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The Untold Story behind Rummy: Origins of the Game!

The Untold Story behind Rummy: Origins of the Game!

All those who are passionate about the card games especially rummy should know about the origin of this game and how it has evolved. This card game has variations that are different around the world. The basis of all rummy games be it offline rummy or online rummy is the same, which is to meld the cards in hand into sets and sequences by picking and discarding cards. With online rummy becoming big because of technological advancement like the internet and smartphones different versions of the game also came into existence but the basics being the same.

There are many theories about how the game came into existence which a lot of rummy players have no idea about so let’s delve into to know a little more how rummy became what it is today.

Spain! Where It All Began?
This is believed in a large section of rummy playing nations that rummy got its origin from ‘Conquian’ which is a game played in Spain and Mexico. Many believe that it originated in Spain then began to be played in America with the migration of some Spanish people in the nineteenth century. Conquian, according to many is the game from which all other Rummy variants took birth.

The Asian Angle
Like the European and North America claim there is another one from China which says that rummy originated from a card game called ‘Mahjong’ in China almost a thousand years ago. The Chinese have said Mahjong was also played with the same pick and drop style as rummy. In the nineteenth century, the same game also became popular with names such as ‘Khanhoo’ and ‘Kon Khin’. From China the game is believed to have moved to India. That’s not all, even Japanese have also put their hat in the ring when it comes to rummy claiming that they have a game called ‘Hanafuda’, which was developed by the Portuguese who visited Japan.

It’s All In The Name
The name ‘rummy’ is said to have originated from the word rum. Rum is a British slang used to describe things that are odd, peculiar, strange or queer probably because how the Britishers earlier saw the game. Then another reason believed for the name is that there were rummy competitions between two people, and the loser had to treat the winner with alcoholic beverage rum.

From The Poker Family
Poker is There have also been theories that rummy is part of the poker family and in fact it believed that it is the Whiskey Poker version of the card game that evolved into rummy. It was first called Rum Poker and then rummy.

First World War Connection
Many newspapers in Hungary reported that rummy was played even during the time of the first World War. It was also said, around the year 1915 the game came into existence at coffee shops in the Pest division of Budapest city.

The Reason Behind Rummy’s Popularity
There is a reason why today online rummy is so popular and that being how easy the game is despite various challenges every time you play. It is a perfect option to de-stress and entertain yourself. In the 1930s a lot of Hollywood stars also contributed towards this card game’s popularity. During the Great Depression when a lot of people preferred staying in their homes it was rummy that came to their rescue as a form of leisure activity.

Despite all these theories we still can’t be sure about what is the real source of rummy’s origin. However, what we are really sure is rummy which has now also evolved into online rummy is being played across countries and among people of different ages to indulge in this engaging pastime along with winning real cash.