Terminology used in Indian Cash Rummy

Playing Rummy requires that extra skill but there are some basic rummy terminologies which every cash rummy player should be aware of. Some of the basic rummy terminologies are put together which are useful for Play Rummy players as well.


When the cards from the two decks are shuffled and 13 cards are distributed by the dealer among the players, this process is called deal.


The player who distributes the cards at the beginning of the game is called the dealer.

Draw and Discard

After the 13 cards are dealt, when a player gets his/her turn to pick a card from any of the two stacks, it is called drawing. When one of the card is drawn from any of the two stacks, the player gets rid of one card that is useless, this term is known as discarding of the cards.


A drop happens when a player decides to leave the game. At this point the player can click the drop button to quit the game.

Face Card

In Cash Rummy, the Kings, Queens, and Jacks of all the suits are called Face Cards.

Pure Sequence

When a group of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit are formed without a Joker, it is called a Pure Sequence.

Impure Sequence

When a group of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit are formed with a Joker, it is called an Impure Sequence.


A group of three or more cards of the same rank but different suits is called a set.

Wildcard Joker

After the cards are dealt among the players, one card is picked randomly from the closed deck, this card becomes the joker of that game. A Wildcard Joker is also known by the name of ‘Paper Joker’ or ‘Cut Joker’. This particular card can replace any card to form sequences or sets.

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