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Happy New Year to All! From Octro PlayRummy

Happy New Year to All! From Octro PlayRummy

2021 Review:

Talking about 2021, it was a fantastic year for the online rummy industry. The year also saw a rapid surge as far as the player base goes across all the rummy online sites. Given the fact that rummy is a skill game, it comes as no surprise.

PlayRummy was one of the biggest platform to play online rummy in 2021. We dug into a lot of things which could be termed as launch and most of it was very successful as well. We have boosted ourselves to make a user friendly app and to we have launch many contest which was participated by multitudes exuberantly. Download the best rummy app and play anywhere anytime.

This New Year, PlayRummy brings to you an opportunity to become a millionaire. Take part in Star Show Leaderboard Contest and win cash prizes worth ₹25 Lakhs. There are other promotions as well that will take your rummy gaming experience to the next level.

Promotions & Offer:

As for promotions and offers this year had been unprecedented for PlayRummy. We plan every one of our promotions after doing a great deal of exploration and ensure that each rummy fan be it professional or causal have a chance to wins real cash. We began the year closely following a hot leaderboard challenge which made turns in the web-based rummy local area and along these lines we felt an additional feeling of obligation to serve the players with invigorating advancements. Also we accept we have satisfied our obligation to captivate the players with the absolute most impressive advancements.

A portion of the superstar advancements that observed blessing with the crowds are Weekly Leaderboard race, IPL Bonus Offer, and every one of the Special Rummy Tournaments. Without the players’ backing and energy we couldn’t ever have had the option to pull it off. Making moguls is something PlayRummy has accomplished for a long time. It’s something has happened on numerous occasions in 2021. As we needed to polish off the year for a terrific scope, New Year Leaderboard race appeared to be the ideal method for completing it not exactly right.

Happy New Year!

Thank you so much for being part of our amazing rummy community in 2021, we hope 2022 will be even more exciting, entertaining and profitable for all our rummy players. May this year be the one which brings you loads of fortunes along with some memorable rummy game action. Thanks for sticking with us all these years. Happy New Year, everyone. Keep looking forward to exciting promotions in the forthcoming year.