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Is it legal to play online rummy in India?

Ever since the online rummy game became popular different gaming studios came up with their own rummy app. It’s since then when the debate about if in India it is legal to play online rummy or not began.

Before we conclude if the law permits people to play the online rummy game in the country let’s first discuss a couple of points on why this debate?

For a game to be considered legal or illegal we first need to understand if it is a game of skill or game of chance.

What’s a game of skill?

To play and excel in these games’ players must have a certain skill set which could be both mental or physical. Games like online rummy need mental skill  and require a lot of practice to achieve a better success rate.

What’s a game of chance?

A game of ‘chance’ however hardly needs a skill and is determined by a randomising variable, making any requirement for a skill obsolete. Games of chance often require players to bet money by choosing a number or pressing a button to get a chance to land on their desired position.

The Key Difference

 It’s important to know the differences between game of skill and game of chance as a game’s legal status can be impacted depending on the definition.

 With the evolution of an online game like rummy our understanding of it has also undergone a constant change. Like the concept of ability and possibility isn’t totally unrelated so is the concept of skill and chance. Every skill based game comes in with an element of chance and every chance-based game can be cracked by players who have a statistical understanding of more than an average person.

 The concept of how much ‘skill’ there is in games where luck plays a role can be debated because of the various laws that observe these games from various aspects. The games of chance have changed over time to include monetary rewards to anyone who dares to venture, and the growth of the mobile gaming industry has dropped access to a lot of these games for virtually everyone.

Regulations in India

 India’s apex court has considered games like online rummy as a game of skill but within the country there are certain states that still don’t allow games like online rummy to be played within their boundaries. These states include Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland, Odisha, Sikkim and Telangana. In the past one year courts in the state of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala have considered playing rummy absolutely legal and hence now it’s perfectly alright to play the game in these three states as well.


 If you are someone who is really passionate about the rummy game and aren’t trying to play it from the six state it isn’t allowed then you can download India’s most trusted rummy app and begin playing without worrying about the legal implications of this game. So don’t wait and begin playing to win lots of rewards now.