5 Things Every Rummy Player Should Do

Every player should work on these 5 things before making a move towards the game of rummy. Play online rummy games with the following tricks and rest assure you will be the best rummy player around!

Practice – The saying goes, ‘Practice makes the man perfect’. The everyday practice helps in acknowledging where you are losing and what is your strong point. This in turn helps you in working upon your weaker points more. Thus, this will go till the time you will be able to avoid the same mistakes. And, once you start excelling in rummy, you will eventually become a pro.

Observe – An eye for an eye. Observe your neighbours as they are doing the same. While playing the game of rummy, it is best to observe which cards have been discarded by your opponent and which ones they have picked so far. This helps you in analysing their sharp moves and clever strategies. So, watch out for every discarded card to judge their next move easily.

Strategize – After observing your opponent’s section of discarded cards, try to create your own strategy. Like you, they are also observing your moves and trying to figure out your strategy. Stop making the same old-fashioned move as it is easy to guess. Every move you make should be as per your situation. Remember, you can gain a fair advantage by changing your strategies in between to dodge your opponent.

Improvise – It is best to improve on your own set of strategies against different players. If you want to improvise on your gameplay, trick your opponent with different card moves. This way they will not be able to identify your strategy.

Remember – While playing Indian Rummy online, remember that high-value cards (Ace, Jack, King, Queen) have no use unless there is a probability of making a valid set using them. It is always wise to get rid of them so as to avoid any penalty points.

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Rummy is a game of skill. The Supreme Court in 1968 declared Cash Rummy a deal that involves some proficiency and ability. Where ‘Gambling’ is a game of chance, the game of Rummy is defined as a game of skill. Hence, it is completely safe and legal to play Indian Rummy.

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How Indian Law define Cash Rummy?

The real reason, why Rummy is not a game of gambling is that the players do not blindly put money into the game when they play for real cash or money online. It requires a certain skill and strategy to have an advantage over your opponent. Throughout the game, a player has the power to change the odds of the game by using some tactics.

Secondly, the players do not play against the house like in most gambling games. All the players compete against each other without any chance and bets against the house. Hence, playing online rummy games for real cash online is completely legal.

In 1996, the Supreme Court of India stated that any game that is dependent on significant amount of skills, is not ‘Gambling’. Despite there being an element of chance if a game is preponderantly a game of skill it would nevertheless be a game of “mere skill”. Therefore, the expression “mere skill” would imply substantial degree or preponderance of skill.

Also, playing for cash in a game of skill in protected by the Indian Constitution under Article 19[1](g).

According to a court ruling, games of skill are considered as a business activity.

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