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Binge Watch or Play Rummy: Which is A Better Option?

Imagine this: You come home after a long, tiring day at work. All you can think of is getting some ‘you’ time from the comfort of your home. But what does the ‘you time’ entail? Chances are that it involves a screen. But what do you watch on the screen? Do you lie back and binge-watch your favourite movies and series? Or do you learn the rummy game rule and indulge yourself in a good-old game of rummy online? And is one better for you than the other?

Binge-Watching is Passive

Though it’s true that doing nothing after a tiring day seems really appealing. But various studies (and common sense) suggest that spending long hours staring at a screen with only visual and auditory stimulations can have dire effects on your health. The brain becomes dull and lethargic. Not to mention a sense of social isolation that comes when most of your time is spent binge-watching. Playing a game such as rummy, however, at least takes out the social isolation part. You get to play with other players from all around the country which keeps you engaged. The brain, too, is more active as it works on giving an output, rather than just receiving inputs.

Binge-watching is also known to cause sleep deprivation, weight gain, and muscle cramps. As the brain is only getting stimulations without being engaged, these problems can get out of hand before you can even realise. Studies have also shown that excessive binge-watching is also directly related to heart diseases, diabetes, and even cancer.

There may also be adverse effects if you play rummy online for unhealthy durations and may seem hard if you don’t know the rummy game rule, but it can still be considered as a mental exercise as it improves mental skills, strategic thinking, and coordination. Octro rummy also improves your observation and decoding skills.

No One Can Watch Just One!

Has this ever happened to you? You look at the clock, it’s getting late. You decide you have about an hour before you need to sleep, so you decide to watch an episode of your favourite series to pass the time. But as soon as the episode is about to end, you are left on a cliff-hanger and your curiosity takes the best of you. You just neeeeeed to know if Walter White survives Gus Fring, don’t you? So, you decide to watch the next episode. And then the next, and next, and before you know it, the dark skies have attained a bluish tint! This is how most series are made. They leave their audience wanting more. Rummy, on the other hand, engages your mind so much that you yourself feel you need a break after a while.

Rummy Expands Social Circle

While you connect to the characters when you binge-watch a series, and it may very well serve as an ice-breaker in certain conversations, spending too much time on a series will leave you aloof from your friends as you’d go out less frequently.

If you play rummy online, you tend to meet like-minded people as thousands of people join the rummy club every day. An interactive game like rummy pushes you to react to your opponents’ moves and also send them in-game messages, which expands your friend circle in a way that would not be possible if you sat around watching a series all day.

Rummy Is Way More Exciting

Remember the time when cliff-hangers left you in awe? The anticipation of the next episode that was still days away, coming up with theories about what might happen next. The binge-watch culture has stunted that excitement, as you can just watch the next episode whenever you want. This causes you to be less affected by the plot and even the biggest twists seem stale. Many people just continue watching just to end the series.

As rummy does not have a set plot, and the game changes with every move you or the opponents make, things tend to stay fresh longer even if you are familiar with rummy game rule. There is the added emotion of proving your mental prowess and to beat your opponent. We recommend octro rummy for the best experience.

All You Need Is a Decent Connection!

Have you ever experienced a weak connection while watching a series? Everything is in high definition, and then suddenly everything is pixelated! Or even worse, the streaming stops. This is an issue that you will never experience with online rummy. Rummy is a game that requires the internet, but even a poor connection is enough to let you play smoothly.

You Can Make Money!

If you buy a subscription for a streaming service, that’s money out of your pocket. Given how many streaming services have popped up in the past few years, if you really want to enjoy a wide range of shows, then you must have felt your wallet getting lighter! On the other hand, rummy online is a game you can enjoy for free, and even make some bucks! There are plenty of tournaments and single games that you can join and win huge rewards! So, download Octro rummy now and play!