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Some Junglee Craziness You Can Do with A Deck of Cards

Some Junglee Craziness You Can Do with A Deck of Cards

There are many reasons behind people loving a deck of playing cards. A lot of people collect these and it’s their hobby because of all the crazy things you can do with it apart from playing a rummy card game. If you have a deck of cards which is a little old now and can’t be used to play a rummy card game you can use it for other junglee stuff. It’s a lot of fun and keeps your old card in use as well.

Here are a few great ways to get some real junglee craziness out of your playing cards. At the end of this piece, you will surely know that apart from applying the online rummy rules there is a lot of other stuff that you can do with a deck of cards.

Magic Tricks: If you like magic tricks, then a deck of cards is all you need to perform some of those. You can learn those interesting tricks by reading some books and of course there are a lot of those that can be learned on YouTube as well.

Play Card Games: Play online card games like rummy, teen patti, poker, blackjack and many more on Octro. If you know an offline card game like rummy you will also be able to play the game online because online rummy rules are very similar to one played with paper cards.

Cardistry: It’s been defined as “the performance art of card flourishing”, although “juggling with a deck of playing cards” is also the correct description of it. It’s about doing creative stuff like fanning and cutting cards thereby turning it into a performance art. It’s not about ordinary cuts and shuffles but stuff where cardists are able to do one-handed cuts, complicated shuffles, turnovers, tosses, and catches, in a way that is a real stuff of genius. Not many might know but the Virtuoso deck of playing cards was specifically designed for cardistry, and has a real visual appeal when fanned and flourished. Some of these flourishing techniques can also be used to make your card magic tricks look more impressive.

Artwork: This is all about using uncut card sheets for creative designs. These can be used as window pane covers, wall hangings. Applying creativity to these uncut sheets can turn a deck of cards into beautiful works of art. These works of art make great decorations.

Bookmarks: Bibliophiles with a creative streak will relate to this. A deck of playing cards can give you a great supply of bookmarks. If it’s a customized deck with some artwork it’s even better to look at. A lot of people use old and even new playing cards as bookmarks.

House of Cards: A lot of people might know about this fun activity or might have also done it. It’s the process of building a card tower. Though it looks easy, it’s not.  It’s also known as card-stacking. Bryan Berg, a US resident, in 1992 created a world record making a 72-story house of cards for the first time. Since then, the record has been broken a few times by him. In 2010 Berg built a replica of a hotel. It had 2,18,792 cards (more than 4,000 decks) – it weighed over 250 kgs, and was 3 metres tall and 10.5 metres long. It took 44 days to get this done.

Impossible Bottles: How is this done? While the name of this activity has an ‘impossible’ in it, it can be done. It’s about putting a deck of cards into a bottle. There are ways people do it. A man called Jamie Grant is a famous creator of these, and his impossible bottles typically cost $100-200. You can either try the trick yourself or find experts online who can teach you this crazy stuff.

Bicycle Noisemaker: This is another fun activity you can try with a deck of cards. It will make your bicycle sound like a motorbike. This is how it’s done: Affix a playing card to your bike frame with a peg, and have the card flap loudly on the spokes as the wheel turns.

Emergency Kit: Last but by no means the least, if you have a wobbly table that needs levelling out due to an uneven table leg or a slightly crooked floor then playing cards are perfect to use when you need just a few layers underneath that one table leg to get things straight. Another great emergency use of a playing card can also be as a toothpick. In a pinch, you could pick left-over shreds in your teeth through it. While it shouldn’t be your first choice but no-harm it using it as a rescue tool in an emergency.

Isn’t it great to know that a deck of cards can have such a variety of uses? Now execute the stuff with your deck of playing cards on PlayRummy. Download the best rummy app now!