will be many players playing simultaneously. So, you no longer need to wait to call or invite people to play with you. All you need is a phone, tablet or desktop and internet and you are good to go. Be it while travelling or being home or being stuck in traffic while sitting in a cab now time and location doesn’t matter when it comes to playing rummy.

Variety of Rummy Game Modes

Gamers enjoy gaming when there are enough players to play with and those who know the game. Various game modes appeal to them because that means now they can show their skill in different aspects of the game. In online rummy games a player can try various game modes at the tap of a button – be it points rummy or deals rummy or pool rummy. All the player has to do is choose the game mode and begin playing.

Beginners Rummy Player Welcome

If you haven’t ever played rummy, want to but are still apprehensive about your choice. Let’s tell you that there are many benefits for a first timer thinking about playing rummy. Many online rummy platforms give beginners a welcome or joining bonus which is a great way to start playing on someone else’s expense. After you have downloaded the rummy app you don’t need to directly play the players who are better than you. You can take your time learning the rummy tricks of the trade by watching tutorial videos, going through various beginners rummy tutorial and watching others play. You can begin playing on tables with low stakes and gradually move to playing on bigger tables.

Boosts Analytical Thinking

Online rummy games are not only great leisure options but also encourage analytical thinking. The more a player plays the more their analytical skills improve with regards to evaluating the cards in hand, predicting opponents moves and so on. Players learn the skill to analyse various game situations and take correct decisions under pressure. Learning these skills can help you to either win the game or reduce the points in case someone else wins.

Reduces Stress and Promotes Social Distancing

While the vaccines are here but the Covid-19 cases continue to rise in the country. The pandemic has certainly made our life more stressful. With options like online rummy games not only has our life become less stressful but it also promotes social distancing. Now we can enjoy playing rummy with people in different parts of the world by sitting inside our homes.


Technology has made rummy even more popular. Different people have different reasons to start playing the online rummy, you can find yours and enjoy the game.

How to Play Real Cash Rummy

The Rules of Play Rummy

Rummy (also known as Traditional Rummy) remains one of the most popular Rummy card games. It is the most well suited option to an offline playing environment as it is the easiest to learn and play. It’s simple and yet contains all the exciting ingredients with a great deal more skill involved.

Players & Deck – PlayRummy is played between 2 to 5 players and each player is dealt 13 cards. For 2 or 4 players, two 52-card decks (104 cards) and 4 jokers (wild cards) are used. For 5 players, three decks (156 cards) and 6 jokers are used. Each player turn by turn (in clockwise order) deals the cards.

Number of Players Number of Decks Number of cards dealt to each player
2 – 4 player table 2 deck 13 cards each
5 player table 3 decks 13 cards each

How the Game Works

  • A random toss decides which player gets to play the first move.
  • Each player is dealt 13 cards face down. The next card from the deck is placed face up on the table; this starts the discard pile/open deck . Rest of the cards are placed face down in the centre of the table; this is the stock pile/closed deck .
  • Then a card is picked from the stock pile and placed face up under the stock pile so that it is visible. All the cards of that rank regardless of the suit can be utilized as additional jokers or wild cards.
  • The objective of the Game. The object is to form Runs (or sequences) and Sets. And when a player has formed required runs and sets using all the 13 cards, the player declares his/her turn. A valid declare must have minimum two runs and out of these runs one run must be pure (called First Life). The
    second run can be pure or non-pure (called Second Life). Either First Life or Second Life must have 4 or more cards
    . Once the objective is met the player can thereafter declare by clicking on the “Declare” button.
  • Once a valid declare is made, rest of players on the table must form and declare the valid sets and sequences. For these players all the unmatched cards are counted. Every player must meet the requirements of minimum two runs (First Life and Second Life) else all the 13 cards are treated as unmatched and are counted. When all the 13 cards are unmatched, the player loses 80 points.
  • Dropping from the game. If you drop from the game without picking even a single card from the discard pile or stock pile, you lose 10 points. If you drop in between a hand, before any other player has done a valid declare, you lose 30 points.
  • After the points of all the players are calculated for all players, the winner takes home the prize money.
  • Some Rules to remember. A sequence/run can also use a joker (wild card) as substitute for any missing card. Such a sequence is non-pure sequence. You can use only one joker in a non-pure sequence.
  • A set consists of 3 or 4 cards of same rank but of different suits. or 2 (or 3) such cards and a joker.
  • Three cards of same rank and same suit (except printed jokers) are treated as pure sequence/run.
  • All the unused jokers can be placed separately while declaring and hold 0 points.

What is a Sequence (or Run)?

A sequence is group of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit. There are two types of sequences that are used in 13 card rummy games. A Pure Sequence and an Impure Sequence.

Pure sequence

5 6 7 are three consecutive cards of the same suit
A K Q J are four consecutive cards of the same suit
A 2 3 are three consecutive cares of the same suit

However: K A 2 is not considered a valid sequence. In order for a set to be valid it has to follow the sequence A,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K,A in a loop and A,K,Q,J,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,A.

Three identical Cards: when playing with three 52-card decks, the three cards of same rank and same suit are treated as pure sequence/run. For example: 9 9 9 and J♠ J♠ J♠.

Impure sequence is when a printed joker or a wild card is used to create a sequence. Let’s assume K is a selected Wild Card.

4♣ 5♣ PJ 7♣ – here a printed joker has been used to replace 6♣.
4♣ 5♣ K 7♣ – here the selected wild card K has been used to build a sequence replacing 6♣.

What is a First Life and Second Life?

a valid declare you must have minimum two sequences. One of the two required sequence must have a pure sequence and the other must have a minimum of 4 cards.

First Combination: Both the sequences are pure
First Life         5 6 7
Second Life    A K Q J

Second Combination: One of the sequences is pure and the other impure (considering J♠ is joker)
First Life         5 J♠ 7
Second Life    A K Q J

Third Combination: One of the sequences is pure and the other is impure (considering J♠ is joker)
First Life         5 6 7
Second Life    A J♠ Q J

Three identical Cards: the three cards of same rank and same suit are treated as pure sequence/run. For example:  9 9 9. This too can be treated as a first life.

What is a Set?

3 or more cards of the same face value but different suits in a row are called a Set

Pure Set

77♣7 are of different suits  ♣ 

K K♣ K K♠ are of different suits  ♣ ♠ 

However 7 7 7 is not considered a valid set. All cards in a set have to be of different suits. If two or more cards of the same suit are used to make a set of three or more cards, it is considered as an invalid set. (this is applicable in gameplays with 2 or more deck of cards). As you can see two of 7 has been used to declare the set.

Impure Set

A set can also be built with a Wild Card or a printed joker. Lets us assume the Wild Card is K.

4♣ 4 PJ 4 – here a printed joker has been used to replace 4♠ in the set.

A♣ A K A♠ – here the selected wild card K has been used to build a set replacing A.

How to use the Joker?

There are two types of jokers used in rummy.

Wild Joker

At the start of each game, a wild joker card is randomly selected. This card can be used as a replacement to any required card after you meet the requirement of at least one valid sequence.

For example:

If 6 is selected as the wild joker, then 6 of any suit can be utilized as the wild joker. I.e. 6, 6♠ 6 6♣ are all joker cards.
4♣ 5♣ 6 7♣ – 6 has been used to form a sequence. This is an Impure sequence because even though it’s a 6 it’s not a 6 of clubs. 6 being a joker in this case.

4♣ 5♣ 6♣ 7♣ – 6♣ has been used to form a sequence. Even though 6♣ is a joker, it’s considered a pure sequence because it belongs to the same suit. (this is possibly the worst placement with a joker considering it is blocked in a sequence reducing its value of wild card)

A♣ K♣ 6 J♣ – 6 has been used to form a sequence by replacing in it space of Q♣ . There this is an impure sequence using a joker.

Printed Joker (PJ)

Printed jokers also serve the same purpose since you can use them to replace any other card to form sets and sequences.

A♣ K♣ PJ J♣ – PJ has been used to form a sequence by replacing in it space of Q♣ . There this is an impure sequence using a printed joker.

A PJ A♣ A – PJ has replaced A♠ to form a set of A A♠ A♣ A

Note: If the Printed Joker is randomly selected as the wild joker, then A’s of all suits will become wild jokers. I.e. A A♠ A♣ Aautomatically become the jokers.

How to Win in Rummy?

When you have arranged all the cards in your hand into proper sequences and/or sets, including one pure sequence and one sequence with cards, you need to declare the game by discarding one of the cards to the Declaring Slot and wait for other players to show their hands.

Note: Three identical Cards: when playing with three 52-card decks, the three cards of same rank and same suit are treated as pure sequence/run. For example: 9 9 9 and J♠ J♠ J♠.