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Up Your Rummy Game With These Strategies

Up Your Rummy Game With These Strategies
To be successful in any sphere handwork, discipline and commitment are a prerequisite. When you keep focusing on these three attributes over a period of time, you also learn certain strategies or tricks of the trade and these take you a level up in your sphere of work. This is exactly what happens when you play card games like Octro rummy.

These strategies will take your style of playing rummy games a notch higher than your opponents, always making you dominate the card games scene. Here are those golden strategies that will take you on top in the rummy games you play online.

Apply the Reverse Strategy: This is with regards when you have to discard high value cards that you might have got playing Octro rummy or any other rummy games. This strategy could be useful on the rummy table against players who are more experienced than you. Often, it’s advised that when a player wants to decrease their points, a rummy player should get rid of the value cards such as face cards like kings and queens. If as a player, however, you have got a king and jack, you should ideally wait for two moves for your opponents to discard the queen for you. This said however a player shouldn’t wait for more than two rounds because that might turn out to be too late.

Get Rid of Cards Near to Your Wild Joker: One of the most important strategies when playing online rummy games is that a player wouldn’t like to waste their wild joker to make a pure sequence. So, a better strategy especially playing Octro rummy would be to get rid of near value to your wild joker, unless a player can use those cards in other sets or sequences.

Bait Your Opponents: This strategy also comes to your rescue when you play card games like Octro rummy. A player should use this strategy right after making a pure sequence. Be alert and observant when you discard cards. Keep an eye on the cards discarded by you that were picked up by other players on the table. An example of that would be that if you have gotten rid of a Queen of spades and your opponent picks it, you should be watchful before discarding cards closer to it like a ten of spades card.

Focus on Numbered Cards: It’s a well-known fact when you play various rummy games and even Octro rummy that face cards puts a player at a huge risk of ending up with the highest points on the rummy table. What most players however, miss out on is that these face cards do come with many permutations and combinations. It is the numbered cards like 10, 9, 8, 7,6, 5, 4, 3, and 2 which can be put in different sets and sequences.

Discarded Cards Can Be A Crystal Ball: After you have completed your pure sequence, a good rummy games strategy that can be applied to Octro rummy as well would be to make moves based on that cards you see in the discarded pile. What a player must do here is always pay attention to the cards the opponents are picking and discarding. This discarded pile of cards is like a crystal ball which if they watch closely can help them predict their opponent’s next move.