How Online Gaming Can Increase Our Productivity

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Online gaming in the past few years has increased manifolds. This has happened because of the advent of smartphones, improvement in the internet speed and better technology. Most people who have smartphones today are likely to have some of the best online games which they play once in a while, if not regularly. There are a variety of gaming apps which cater to do different gaming needs.

Whether you are an online card game enthusiast or love board games or are keen to show your combat skills there are games for every preference. When you talk about the best online games or the most popular ones that are good for your mind that surely help you improve your productivity. Let’s explore some ways how online gaming helps you achieve that directly or indirectly.

Improves Mood: Let’s say you have had a stressful day at work but now during a break you get to play your favourite game online be it on a phone or laptop or any other device. Playing it can actually help to improve your mood thereby relaxing your mind. Any good mobile game which has a good visual feel and whose app is also equipped with great features to help you have a decent break will take your mind off the stressful experience you’ve had. After the break when you return to work you will be rejuvenated by keeping anxiety at bay and making you feel calm thereby increasing your productivity.

Improves Memory: A game like rummy or other such card games also help to boost your brain power, playing these games regularly can help you improve your memory. In card games players have to keep track of the card they’ve used or their opponents have used or the ones that have been discarded. Since, this is a regular exercise in such games, those who play it, automatically improve their memory. With a good memory, your productivity does improve as well. It helps you remember tasks, deadlines and the most important things, not repeating mistakes.

Improves Concentration: Another good by-product of online gaming is how it helps to improve your concentration and focus. A lot of online games require players to have immense concentration and playing regularly does increase your attention span by leaps and bounds. This increase in concentration can help you be focussed in other aspects of life thereby increasing your productivity at work as well.

Improves Decision Making: When a person can play games online it helps them sharpen their mind and improves their decision making abilities over a period of time. These decision making skills make a person confident to face the different challenges. When others might panic in those situations, those with good decision making skills shine thereby making them more productive in various aspects of life.

Improves Motor Skills: These skills are associated with a person’s ability to precisely perform certain actions by using their muscles. There is no doubt that some of the best online games can serve as a virtual apparatus that trains a person’s motor skills and even sharpens them further. According to a recent study, individuals who play such games tend to have a shorter reaction time compared to those who don’t. Even though online games are useless in terms of increasing muscle weight, they can be particularly effective in making your reflexes better and making you more productive.

Improves Social Interaction: While playing games online in a way is a very individualistic experience but it can still improve your social life. Suppose some people play rummy online, they by regularly engaging with their opponents will likely improve their communication skills which ultimately helps in them being better interactors socially. Playing these games creates a climate which can be favourable for making new friends and expanding your social circle. Online games bring millions of people together irrespective of their location and background. For that reason, it is a good therapy for individuals with poor communicative skills which matters in a big way on the professional front as well. This factor does help in making an individual more productive.

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Enhances Learning Abilities: Online games where one needs to think about moves to make can help people learn quickly and adapt to different situations. These games also help people think logically in tough scenarios and improve their overall learning abilities which in any other aspect of life is equally important to prove yourself as a productive individual.

Helps Fight Depression: Clinical depression is a global burden, especially among individuals that overwork and stress too much which does decrease a person’s ability to be productive especially at work. It is important to take timely care so that this illness does not lead to serious consequences. Though many physiatrists prescribe antidepressants and other medications to reduce the level of anxiety in patients, it is still possible to resist it by taking short breaks at work and playing online games.