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How Rummy Skills can help you at Your Workplace

If you have played rummy be it online or offline you probably know that playing this game helps you in a lot of other spheres of life as well. In case you haven’t played the game then this is the blog you should read to know how playing rummy helps you even at your workplace. After you read this blog there would be a high probability of you downloading India’s most trusted rummy app and joining the fun.

Apart from the fun you can have and the rewards you can win by playing rummy, this game requires you to have certain skills. Those skills when worked upon can help you immensely at your workplace. Here are a few online Rummy playing skills that you can apply at your workplace and you will appreciate the results.

Improves Your Attention Span: Since it’s a game of skill while playing rummy you should completely focus on the game. The focus needs to be in knowing the rummy rules and then while playing where the player has to concentrate on each and every move made during the game. It’s a game where you can’t afford to miss even a single move. Playing the game regularly is bound to improve your concentration level which will help you when you are at your workplace and trying to complete a task.

Inculcates Leadership Ability: Rummy involves quick decision making. The cards you pick or discard have to be done with prompt intent because that will  determine how you perform in the game. The same logic applies to the tasks you perform at your workplace. Making prompt decisions is a measure to judge your leadership ability. The more prompt and assertive you are at work; the more you will be noticed. Though you should always be mindful that in being prompt and being pushy there is a very small difference. A rash approach both at work or in rummy could harm your chances of progress. The more decisive you are about your responsibilities and leading from the front, the more chances you will get to execute them and move ahead.

Prioritizing Tasks: Prioritizing your work is absolutely important because it helps you streamline the process and doing stuff which should be done first. Keeping a track of your deadlines and meeting them is what will give you an edge over others at your workplace. In a rummy game, the cards that you have been dealt with are your priorities. Which one to keep, which ones to discard, sacrificing a possible sequence in hand in order to score well etc are various strategies that rummy players have to have in their repertoire.

Improves Planning: Playing rummy trains you to be organised and to be able to plan better. The same skills are helpful in your work-life as well. In rummy it is imperative that players arrange the cards in hand in an organised manner so that they can plan their move well. As the game goes ahead the players pick and discard the cards accordingly. If they don’t arrange the cards in order it will lead them to make poor moves in the game. The same holds true for your workplace as well. If you aren’t organised and plan your day at work you will make more mistakes leading to your colleagues questioning your work ethics. Soon your image will be a person who isn’t professional enough. In order to avoid that you can apply better planning and organisational skills that you learn by playing online rummy to your professional life.

Learning The Art of Quitting:  Yes, you read it correctly. Quitting sometimes is necessary because it keeps you mentally healthy. In context of the rummy one should know when to leave the game at the right time especially when you don’t have the cards you want nor do you see a possibility of you getting those. Smart rummy players quit the game at the right time and prepare well for the next one. If you are the sort of player who isn’t keen to quit before giving it a go, then don’t play more than one or two hands, and if you still don’t possess better cards then quit. In the same manner even at your workplace if the work environment is toxic and if you feel it’s affecting your personal life then the best move is to change your workplace and look out for a better environment and work opportunities outside rather than staying at the same place.

What you as an individual must be clear is that quitting doesn’t mean losing rather it means that you deserve better and hence you left something not so good behind in order to get something better.

So, learn all the rummy rules, play rummy and then apply those when you work.