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How To Know The Skill Level of Your Opponent?

How To Know The Skill Level of Your Opponent?

If you have ever played online rummy or are likely to do so, a thing that you will most likely hear is always try to gauge the skill level of your opponent. Gauging that is vital because only after assessing the skill level of the others playing the game will you as a player select your rummy table and the cash you want to play with. Knowing their strategies and approach during the game will help you make your moves in the game. Hence to make a player has to be shrewd when it comes to assessing their opponent’s skill in the game. Here are a few steps how you can do that and have an upper hand over them.

The Discarded Cards: If you are up against a highly skillful opponent in online rummy then be rest assured that they won’t get rid of any cards which could benefit you making a set or sequence. Such players are very good observers and keep an eye like a hawk on every move in the game. They try to decipher all the possible and probable melds that their opponents could be eyeing based on the cards that are being discarded or picked during the game. So, this is the first test to prove that your opponent is a very good rummy player if they do not discard any card which could be of importance to you.

The High-value Cards: This is another step to know how good your opponent is. If you know how to play rummy you would have heard about it many times that it is the high-value cards that can prove costly if ever you lose the game. Suppose your opponent is an experienced campaigner then it is likely that they would get rid of their high-value cards in a manner based on their carefully constructed strategy. You would never see them discarding the high-value cards just for the sake of doing it. They would never rush into the move. However, if they aren’t that good at the game or lack in experience there is every chance that they would hurriedly discard the high-value cards just because it has been one of the most discussed tips when you play rummy online. Here too the key is to keep an eye on what approach your opponent takes because that will determine if he is novice or a veteran in the online rummy game.

Timing the Drop: Experience and good online rummy players don’t play every hand. They are very mindful of the fact that dropping is the best move when a player realises, they have a bad hand. You would most likely see these players either opt for an initial drop or a in the middle depending on the cards dealt and how the game progresses after some rounds. This won’t be the case, if the opponent in front of you is a novice with limited skills. These players despite a bad hand often continue to play some rounds hoping to get a favourable card. If your opponent is good, they are aware that the wisest move is to drop than to play a bad hand.

Mistake Meter: From the time you and your opponent log in to play rummy online an invisible mistake meter that both of you will switch on in your subconscious mind will determine your skill level in front of each other. Be it erroneously discarding a joker or being every casual about how you treat your middle cards will depict the skill levels on display. These are the kind of mistakes that would clearly show how experienced or inexperienced the players on the table are. There are times when even picking and discarding cards in no particular fashion also point out a player’s inability to work on a strategy to win.

So, all these factors point out to one major quality that all good rummy players have in order to gauge the skill level of their opponents and that is to observe all the time. This if done properly and keeping attention to every detail can take your game a notch above your opponent when you play rummy online.