Play Rummy Rules

10 beginner rummy strategies that can increase your winning percentage

Rummy is a game of skill and strategy. A person can easily win the game if he is able to execute the right strategy at the right moment. There are numerous strategies ranging from basic to advanced that can be applied to the game. However, we are here to discuss beginner’s rummy strategy to kick start the game right away.

Go For Pure Sequences

To win rummy games, the number one priority of a player should be to form a pure sequence. If you get a pure sequence, Hurray! You don’t need to look back. However, if you do not, you should make an important decision of continuing the game or not.

Discard High-Value Cards

While playing Indian Rummy online, remember that high-value cards (Ace, Jack, King, Queen) have no use unless there is a probability of making a valid set using them. It is always wise to get rid of them so as to avoid any penalty points.

Value the Joker

Joker is the only card that has the power to change your fate. If you have pure sequence or some connecting cards, Joker can work wonders. So, play wisely and never discard Joker card as it will act powerful for your game.

Arranging cards based on Color

Arrange your melded sequences as per their color and take the complete idea of the cards you have. This is the perfect way to not get confused with the suits.

Value middle cards

The cards with the values 5, 6, 7 are easy to meld as compared to the high-value cards like J, K, Q etc. So, make sure to utilize the middle-value cards as they will increase the probability of melding the cards.

An Eye for an Eye

Observe your neighbours as they are doing the same. While playing the game of rummy, it is best to observe which cards have been discarded by your opponent and which ones they have picked so far. This helps you in analysing their sharp moves and clever strategies. So, watch out for every discarded card to judge their next move easily.

Re-arrange Your Cards

A player should follow the practice to re-arrange the cards all the time. Re-arranging the cards will help you give a clear and transparency towards your game strategies. With this, you can always make a significant decision.

Drop If Needed

It is a wise decision to drop the game in between if you think you have a bad hand at the beginning or you fail to meld your cards in the middle of the game.

Reduce the Points

While playing the game of rummy, reduce the points you have. Even if you lose mid way, you can be sure that you get the least point.

Don’t Retain Cards

Don’t wait too long to meld your cards. It is always better to discard and look for other options if you fail to meld. Instead, focus on reducing your points by discarding the high-value cards.

If you follow these rules religiously, you can definitely be able to increase your winning percentage. Try your luck with and apply these strategies to win exciting amount. To download, Click Here