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Secret Santa Assured Daily Prizes Contest

Secret Santa Assured Daily Prizes Contest

PlayRummy would like to welcome you to play the Secret Santa Assured Daily Prizes Contest With Prize of ₹10,000 as Amazon Vouchers. The contest is a competition of the checks required to complete which makes a player eligible for the lucky prizes. At the end of each day, players are selected via raffle and five lucky players will be declared winners. Kindly note that no deposit, gameplays or other game related criterias are considered for this promotion. Secret santa is a promotion strictly based on the names randomly pulled from the system via raffle.

Minimum Eligibility for Daily Promotion

  • Be a part of 12 days christmas leaderboard.
  • Deposit at least once on the day on which you wish to participate during the promotion period.
  • Win minimum 25 games on the day on which you wish to participate during the promotion period.
  • Verify KYC/PAN/Address/Bank/Mobile/Email Details to be eligible for the daily contest.

Contest Prizes

Prize Name Prize
1st Amazon Voucher ₹3,000
2nd Amazon Voucher ₹2,500
3rd Amazon Voucher ₹2,000
4th Amazon Voucher ₹1,500
5th Amazon Voucher ₹1,000

Tips & Tricks

The larger point tables you play, the larger your collective points will be.

Terms & Conditions

  • The promotion will be valid every day from the 14th to 25th of December. Applicable daily.
  • Daily 5 Lucky players from the participants of 12 days christmas leaderboard will get surprise prizes.
  • Minimum 25 games need to be won.
  • Minimum daily deposit compulsory to be eligible for the promotion of the day.
  • Bonus will not be vested during this promotion.
  • Eligible Players will qualify for this prize money according to their winning ratio, maximum game plays, winning, deposit amounts etc.
  • Player must verify their ​E-mail, Mobile no., KYC & Bank details to avail the prizes.
  • TDS will be applicable as per government rules.
  • All standard PlayRummy terms and conditions apply.
  • PlayRummy management decision is final in case of any disputes.

Winner List

Sr.No. Name Prize Money
1st laxman ₹3000
2nd Dewpandi ₹2500
3rd Deepesh Vairagi ₹2000
4th JM ₹1500
5th hanuman chatur ₹1000
1st KEN ₹3000
2nd Jitu ₹2500
3rd suryakant ₹2000
4th Bass ₹1500
5th Mallappa Desai ₹1000
1st Ravi ₹3000
2nd vinod ₹2500
3rd vijay ₹2000
4th balu ₹1500
5th Kalpak Chaudhary ₹1000
1st raju ₹3000
2nd Shiv ₹2500
3rd Thakur ₹2000
4th milindt85 ₹1500
5th Avadhoot ₹1000
1st Don ₹3000
2nd Avadhoot ₹2500
3rd umesh ₹2000
4th Nirav JOBANPUTRA ₹1500
5th Babu meena ₹1000
1st love ₹3000
3rd laxman ₹2000
4th Akshay Sonawane ₹1500
5th Mahendra ₹1000
1st Vinod patel ₹3000
2nd Hm ₹2500
3rd Maddy ₹2000
4th Anmo ₹1500
5th Zala a i ₹1000
2nd Samita ₹2500
3rd Dewpandi ₹2000
4th syed ₹1500
1st Shahid ₹3000
2nd Prince ₹2500
3rd Akshay ₹2000
4th Rabiul ₹1500
5th Paras ₹1000
1st Sagar ₹3000
2nd rakeshmakwana ₹2500
3rd kapil ₹2000
4th Prashant ₹1500
5th rhim9890 ₹1000
1st basavaprakash ₹3000
2nd Vijay ₹2500
3rd umesh ₹2000
4th Azzy ₹1500
5th yallappa ₹1000
1st Raza ₹3000
2nd Aniket ₹2500
3rd Ratnesh ₹2000
4th Zzzzzzzz ₹1500
5th Shiva ₹1000