Top 10 Best Brain Games That Will Keep Your Mind Sharp

best brain games

As you get older, it’s normal to notice certain small changes in your cognitive abilities. For instance, you may find as you age that it’s a bit more difficult to sustain your attention, multitask, find the right word, or recall information as quickly as you once did when you were younger than what you are today. This happens because the nerves in your brain tend to shrink. While there are many exercises to keep your brain to perform at its optimum level in this blog, we will explain about some of the best brain games to keep your cognitive abilities rust free. 

Games like sudoku, rummy card game, chess and a few more challenges your mental faculties, improves memory, enhances problem-solving abilities and boosts cognitive functions. Let’s get started to explore them in detail. 

Sudoku: When it comes to top brain games Sudoku is your classic number puzzle. Engaging in it improves your logical thinking and problem-solving skills as you fill in the 9×9 grid with numbers from 1 to 9, ensuring that no number repeats in a row, column, or 3×3 sub-grid.

Rummy: Playing rummy to improve your cognitive abilities was always easy. It’s become even easier with the online game. Now you can just download rummy apps and begin playing. It will improve your cognitive skills and help in the overall brain development. This happens because rummy requires players to constantly think about the opponent’s moves while planning your next move; this exercise, in turn, improves your concentration levels, boosts memory, and enhances analytical and logical thinking.

Lumosity: Looking for a fun way to exercise your brain? Stop looking further! This one has a variety of games that test different aspects of cognition, processing speed, short-term memory, flexibly switching between tasks, attention control, and focus, problem-solving ability, spatial awareness, as well as motor skills.

Chess: One of the best brain exercise games is Chess. Designed to be a mentally intensive and intellectually challenging game. It requires reliance on short-term memory to thoroughly analyse the board and create a strategy for each move. This continuous planning  triggers your long-term memory so you are exercising both portions of your brain in a shifting pattern.

Peak: Want to improve your critical thinking, try Peak. With this, you can enhance your focus, memory, problem-solving skills, language, and even mental agility.

Elevate: Among top brain games is this game as well which will boost your speaking skills, math skills, memory, attention, and speed. This one has 40 mini-games, which will help you to strengthen cognitive skills and each game will describe its goal.

Tricky Test 2: As one of the best brain games this one requires cunning thinking. Players will be shown a unique brain teaser. The tricky part, as the name implies, is that the answer is somewhat obvious. But with trick questions, it’s not as straightforward as trusting your initial reaction. You’ll have five chances and must pass the level to move forward, as with most level-based games.

Crossword Puzzles: This one has to be one of the best brain exercise games that require players to think critically and creatively as they fill in the grid with words based on the given clues. Available easily in newspapers, magazines, and even online now.

Solitaire: A timeless favourite to refine your concentration and patience. The goal is to meticulously organise an entire deck of cards into four suited piles. It might look simple, but as you deliberate over each move, you’ll notice improvement in your memory and sharpening of your problem-solving abilities.

Checkers: An easy-to-learn board game which is not as much about strategy and as it is about logic along with hand-eye coordination.