How to Use Face Card Smartly in Rummy

How to Use Face Card Smartly in Rummy

If you already know how to play the rummy game or want to master it then the first thing that you need is to clearly understand all the rummy rules. Most of the rummy tutorials that you will go through will tell you the basics but won’t touch on some of the very important tips and strategies that players should use in order to win consistently.

One such aspect of rummy is that every player should know the significance of face cards and how to use them smartly. Before we delve into details about face cards, let’s first understand which cards are called face cards?

A deck of cards has 52 cards in it. These are divided into black and red colors, 13 suits which are hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs. The cards in every suit have an Ace (A), nine numbered cards from 2 to 10 along with three cards with pictures of King, Queen and Jack. It’s the King, Queen and Jack which are called the face cards or high-value cards and carry 10 points each in rummy.

Tips to use the face cards

There are a lot of notions about how a rummy player should go about using the face cards. While all or most of them might be useful because some players must have benefited by using it in their game a good rummy player however should play the game enough and based on their experience conclude whether a tip is good or not to be applied.

Here are some of the good tips which you can use when you’ve got high-value or face cards:

Don’t Hurry To Discard Face Cards: If you know how to play rummy you would know that in order to win the game you should reduce your score to zero. To achieve this it is advised to get rid of the high-value or face cards as soon as possible.

But our advice is that a player should wait for at least three turns before getting rid of the face cards in their hand. It’s because there is a chance that the player may get a desired card in one of turns, which can give them an opportunity to form potential combinations with those cards. For instance, if they possess a  King and Jack of hearts in hand, all they require is either a Joker or Queen of hearts card to complete a sequence.

This said, the players should not keep the face cards for too long. If another player declares before you’ve done it, these high-value cards can increase the point burden on yourself. Therefore you should get rid of the face cards if you’re not able to create any required combinations with the ones you have.

Group Face Cards With Aces: In the rummy card game Ace is considered a high-value and it can be grouped with number cards such as 2s, 3s and 4s and King, Queen and Jack to create a sequence. For instance, if you have an Ace of spade you can use it to group it with a King, Queen and Jack of spades to make a sequence.

 Form Pure Sequences: A combination of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit forms a sequence. Face cards along with numbered cards of connecting values such as 8s, 9s and 10s can be used to create a perfect pure sequence. For instance, if a player possesses 9 and 10 of diamond suit he/she can combine it with a Jack and Queen of diamond to create a pure sequence of four cards.

Make Sets With Face Cards: Three or four cards of the same rank but of different suits are used to form a set. For example, a King of heart, club and spade can be used to create a set. Like the King, face cards of Queen and Jack but of different suits can also be used to form sets.

Each of the 52 cards in the deck play an important role in a rummy card game. If you want to excel at this game, you should know what each of these cards does and how to use them so that you win. You can apply all the tips that you learned through this blog on the Octro PlayRummy app. It’s India’s most trusted rummy app. Play here and win big cash rewards daily. Not only this, you can withdraw your winnings directly into your bank account without any hassle. So, what are you waiting for? Download the app and play rummy.