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Wrong Moves That Can Spoil Your Rummy Game

Games are an essential part of any culture. They teach us important values like strategy planning, anticipation, etc. Games may be physical or mental, but every country in the world has a game that is particularly famous among the people. And in India, people have a particular proclivity towards card games. Out of all the card games, rummy seems to have the biggest audience. From younglings to the elderly, you will find Indian rummy players of all ages here. Since rummy can be played just for points and also for real money, it caters to a large audience. And ever since rummy online has become readily available and relatively safe, the number of rummy players has grown tenfold. Finding players from all around the country just at your fingertips allows people to enjoy this game from the comfort of their bedroom. And if you are just beginning your rummy journey, there are a few common mistakes you should avoid. Read the tips below to know what not to do when playing rummy and learning about the rummy rules.

Skipping Practice Tables

When you begin playing rummy online, it is imperative that you spend a few games at the practice table with no stakes. This will help you control your nerves under stressed situations and the subtleties of the game. We all have heard of the Dunning-Kruger effect, which states that people tend to overestimate their knowledge of the game when they have limited experience. Don’t fall in that category! Practice more than you think you need. Remember, Indian rummy is a strategic game. The more you learn, the more acquainted you will be to the rummy rules.

Don’t Waste the Joker!

Rummy rules state that the joker is the most versatile card. Many new players don’t realise its importance and discard it. There are two ways a joker is decided in rummy. It may be the printed joker that is available with every deck of cards, or a random card may be chosen at the beginning of the game and all cards of that rank become the joker. The latter is the one that confuses most new players. They forget which card was chosen as the joker and end up discarding that card just like a normal one. Not only will it hurt your game, but your opponent may pick it up and improve theirs. Some players play with the rule that the opponent cannot pick up a discarded joker, but still, it will ruin your game if you lose it. A joker has the power to make or break your game, so make sure you don’t discard it!

Not Keeping Track of Your Opponents’ Moves

When you start playing rummy online, it’s understandable that you would want to focus on your own game and strategy. But rummy is a game that requires you to pay attention to your opponents’ cards as well. See what cards your opponent is discarding. This will give you an idea of what set or sequence your opponent is aiming for. By knowing the cards they need, you can either hold on to them or discard cards that you know they cannot use. This will give you more time to complete your sets and/or sequences and may get you the win.

Not Playing on a Stable Network Connection

Rummy online is a live game. Players from all over the world join a simultaneous server and play together. This means that the game cannot be paused or stopped. Make sure your connection is stable because if it is not, you may lose your turn, or even worse, may get dropped out of the game entirely. This can cost you a lot of dough, if you’re playing for money.

Not Discarding High Cards

Having face cards and aces is not as advantageous in Indian rummy as it is in other card games. A common mistake newbies make is holding on to them for too long. Face cards and aces have 10 points in rummy. If these cards are not part of a sequence or set when an opponent declares the game, you will get a lot of points and that will adversely affect your chances of winning. So, either be quick to make sets or sequences of high cards, or discard them quickly.

Making False Declaration

When you are about to finish melding all the cards in your hand, players often get anxious about finishing the game quickly. This often results in players missing a card or two and making a declaration prematurely. This is a costly mistake as not only are all your efforts nullified, but you also get a penalty of up to 80 points. It is, hence, imperative that you double check your cards before making a declaration.