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Difference Between Classic Rummy & Gin Rummy

Difference Between Classic & Gin Rummy

The reason why the Indian rummy game is so popular among people around the world is because of the large number of rummy variants. Some of these rummy variants which are really popular include the likes of Shanghai Rummy, Contract Rummy, Dummy Rummy, Gin Rummy, Classic Indian Rummy. Among these variants two which are the most played by people around the world are classic Indian rummy and gin rummy. If you are new to the rummy game then it’s important that you know the difference between these two variants so that you are able to adapt when you play these.

The number of players

Classic Rummy: When it comes to classic rummy game the number of players that can play this game on a table can be anywhere from two to six.

Gin Rummy: When it comes to gin rummy, the number of players is either two or four.

Process to choose the dealer

Classic Rummy: If you are going to play the classic Indian rummy game online, be it for real cash or free, the cards will be dealt to you automatically by the game program as there is no involvement of a human dealer. However, if you play the same variant offline, for the first game/round the dealer will be chosen randomly and in the round/games ahead the opportunity to deal the card will move clockwise among the players on the table.

Gin Rummy: While playing the gin rummy variant offline, every player will pick up a card from the shuffled deck and the player who gets the card with the lowest-value will have to deal the cards first. The same process will be followed after each hand in order to determine the dealer. Unlike in the Indian rummy variant, the chance to deal doesn’t move automatically.

Objective to play

Classic Rummy: In the classic Indian rummy variant whether you are playing a free game or for cash, the key objective is to arrange your cards in valid sets and sequences and arrive at a score of zero or get as low a score as possible in the pool rummy mode.

Gin Rummy: When it comes to the gin rummy variant a player’s objective is to arrange the cards in valid sets and runs/sequences until a player knocks or lays down their hand after forming necessary sets and runs.

How are the cards played?

Classic Rummy: According to the classic Indian rummy rules every player has to draw a card from the closed deck or the open deck/discard pile on their turn. After they have picked a card, the player has to discard a card to the discard pile as well. If a player, however, opts to draw the top card from the discarded pile, the rules prohibit them from discarding the same card to the discarded pile in the same turn.

Gin Rummy: In the gin rummy variant, the player who isn’t dealing has the option to pick the topmost card from the open deck. If this player doesn’t opt to pick that card, the dealer gets this opportunity. In case even the dealer doesn’t want to choose that card either, the non-dealing player may pick a card from the closed deck.

Calculating the scores

Classic Rummy: In classic rummy the face cards carry 10 points each and the numbered cards are worth their face value. At the time of the declaration the combined value of the unmatched cards in every rummy player’s hand is added and it is the total rummy points by which a player/players loses the game.

Gin Rummy: When it comes to gin rummy the players have the two options of declaring their hand. They can either declare the hand after arranging all the cards in sets and runs with no deadwood. It’s called going gin, for which the player scores 25 points.

The second option is by way of knocking. If the sum of a player’s deadwood cards is less than 10, then the player may opt for knocking. The knocker’s score is equal to the difference between the values of the knocker’s deadwood cards and the deadwood cards of the opponent.

The Joker Card

Classic Rummy: The Joker card plays a huge role in the classic rummy. After the shuffling process is over, a wild Joker card is also selected randomly. All the cards that have the same face value as the randomly selected wild Joker card but different suits become wild Jokers.

Gin Rummy: There are no joker cards used in the gin rummy variant.

Value of Aces

Classic Rummy: The use of an Ace card can be the lowest as well as the highest in the Indian rummy. An Ace card can be used to form a sequence with the 2 and 3 of the same suit or it can be used with the Queen and the King card of the same suit as well.

Gin Rummy: In the gin rummy variant Ace cards possess the lowest value.