How online rummy games are evolving in the digital space

The game of rummy is popular since ages, however, the onset of new technology and the latest developments in the gaming world has contributed much to the evolvement of rummy games today. New game variants and playing with the new set of people, is what today’s generation desire from this game. This is the reason why more and more people are fascinated and smitten by this game.

The number one factor which has contributed to the evolvement of rummy games in digital space is the ‘Smartphone Revolution’. This has paved way for rummy players to play the game of cash on the go. This motivating development for rummy has helped increase the reach of the game with the lower-tier cities. Now, the players can access the game whenever and wherever possible, only making the game more reachable for the players.

In India, rummy is one of the most popular games. The Indian version of rummy comes with different variants and is loved thoroughly. The most popular is 13-card game variant, however, the 21-card game has also gained popularity in India. This particular variant requires to hold 21 cards which is practically difficult. Hence, the online version of the game has removed this limitation to make it easily accessible to the players.

It is a fact that the game of rummy has a bright future ahead. People in India has welcomed the India-centric games with both hands. The growth trend suggests that games like Rummy and Teen Patti are here to stay. Seeing this growth pattern, online rummy is all set to spread wings and evolve as the driving force of the Indian gaming industry in terms of revenue and profit.

With the latest developments, we can expect the game to be launched in Virtual and Augmented Reality platforms.

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