10 Best Rummy Games to Play Online in India.

best rummy games

The playing cards have been gathering dust in our drawers ever since rummy transitioned into an online game. While the feel of gathering all your friends & family in a circle & showing off your shuffling skills can’t be matched, online games provide a level of ease in playing that charms more & more players into shifting to online platforms to get their rummy fix. Playing according to your free time, from any place you’re comfortable, & the availability to play with people from all over the globe has made online rummy platforms immensely popular.

But with so many options to choose from, how to choose a platform for the best experience? This blog will give you our list of the best rummy platforms available for both the free version of the game as well as real cash games. From amazing graphics to online safety to the quality of players, this list has been made with keeping an overall experience in mind. So, if you’re looking for a recommendation for your next online rummy game, you’ve come to the right place!


PlayRummy stands as the leader in the online rummy game industry for decades. If you’re looking for an all-rounder platform that provides a smooth gameplay, user-friendly interface, plethora of rummy variants, & a promise of keeping your money safe, then PlayRummy has no competition! Their quick & safe withdrawals & impeccable customer service makes them the best rummy game in our books.


When SRK decides to associate his name with your product, you know you’re on to something special! Ace2Three needs no introduction thanks to their innovative ads & SRK’s star-power behind them. They have regular updates & tournaments which keep things fresh. The tournament rummy games to play have one of the highest cash prices in the market, which brings millions of players to this platform every day. If you appreciate an app that gets regular updates & keeps your money safe, Ace2Three is the place to be!

KhelPlay Rummy

Casual players & seasoned players unite in this up-and-comer platform! KhelPlay Rummy offers an easy & user-friendly interface which helps both the newbies as well as helps pros to focus wholly on the game. This platform is quickly gaining a lot of following & is on the route to become one of the most prominent online rummy apps for rummy lovers.

Adda52 Rummy

The Adda52 family has some of the most successful games in the gaming market, and their Adda52 Rummy is no different. Quite literally, this platform has been the ‘Adda’ for rummy players all over the globe. And no game shows love to its audience like Adda52. Their rewarding loyalty programs & trending promotions make sure that all players have ample chances to enhance their winnings.

Deccan Rummy

Deccan Rummy boasts a no-nonsense gameplay that is quick & easy to understand. There’s an abundance of rummy platforms so you can pick & choose your favourite. Their fair play policies & player satisfaction ratings are off the roof. You can’t go wrong with Deccan Rummy!

Rummy Passion

Rummy Passion lives up to its name & delivers one of the most immersive gaming experiences out there. Their graphics are a work of art & allow you to completely get engrossed in the game. For the newcomers, Rummy Passion provides a great welcome bonus. For the veterans, they have regular promotions. These points make sure that both new & old players are satisfied.

Classic Rummy

It’s hard to beat a classic! If you believe in the saying ‘don’t mess with perfection’, then this is the place for you! Classic Rummy provides both the traditional rummy variants as well as some exciting variations to choose from. They pair their classic gameplay with intuitive graphics, which helps them stay in competition with all the new platforms out there.


Now, this platform would be well-known amongst Hritik Roshan fans! RummyCircle has been one of the most reputed platforms in the market. Their main USP is their user-friendly interface & a plethora of rummy variants to choose from. They have a huge userbase, which means you can always find online players to play with. From cash games, tournaments, practice games, free games, Rummy Circle has it all! If you’re looking for rummy games to play on a trusted platform, this might be the one for you. 

Junglee Games

For those who appreciate attention to detail in graphics, Junglee Rummy online games is the platform to be! They have perfected visually appealing graphics & a smooth, lag-free gameplay. You can find various rummy platforms such as points rummy, pool rummy, and deals rummy. The practice rounds are easy to understand & tutorials are highly interactive. If you’re new to rummy & want to learn the basics, Junglee Rummy is a good place to start. Pair that with a vast userbase, & you’ve got a winner!

Sikkim Play

For those looking for a responsible platform promoting responsible gameplay, Sikkim Play is the perfect gem! Their first & foremost duty lies in providing rummy games with safety as priority as well as the well-being of their players. This platform is loved by newcomers & veterans alike.

Though this blog aims to provide what a player would want out of their rummy platform, it is important to remember that every one’s taste is different. Go through a few platforms on your own before you decide the best rummy game for you.