Few 13 Card Rummy Hacks That Can Help You Win Cash

13 cards rummy

Like most things in life, you can become better at 13 card rummy as well by consistently playing the game. If a player regularly plays the game, they are bound to learn and adapt certain rummy game hacks which make them very good at the game and maintaining that habit can even make them invincible. Let’s go through some of those rummy hacks that can help you win a lot of cash.

Card Arrangement: Arrange the cards properly in a 13 card rummy. This helps to concentrate more on the rummy game. This hack will also help knowing which cards to pick and discard. One way to arrange your cards effectively is to alternate the colours.

Go For Pure Sequence: Whether you play rummy online by downloading it using a rummy apk or offline try to create a pure sequence early in the game. After a player has got this sorted it will ensure that they don’t get the sum of all points of all cards in the hand lest your opponent declares at any time.

Discard Cards Near To Your Wild Joker: One of the most rummy hacks when playing rummy online is that a player wouldn’t like to waste their wild joker to make a pure sequence. So, a better strategy would be to get rid of near value to your wild joker, unless a player can use those cards in other sets or sequences

Hold Your Jokers Tight: Of all the rummy game hacks this is one is the biggest. Joker card is one of the most important cards and this is the reason why you need to make the best possible use of these if you have one in with you. The golden trick is that one should always use the joker to complete a run or set of higher points value. What you should also focus on is try not to use the joker card in a natural run.

Carefully Discard High Value Cards: In 13 card rummy while it’s advised that one should get rid of the high-value cards like Ace, King, Queen or Jack as soon as possible. This might work in some scenarios but good rummy players always observe the game and assess the situation first before discarding these cards. If you can, then wait for a round or two before taking the step. Remember, haste makes waste.

Watch Your Opponent:  Keeping a close track on your opponent’s game is something that an rummy online player always needs to do. Watching the cards your opponent picks or discards from the open deck or hand will help you to know which cards are to be hoarded and discarded by you as well. This will ultimately determine how the game ends for you.

Preserve Middle Cards: While most online rummy players know the rummy rules but fail to hold onto their middle cards. Cards like 6 or 7 are middle cards which can help a player make more combinations than the high point cards. An example of that would be a card like 6 of any suits can help a player create a set with 4, 5 or 5, 7 or 7,8 while a high point card like Ace can only help in this regard with cards like 2,3.

Fishing: Among all the rummy game hacks good players know this at the back of their hand|. A player should learn how to trick the opponents to discard the cards they need. An example of that would be that if you want to form a set of three 10s and you currently have a 10 of spade, a 10 of heart and a 9 of club then discard the 9 of club. Your opponent might consider the 10 of club is a safe card to discard thereby helping you to form your set. This is called fishing the opponent.