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How Rummy Game is Similar to Life

How Rummy Game is Similar to life

Everything in life teaches you something, like life itself does. There are lessons to be learnt every day, challenges to be faced and preparation to be made for the future because that’s what life is. In fact. if one has to understand about life a simple game of online rummy can teach you that because rummy and life surely have similarities.

Rummy, if you look at it just going by the name it is a simple game of cards that is really popular but if you think deeply, it often tells you how similar it is to life. Going by rummy similarities when a person takes birth it could be compared to downloading rummy. The next step being how to live or lead your life is on similar lines as how to play rummy. Here comes certain aspects that are also life like in rummy:

Respect: Like life, when you are about to play a game of online rummy always respect your opponent and stay humble. Arrogance has no place neither in life nor in rummy because a simple move by your opponent can completely turn around the game against you. Treating others with respect often comes in really handy even during cut-throat competition. Respecting others tells your opponent that you are playing to win but only by fair means and are not underestimating them, their knowledge or their skill set. Respect always leaves a positive mark on the other person no matter what the outcome of the game is.

Setting Priorities: Keeping your priorities right is very important in rummy and in life as well. If one doesn’t priorities things they may overlook aspects that they might regret later. In rummy, players know the importance of prioritization. They discard the cards which add no value and don’t assist them to win the game and they keep the good cards. In life too this principal is a key aspect to a person’s chances to progress and growth.

Patience: Another attribute which takes you ahead in life and in rummy is patience. When it comes to teaching how to be patient, rummy is probably one of the few games that can teach you this virtue better than most other games. In this ever competitive world where no one wants to wait for anything and want results quickly, rummy teaches you that patience pays. Like in life, in rummy too you should never be in haste to show all that you have got, rather wait for the correct moment to reveal what you are made of.

Presence of mind: Even when you are patient about the things going around in your life you should always have the presence of mind to act according to the situation. Like in life, in rummy as well things can change really quickly. It is at this juncture that the person who shows the presence of mind to do the right thing takes lead. Like life, in rummy you can never let your guard down and be complacent.

Adaptivity: If life gives you lemons make lemonade is a saying that is true of life and for rummy as well. No matter what situation you are in or the card that you have been dealt with never quit. In fact be prepared to adapt. Analyse your options, re-evaluate and re-calculate your chances to make a comeback.

Persistence: In life or in rummy things will never always go your way. During those times being persistent is what’s needed. The number of failures never decide where you end up but how persistent you are to stand up again and fight. You talk about any champion in any sphere of life and they all keep at it despite failures. Good things take time and we all fail but hanging in there can do wonders in the long run.

Letting go: To win a game of online rummy a player must finish the game before others at the table do. For that to happen the player must reduce his/her points to zero. One can do that only if they discard the cards with high points. Even when a player loses the game, it is always wise to lose with lesser points. Like life, rummy teaches you how important it is to unburden yourself. Sometimes, you must let go of things that aren’t adding any value to your life.

Learn: In rummy and life one always needs to keep on improving and learning new things. The moment a rummy player feels that he is the best and knows everything about this great game a sense of complacency creeps in their game which can lead to their downfall. In life too it doesn’t matter how well you have done in the past, improvement is the key to growth so never stop the process of learning.