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How To Play Rummy Like A Master

How To Play Rummy Like A Master

Like other skills, you can master the rummy game as well by consistently playing. If you keep at it then you are bound to learn tricks which can make you very good at the game. So, here are some such tricks which can help you master the online rummy game.

Go for the right contest: There are many game modes and contests to play in the rummy game. Players who are learning how to play rummy should first choose the contest and game modes which match their strengths in terms of the level of their rummy skill. Play the game modes they are most well-versed in, and keep playing those until they are able to beat players better than them. High stake and big rummy tournaments are usually made for experienced players so, if you are a newbie playing those straightaway might not yield the results you want.

Arrange cards properly: This step will help players to focus more on the game. It will also help them to know which cards to pick and discard. One way to arrange your cards effectively is to alternate the colours.

Aim for pure sequence:
 Every rummy player should try to create a pure sequence as early as possible. After that’s done it ensures that they don’t get the sum of all points of all cards in the hand lest their opponent declares at any time.

Discard cards near to the wild joker:
 If you want to master the rummy game, never waste your wild joker to make a pure sequence. Hence, an advisable move would be to discard cards near value to your wild joker, unless a player can use those cards in other sets or sequences.

Take care of your jokers: One of the key cards in the rummy game is joker and this is the reason why you need to make the best use of it if you possess one. The magic trick is that players should always use the joker to complete a run or set of higher points value. What you should also focus on is try not to use the joker card in a pure run.

Cautiously discard high value cards: Usually it is said that rummy players should get rid of the high-value cards like Ace, King, Queen or Jack as soon as possible if those aren’t helping you form sets or sequences. While the move might work in some scenarios, those who know how to play rummy will always assess the situation before discarding these face cards. If players can wait for a round or two before discarding the high value cards then sometimes it can work wonderfully well in their favour.

Keep an eye on your opponent: Keeping a close watch on your opponent’s moves is something that all online rummy players should always do. Closely observing the cards your opponent picks or discards from the open deck or hand will let the players know which cards are to be held back and discarded by them as well. It will ultimately determine how the game ends for you and whether you are able to master it or not.

Save middle cards: Most online rummy players who know how to play rummy well still fail to hold onto the middle cards. Cards like 6 or 7 are called middle cards and these can help a player form more combinations than any high value cards will. For instance, a card like 6 of any suits can help players to form a set with 4, 5 or 5, 7 or 7, 8 while a high value card like Ace can only help in this regard with cards like 2,3.

Learn fishing: Those who know how to play rummy know this trick. A player should learn how to trick the opponents to discard the cards they need. For instance, if you want to form a set of three 10s and you currently possess a 10 of spade, a 10 of heart and a 9 of club then discard the 9 of club. Your opponent might consider the 10 of club is a safe card to discard thereby helping you to create your set. It’s called fishing the opponent.

Know when to drop: While playing online rummy if players get irredeemable cards then they should drop from the game as quickly as they. This needs to be done so that the players save on losing more points. This, however, isn’t the correct interpretation of the rummy game. Some players might be afraid of losing a few points and quit the game when what they could have ideally done is revived their chances especially in the 13-card online rummy game. It’s not a popular choice but those who really know to play rummy well usually play a round or two even with the not so good cards before dropping out. It will be the right approach.