Got a New Phone? Here Are 5 Interesting Mobile Games to Try Out

Mobile Games

It’s such an age that a major part of our lives is directly or indirectly dependent on our phones. Technology today has revolutionised the way we manage our lives. This is the reason a lot of us get excited when we get a new phone because a new mobile phone is likely to improve how we perform our daily tasks since new phones come with updated features and latest technology. Not only for our daily work but our mobile phones also help us to entertain ourselves. One such entertainment avenue that has become talk of every town in the recent past is playing mobile games online. With the ability to play and win real cash from anytime and anywhere, it’s no wonder that some of the best mobile games have become a favourite go to entertainment option for many. If you’re eager to explore the world of these games, this blog is for you.


When we talk of best mobile games, online rummy apps spring to the top of our mind.  These games are like traditional rummy games the difference being that these are played online using a smartphone. Rummy using the latest technology has been given a modern twist. Today many players play rummy win cash on a lot of reputed apps, showcasing their strategic skills.

The interface of most of these platforms is user-friendly where the players can choose from a wide variety of rummy variants according to their preferences. These platforms ensure their commitment to fair play and security. Courtesy this commitment, players today can choose any platform which they feel is the best one to play their favourite card game.

Fantasy Sports:

Fantasy sports apps have taken mobile games online arena by storm, allowing players to create their dream sporting teams and compete in various sports leagues across the globe. While it’s not like any of our traditional card games, online fantasy sports also provides an exciting opportunity to win cash based on your knowledge about sports and team-building prowess. With cricket, football, basketball, kabaddi, and more sports, fantasy sports enthusiasts can indulge in selecting their teams and make a quick buck apart from being really invested in their favourite sport.


We’re back to card games in this blog and a card game online like poker also gives a great opportunity to win real cash by combining skill, strategy, and entertainment. Unlike games of chance, poker rewards players who develop their abilities in reading opponents, taking calculated risks, and managing their bankrolls effectively. The variety of poker variants and game formats available on online platforms presents players an option to go for the variant that suits their game. Some players prefer playing Texas Hold’em while others like  Omaha more, or tournaments with higher stakes and bigger reward pools. Furthermore, the new age poker platforms accessible on your mobile phones additionally offer a variety of bonuses, promotions, discounts, and loyalty programs that can help boost a poker players’ earnings while they engage in gameplay from any place of their choice.


Ludo till the time internet and mobile phones game into existence was only a board game. With technological advancements, some great game designing and amazing internet speeds this game has now successfully transformed into one of the best mobile games online where a lot of real cash can be made within a few minutes. The online version of this engaging game comprises strategy, dice rolls, and decision-making as players to get an upper hand on each other. There are multiple ludo apps that organise cash tournaments where enthusiasts can participate with a nominal fee and get an opportunity to win big cash rewards. All the good ludo apps have a user-friendly interface which helps bring a wide range of players’ bonds along with access to cash prizes. This digital adaptation has not only preserved the essence of the classic game but has also added an exciting dimension to your overall playing experience.


Online carrom like the offline game blends elements of skill, precision, and strategy as players aim to pocket their pieces and the queen while avoiding fouls. There are a lot of carrom apps that even offer tournaments where participants can compete for substantial cash rewards, often requiring a small entry fee. This game’s accessibility, realistic physics simulations, and the opportunity to compete against players from around the world make it an exciting proposition for those seeking to combine their love for this classic game with the potential to win some decent cash rewards.

Now that you’re familiar with five of the best mobile games, it is high time you grab that new mobile phone of yours and download the ones you feel will help to entertain yourself and win great rewards. It’s time to make full use of your new purchase.