Commonly Asked Questions Related to Rummy Tournaments Online

Rummy Tournaments Online

Rummy has emerged as one of the most popular card games in India. It has deep roots in our culture & is a part of many festivals. It is no surprise, therefore, that the coming of the digital era has had no effect on the popularity of this game. In fact, the game has only seen an increase in the number of players as people from every part of the country can play together. Be it rummy tournament free entry apps for the younger audience or real money rummy for the adults, one aspect that everyone enjoys is the rummy tournaments online. If you too want to join the competitive world of rummy tournaments, this blog will answer all the questions that may cross your mind.

What Exactly Are Rummy Tournaments?

The games played in multi-table & multi-level formats are called tournaments or tourneys. They take place at a specific time which is usually announced in the app or at the website. 

Do tournaments have different types?

Mainly, there are 3 types of tournaments:

  •       Free Tournaments: The players are not required to make any sort of payment to register for these tournaments. There may or may not be a cash reward for the winners. There are many rummy tournament free entry apps available.
  •       Cash Tournaments: Players are required to pay a predefined charge to register and play rummy on these tournaments. These generally have a cash reward for the winners.
  •       Special Tournaments: A tournament organized to celebrate a special occasion. These may or may not have an entrance fee or a cash reward for the winners in the world rummy tournament.

Once rummy tournaments online begin, how do I join it?

You will receive a notification when rummy tournaments begin. Make sure you are online during the scheduled time of the tourney. If you are not online, all your turns will be forfeit until you come online and make a move. 

What are tournament chips?

Each registered player will be given a set number of chips to play the tournament. After each valid show, the number of chips is refreshed. You can only continue to play a tournament if you match the minimum level of chips required to proceed. 

What if I get disconnected during a tournament?

If you get disconnected during a round, you will be awarded a drop score (either initial or middle) and immediately moved for a fresh game at a new table.

If an opponent places a show during the disconnected time, the cards will be grouped using PPS and respective points shall be awarded. 

Can I re-enter a tournament?

If you do not have the minimum amount of chips to proceed in a tournament, you will be given a choice to buy more chips to advance. It is up to you if you want to buy more chips & re-enter the tournament. 

How is the prize distributed amongst the winners?

The prize amount is subject to the type of tourney & the respective terms & conditions. The total amount is displayed to all players before the start of the tournament. The total prize amount may be subject to change depending upon the number of players that register.

In case there is a tie, the prize amount may be divided, or a tie-breaker round may be played. 

Is there a specific time for me to claim my rummy tournaments online winnings?

There is no specific time for you to claim your winnings. You can choose to withdraw your winnings whenever you want to. There may or may not be any winnings in rummy tournament free entry apps. 

Why am I not able to join the tournament?

When you make a rummy game download & join a tournament, there will be a pre-defined criteria which must be met by a player to enter. Please make sure you read all the terms and conditions before you decide to join. Click on the tourney instructions to know more about the tournament. 

What happens if I drop my turn?

If, for any reason, a player drops or gets dropped from a turn, a drop score (initial or middle) is awarded as applicable. The player is then moved to a new table for a fresh game. As there is a fixed duration for every level of tourney, a player will not be kept at the wait status for the game.