10 Undeniable Reasons to Play Online Rummy

10 Undeniable Reasons to Play Online Rummy

When you love something and are really passionate about it then there are many reasons to pursue it. For instance, let’s talk about some such undeniable reasons to play online rummy. Online rummy is like off-line rummy the only difference being that it is played on a mobile rummy app, computer or laptop. So, if you haven’t ever played online rummy on a rummy app and want to do so let us convince you that it is much more fun and rewarding than offline rummy. Here are reasons you need to play online rummy to experience a whole new thrill.

Play Anytime & Anywhere: The biggest reason to play rummy online on a rummy app is that you don’t have to fret over planning or scheduling the online rummy games. No need to look for other players like you do in the case of off-line rummy. You don’t have to travel to a particular venue to play just tap open India’s most trusted rummy app and start playing. It is a hassle-free process when you play rummy online as there will be many players on the platform all round the clock.

Great Offers & Rewards: Another reason to play online rummy is for the amazing rewards and offers that a gaming platform like PlayRummy have. From daily prizes to festive bonanzas there is always a reason to win big here.

Beginner’s Benefits: If you haven’t played rummy online a great reason to do that right now is because online rummy app also give beginners joining bonus also called a welcome bonus. This is something players won’t find in offline rummy.

Fights Boredom: After a point all of us get bored, especially, after the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic our sources of recreation have become limited. So, how does one fight this boredom sitting inside the four walls of the house? Simple, just play rummy online and this highly engaging game will help to beat the boredom.

Reduces Stress: A good rummy game online will help you relax in today’s world when there is so much mental stress because of our busy and unhealthy lifestyle. An online rummy game can divert a person’s attention from all the negativity around and help him just enjoy the game. It keeps people but busy bin a positive way.

Promotes Social Distancing: Since the Covid-19 pandemic spread going out of your house for leisure activities is extremely risky these days. By playing online rummy you can have fun, win rewards while still maintaining social distancing by staying inside your homes. The game is so good that it keeps you occupied thereby reducing your chances of going out looking for an alternate source of entertainment.

Fast Gameplay with Automation: An online rummy app like PlayRummy has a really smooth game interface which enables fast gameplay. Steps like distribution of cards are automated, and it takes seconds to get the ball rolling which makes it a must play for all rummy lovers. Not only this, the app is regularly updated, the bugs if any are constantly fixed to give you an unforgettable gaming experience.

Promotes Fair Play: Often while playing rummy offline, players feel that dealers don’t shuffle cards properly, there are complaints about their points not being counted properly or they weren’t paid correctly. This, however, is not the case when you play online rummy. There are strict guidelines against cheating in the game. Such measures work smoothly because everything is automated adding another undeniable reason to play the game on a rummy app rather than playing it offline exposing yourself to unfair gameplay.

Timely Payments: If as a rummy player you have won an offline rummy game but was promised the reward for a later date, it would have surely frustrated you. Such things don’t happen when you play rummy online. The payment processing time for the money to be withdrawn is fast and smooth. A few clicks and some basic details are required for a winner to get the winning sum directly in their bank account.

Fraud Prevention & Support: When you play online rummy and report a fraud it is managed much more efficiently by the fraud management teams of the online rummy platform than if you have a similar situation in an off-line rummy game. Online rummy gaming platforms have their fraud management teams which ensure that chances of fraud during a game are not there. If that still happens and you become a victim of that then there is a full-fledged customer support team for help. They resolve the issue making sure that the aggrieved party is duly compensated and the fraudsters are removed from the platform.

Now that you know all these reasons to play rummy online, pick up your smartphone, download the rummy app and let the fun begin.

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Why Mind Games are Good to Keep in Your Smartphones

Why Mind Games are Good to Keep in Your Smartphones

Playing mobile games is very common. Most people who have smartphones have some gaming apps in them which they play once in a while, if not regularly. There are a variety of gaming apps which one can download in their phones. Among these some games like online rummy are one of the most popular ones which people play. It is these kinds of games that are good for your mind to have in your smartphones. Let’s explore some reasons there inter-connected reason why one should keep these gaming apps in their phones and play them:

Improves Mood:

Let’s say you know how to play rummy and download rummy on your phone to play rummy. The game is so good that it actually can help boost your mood thereby relaxing your mind. A game like PlayRummy has an excellent visual feel and the app is also equipped with great features to help a player play rummy online. Keeping such games in your phone can help to keep anxiety at bay and make you feel calm.

Improves Memory:

A game like play rummy or other such games also help to boost your brain power, playing these games regularly can help you improve your memory. In rummy a player has to keep track of the card he has used or his opponents have used or the ones that have been discarded. Since, this is a regular exercise how this game is played, those who play it, automatically improve their memory.

Improves Concentration: This is another good byproduct why people should keep such games on their phones. Games like play rummy and other card games require immense concentration and playing these regularly improves a person’s concentration by leaps and bounds. This increase in concentration can help you be focussed in other aspects of life as well which can be a blessing for your overall growth.

Improves Decision Making:

When a person can play such games that help sharpen their mind it improves their decision making skills over a period of time. These decision making skills make a person confident and face the outside world. Good decision making skills also help a person in tough situations. When others might panic in those situations, those with good decision making skills shine. This also helps improve a person’s problem solving skills.

Improves Motor Skills:

These skills are associated with a person’s ability to precisely perform certain actions by using their muscles. There is no doubt that mobile games like PlayRummy can serve as a virtual apparatus that trains a person’s motor skills and even sharpens them further. According to a recent study, individuals who play such games tend to have a shorter reaction time compared to those who don’t use their smartphones for gaming purposes at all. Even though mobile games are useless in terms of increasing muscle weight, they can be particularly effective in making the muscles work better and faster.

Improves Social Interaction:

While playing mobile games in a way is a very individualistic experience but it can still improve your social life. Suppose some people play online rummy games like PlayRummy or other such ones, they by regularly engaging with their competitors improve their communication skills which ultimately helps in them being better interactors socially. Playing these games creates a climate which can be favorable for making new friends and expanding your social circle. Moreover, the opportunity to share the moment of victory or failure lets gamer feel supported in their feelings and aspirations. These games bring millions of people together irrespective of their location and background. For that reason, it is a good therapy for individuals with poor communicative skills or suffering from loneliness and alienation. Though mobile gaming does not require physical presence, it provides the advantages of real-life interaction and to some degree helps players overcome social anxiety.

Enhances Learning Abilities:

Games where one needs to think about moves to make and the ones their opponents could make can help people learn quickly and adapt to any conditions without any hassle. These games help people think logically as well and this can help people improve their overall learning skills.

Helps Fight Depression:

Clinical depression is a global burden, especially among individuals that overwork and stress too much . It is important to take timely care so that this illness does not lead to serious consequences. Though many psychiatrists prescribe antidepressants and other medications to reduce the level of anxiety in patients, it is still possible to resist it by playing games like PlayRummy.

Increases Creative Output

Much like the recharging and brain-training another benefit of these games is that they are good for your mind and can get your creative juices flowing which can help you in other spheres as well.

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