List of quick games to be played while working from home

list of quick games

Working from home introduces a unique fusion of advantages and obstacles. On one side, it offers the freedom and comfort of your personal space, while on the flip side, it occasionally introduces distractions and the challenge of maintaining focus. Fortunately, there’s a straightforward and effective remedy to strike the perfect equilibrium between work and leisure – the incorporation of short gaming be it playing Indian rummy game, free poker games, other card games online or any other games breaks into your work-from-home routine. These games not only offer entertainment but also serve as a means to re-energise, ultimately enhancing your overall productivity. In this blog, we will explore ten games that seamlessly fit into your work-from-home schedule, elevating your daily routine to a more engaging and efficient experience.

Online Card Games:

Playing card games online like Indian Rummy card game, Solitaire, Hearts, or online poker with friends offer a swift and delightful diversion. For instance, if you want to play poker online, an enduring classic like this game has the power to engage your mind and provide an enjoyable escape from the demands of work. Even if you prefer to play such card games for a short period these games will provide an excellent means of resetting your mental state.

Brain-Training Apps:

A plethora of brain-training apps such as Lumosity, Peak, and Elevate are meticulously designed to refine your cognitive functions, which include memory, focus, and problem-solving. These apps, like some rummy best apps present an array of captivating mini-games that put your brain through a meaningful workout. Dedicating a few minutes to solve puzzles, identify patterns, or complete mental exercises can have a substantial impact on your mental acumen, effectively sharpening your focus.


Sudoku, the timeless numerical puzzle game, like Indian rummy card game is also an excellent choice for honing logical thinking and enhancing concentration. Countless Sudoku apps and websites provide puzzles with varying degrees of complexity. Solving Sudoku during your break is an intellectually stimulating method to reset your mind and enhance your ability to solve problems.

Crossword Puzzles:

Crossword puzzles, apart from being an enjoyable pastime like online poker with friends, are an outstanding exercise for your brain. They enhance your vocabulary, foster creative thinking, and refine your problem-solving skills. You can access numerous crossword puzzle apps and websites that offer puzzles designed for various skill levels. Tackling a crossword puzzle during your break can be a rejuvenating exercise that significantly enhances your cognitive abilities.

Online Chess:

Chess, a game of timeless strategy and critical thinking, offers an ideal means of engaging in mentally stimulating competition. Playing chess online for free like free poker games during your break allows you to participate in an intellectually challenging contest. You can compete against colleagues or challenge computer opponents. Chess stands as an exceptional game for enhancing your strategic thinking and boosting your creativity.

Quick Online Quizzes:

Quick online quizzes on platforms like Sporcle or QuizUp provide an entertaining approach to test your knowledge. These quizzes span a wide range of topics, covering everything from general knowledge to niche subjects. Taking a brief quiz during your break not only offers an enjoyable way to learn new facts but also serves as a stimulating memory exercise.

Quick Board Games:

Online adaptations of classic board games like Scrabble, Risk, or Monopoly are a perfect choice for social interaction and mental exercise. You can challenge friends or colleagues to engage in a game during your break, offering an opportunity to enhance your strategic thinking and temporarily escape the pressures of work.

Working from home encompasses an assortment of distinctive challenges and rewards. Maintaining a harmonious equilibrium between productivity and relaxation is crucial for sustaining focus and deriving satisfaction from your work. By incorporating some card games online or other games into your work-from-home routine, you have a simple and effective method to reset your mental state, ultimately boosting your performance. Whether you choose to engage in online card games, invest time in mental fitness apps, or unwind with soothing mobile games, the selection of games you make can be an enjoyable complement to your work breaks. Elevate your work-from-home experience, making it both productive and enjoyable by integrating these games into your daily schedule.