Why You Should Not Worry Playing Cash Rummy On PlayRummy

Why You Should Not Worry Playing Cash Rummy On PlayRummy

The reason behind online rummy becoming really popular for the past two decades is that players here stand to win huge amounts of cash. On an online platform like ours a person can play the game and win exciting cash rewards.

However, it sometimes comes to notice that people are sceptical about the safety of online rummy and other such cash games. Are you one of those people who like rummy but are concerned whether it’s safe to play cash rummy games online? Then let’s clear your doubt by confirming that it is absolutely safe to play cash rummy on a PlayRummy. Below are some of the reasons why we believe that you can safely play rummy on India’s most trusted rummy app. Let’s take a look at them:

Legal and Safe

Often people have inquiries concerning the lawfulness of online rummy. So, you can check for yourself that the Supreme Court of India has declared rummy a game of skill and hence it’s absolutely legal to cash and non-cash rummy in India. A game is considered a game of skill when its outcome depends on the skill-set of the person or persons playing it and not just luck or chance. Skill is what decides a winner in rummy hence rummy which is skill games doesn’t fall in the category of betting or gambling. Playing games where skill is required to win cash is legal in the country. There are some states in India which however don’t allow real money online games to be played in their territory. As long as you don’t live in these states you can play the real cash game on PlayRummy.

Clear Rules

Most online rummy games have a segment in the game which explains the rules of the game and our app is no different. So, if you are a tenderfoot, you can learn the rules of every rummy variant on the app. The tutorials will help you learn the game much faster. Also, these rules are followed by every player on the platform which isn’t the practice in offline rummy.

Responsible Gaming

Since rummy as a game is an engaging one, there might be instances that an online rummy player finds it difficult to not play the game. Since PlayRummy is an active member of The Online Rummy Federation it adheres to the principles of responsible gaming. Game time of each and every player on the platform is consistently monitored and it is found that they are overdoing the normal hours that the team connects with and cautions them as well to keep things in control. Also, since the game is played on the smartphone, a player can themselves set app locks or even delete the game if they feel that it is hampering the other aspects of their life.

Safe & Secure Payment Gateways

The primary concern of any real money gamer is the safety and security of their online transactions on the platform. Our app has all the necessary encryptions for absolutely safe deposits and withdrawals. The app also has various payment methods like online wallets, internet banking, debit and credit cards. So, if you like to play rummy with real cash you have arrived at the right platform. Here all your online dealings are safe and secure. In the event of you winning the game you can easily transfer it directly into your bank account without any hassle.

Prompt Customer Support

The platform has an effective customer support system which can be reached through call, and email. This is not all, the PlayRummy customer support team also keeps on checking with the users themselves, in case they are facing any issues regarding the game. This prompt service has the platform a trustworthy one. The customer support executives provide users the best advice keeping their interest on top. The well-trained soft-spoken staff with their willingness to assist the users makes a pleasant experience for the users who face any game related issues.

Absolute Fair Play

The app strictly adheres to the principal of fair play. It works on the system called Random Number Generator which ensures that all the cards are distributed randomly through an algorithm and there is no chance of anyone getting the same hand. In offline rummy games people often get formed sets or sequences, even after shuffling the cards. With this system there is a guarantee of this not happening at all. All the cards dealt can’t be predicted, taking away any chances of unfair play. The app is well-equipped with fair play plugins that monitor every player and ensure the game play is clean.

So, if you are hesitant about playing online rummy with real cash, you can relax now because on PlayRummy you can play the game and it is absolutely safe, secure and legal.

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Time Management – A Must Have Skill In Online Rummy

Time Management – A Must Have Skill In Online Rummy

The most valuable thing they say is time, when that is lost you can’t get it back and it holds true for the online rummy game as well. While in the offline game, you can play at your own sweet speed, depending upon who you are playing with. Time is of indispensable significance when playing the 13-card game especially online. Having great timing and time management skills is a key factor in deciding winners and losers playing the game on rummy apps. Proper planning is important in the manner you plan and play your moves, dispose of cards, pick a game table, or book a tournament slot.

Choosing the Game Table

Proficient rummy players don’t simply sit down at any arbitrary table. Different factors should be thought of while picking a table, time being of the most elevated significance. As a player, you need to painstakingly investigate how long you have and contrast it and the overall length of the variation you wish to appreciate playing. Assume, you plan on playing a solitary arrangement over a long span, at that point pick a 6-player Pool Rummy table. For shorter games, Points Rummy is the table to go for. You should be snappy, fiery and proactive while figuring out numerous choices prior to getting yourself a seat on the tables.

Choosing A Tournament Slot

Each rummy player realises that tournaments require a decent amount of skill and devotion to win. Remember these tournaments run longer in contrast with a regular online rummy game. If a player wants to take part in one, it requires top-class skills, practice and time dedication. A rummy player needs to match the schedule of the tournament schedule with that of their work routine as well. There’s no reason for booking a tournament seat when a player is preoccupied with other things. A player should be additionally punctual and patient while playing.

Perfectly Timing Your Moves

In online rummy, every player gets a fixed clock time for each move, with some online games giving a buffer of a few more seconds that last all through the game. In this span, a player should plan and play cards precisely. During the game, a player needs to notice and read the opponents’ game as well. All these things should be done within that stipulated time frame when the rival is playing their turn.

Availing Offers

Numerous offers and limited time rewards are there for rummy players on the PlayRummy app, and as a player you should be aware of these benefits. If a player knows beforehand that a specific offer will run during a period, at that point it’s smarter to free your schedule in advance and play rummy during that time to avail these benefits. Here the time skill needed is dynamic planning.

Gameplay Time Management

When starting the game, a player may feel constrained to make a move right away. But instead of doing that, it is smarter to thoroughly analyze your cards by arranging in alternate color. Unwinding and thinking for a brief timeframe prior to playing the first few turns will help a player evaluate the game better. Staying patient and searching for potential melds while doing the starting hand analysis can end up being profoundly valuable for your game. Attempt less moves to finish all your melds and surprise the rivals.


Managing time properly is far more significant than some other rummy skills a player might possess. If a player can figure out how to deal with time better while playing rummy online, half the battle is won. Every single move has the capability of deciding whether a player will win or lose the game. Hence, perfect timing to display each of your moves is very important. Apart from polishing other rummy skills, a player must improve how to manage their time effectively during the game. This factor is what differentiates between good rummy players and the great ones. All things considered, just practicing and playing is not enough, a player must make the right moves at the right time.

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What Makes Online Rummy So Popular in Social Groups?

‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ these two Sanskrit words mean that the whole world is one family. While it is true but even while being a part of one big family, all of us are different when it comes to cultures, traditions and lifestyle. The thing that binds us is being connected to each other through our common interests. Card games like online rummy being one of those, especially in this modern day and age when everybody is busy. Online rummy over the past decade has become really big.

Rummy as a game is centuries old and with it being played online now with the advancement in technology, it has reached even more people and the popularity of the game has picked up. After all, what’s better than bonding over a game of rummy that’s too online even when you can’t be physically present to play it. So, let’s get started to know what makes online rummy so popular on social groups.

Chance To Meet New People: Online rummy games provide you a platform to get to know and interact with new people who have similar interests like yours. With social media you can you’re your conversations and interactions on the virtual rummy table to the next level and get to know that person better. This works for both outgoing people and even introverts. The extroverts can make new friends while the introverts can improve their social skills. It gives you an opportunity to have your own friend circle online where you all your passionate rummy players can discuss about the game even more.

Enhances Communication Skills: There have been many researches that have proved that video games can help shy people open up to the world. Getting all chatty and talking to people isn’t a forte of introverts especially if they are not confident about how the other person is going to react. A game like online rummy can help these nerves settle down. Here these people will get a sense of security by not physically being face to face with the other person. This can lead to a lot of them shedding their inhibitions and being more vocal about their opinions thereby enhancing their communication skills.

Teaches Teamwork: A very important skill to move up the ladder is working well in a team environment. The better you are at it both in personal and professional life the more you are appreciated in your social groups. Online games like rummy need a good amount of collaboration and cooperation from a player. Multiplayer online games like online rummy need a player to communicate efficiently with others to ensure a win especially if you have teamed up with someone on a private table.

A Harmonious Environment: There have been many studies recently that have arrived at the conclusion the online games are less likely to be bullies. When those studies were conducted the games were asked to choose roles of hero and villain. Those who chose being villainous characters regretted it later. It was also found out that people who organise and meet up with fellow players in their collaborative efforts have more leadership skills. They motivate others and are more likely volunteers for charity events. Hence it can be said that online games like playing online rummy promotes harmony.

Long Lasting Friendships: If you already know how to play rummy online or learn the game you during the course will notice that online games encourage human interaction. This will help you understand others more people even when you haven’t met them physically. Playing online rummy could in fact help you forge long lasting friendships. Since human beings are social animals and we are dependent on each other all of us want to feel accepted. It’s proven that for human beings it is easier to start a conversation virtually with others whom we have not met physically. Various online rummy gaming platforms organise many meet and greet conventions making it easier for people to forge long lasting friendships. And you might never know these online friends can easily become your offline friends as well.  So, before you know it, your online friends can become your offline friends too! Once you strike a chord with other online players and become friends you can enjoy with them even when you are not playing rummy, you can discuss game strategies or have generic game discussions.

Now that you know why online rummy is so popular on social groups download the best rummy app and start playing.

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Advantages Of Becoming A Professional Online Rummy Player

 Advantages Of Becoming A Professional Online Rummy Player

Yes, you read it heading right! There are professional online rummy players as well. However, before delving into the topic further let’s know how is a professional online rummy player different from just another player which you might fall in the category of.
The concept has always been there for sports like cricket, football, hockey and many more where there are professional players and amateur ones. The difference between the two being that the former plays the game full time as a way to earn their living from it while the latter pursue it casually to have a good leisure time.

It’s the same for online rummy players as well. These players make a living by playing online rummy. Like turning pro in any other sphere doing the same when it comes to rummy also has its share of advantages. Let’s go through some of those that a professional online rummy player can immediately relate to.
Recognition & Respect: If you ever get a chance to meet a professional rummy player then you would notice the kind of recognition and respect, they have in online rummy circles. This comes from the fact that these people have dedicated their life to a game they are passionate about and now the game is paying them back which people around them recognise and appreciate. The online rummy players are an inspiration to a lot of new players who want to follow their footsteps.

Rewards Galore: In India the online rummy game is expected to be close to the trillion-dollar market. There are many examples around the online rummy gaming industry how so many players have turned pro and made a fortune overnight. If you know how to play rummy and are dedicated to becoming a professional then sky is the limit. All a professional player has to do is keep improving the skill.

Ability to Handle Different Situations: While playing rummy online isn’t the only option to know and build a temperament to handle different situations in life but it certainly is one way to learn how to do it. Most professional players go through various game situations on a regular basis the learning of which they can apply to other aspects of life as well. Hence, if you want to play the online rummy game and want to become a professional you are bound to learn this aspect subconsciously.

Be A Coach: A professional online rummy player apart from being an active player can also impart whatever they have learnt to the other players. Coaching is a great option for a professional player not only does it give them an option to earn extra sharing their knowledge but also gives them a chance to improve and revise their skills. It is also a great way to connect to the new players on the block and learn from them their strategies and approach towards online rummy games.

Write, Vlog or Podcast: This is an extension to becoming an online rummy coach. If you have a flair for writing or vlogging or even podcasting then as a professional online rummy player you can opt for any or all of the three options to share your expertise on the game. This also allows you to earn extra and improves your knowledge of the game as well. This happens because when you create content you also research more about it there by improving your knowledge as well. In fact, as a professional you could go deep into it and even write a book if you like.

Part-time Pro: Unlike turning pro at most other things which is a full-time activity, playing rummy online as a professional can be done as a part-timer. As a part-time pro you can keep doing your main job and follow this passion according to your time and convenience and keep earning from it as well. In the times we live in it is a great option to let your skills pay you and hence many students, working professionals and housewives are earning handsome perks and cash rewards just by playing a few hours of Rummy game online or doing other activities related to the game.

Enhances Personality: The online rummy game can generate so many qualities that a person needs to survive in the highly competitive world that we live in. As a professional the game can enhance your personality and thereby make you a more confident person.
These were some of the advantages of becoming a professional rummy player, there could be more that an individual can experience playing the game. Now that you know what you are waiting for, just download the rummy app, show your skills to win big before you take that plunge to become a pro.

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Five Beneficial Characteristics Of Online Rummy

Online gaming over the past decade or so has become a really popular option to have fun and the popularity continues to rise with each passing day. People from different age groups and across genders have taken to online like fish to water. With the whole online gaming industry experiencing high levels of engagement from even online rummy which falls under the same umbrella has seen a rise in its popularity as well. Rummy is considered to be a really high intensity and exciting game by both masses and classes can make your mind function much faster and better. Along with this the game of online rummy also tests and sharpens your mathematical and logical skills.

Off-late the online rummy games have become more sought after than the off-line version. While both versions are pretty similar when it comes to the rules the ones played off-line are played using physical cards. For the online version you can download India’s most trusted rummy app, learn how to play rummy through its tutorials and play the game anytime and anywhere.

Let’s take a look at the five major beneficial characteristics of online rummy.

Entertaining & Engaging: Playing online rummy is both entertaining and engaging. Whether a person wants to chill during a break or wants to have a fun activity that engages their mind playing online works perfectly for both situations. All they have to do is download the rummy app. Go through the tutorials to learn how to play rummy and start playing. Unlike other online games rummy doesn’t become boring after a few games. In fact, in online rummy there are many variants which a person can explore in their free time. There are also several tournaments going on different online rummy tables at any given point of time so a player can take part in them as well. These tournaments are really exciting and engaging as some of the best rummy players take part in these making the whole activity great fun.

Increases Patience: Playing online rummy requires complete concentration from a player. A slight lapse could prove costly ruining their chances of winning it. To concentrate on each and every move of the opponent a player needs a strong mind which can only be achieved after regularly practicing by playing. Observing all that happens during a game can only improve the concentration levels, doing this also makes you a more patient player and person who is prepared to calmly handle all situations during the game. Being patient in online rummy is the key because this is what prepares a player to wait for the right opportunity to play their cards.

Tool To Socialise: In the fast paced world that we are in right now not everyone always gets a chance to stay regularly in touch with their loved ones. Especially during the on-going pandemic those who miss meeting their friends and loved ones can use an online rummy game like PlayRummy to satiate their craving to socialise. One can invite their friends and family to play the game with them and socialise virtually. The game also gives you an opportunity to play with strangers and make friends. Playing with other players around the country can help you improve your game as well earn money.

Travel Partner:  In offline rummy a person has to wait for other players to get ready to play with them which makes them dependent on others to enjoy but in online rummy it’s quite easy to find players to play even when one is travelling. Just take out your phone, download the rummy app, start playing whether travelling on a short route or a long journey where passing time can be a challenge. Online rummy enhances the whole travel experience as your perfect travel partner even when you travel alone and to the remotest of locations.

Stress Buster: A good rummy game online can keep you entertained and can reduce a lot of stress during the ongoing pandemic when anyway there is a lot of stress and gloom all around us. Online rummy games can divert a person’s attention from all the negativity around and help him just enjoy the game. It will keep people busy but will still make them feel relaxed.  Many people online play rummy regularly because it helps them relieve their stress. Over the years it has been considered a game which can really help a person unwind after a tough day. So, if ever you feel mentally tired and are looking for a fun way to relax, try to play rummy on India’s most trusted rummy app.

These are some of the beneficial characteristics of online rummy. There might be others as well which one can come to know when you play the game. So, download the rummy app now and play.

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Let’s Know More About The Variety Of Players On PlayRummy

 Let’s Know More About The Variety Of Players On PlayRummy
Rummy is a fascinating game, especially, if you are playing online rummy. The reason behind that claim is that when you play rummy games online you can find a lot of different kinds of online rummy players any given time. While all those people who would be on the online rummy table as your opponent and would have different characteristics that would be not known to you but majorly all the rummy players fall in some specified categories. Most players who are on online rummy platforms are there to win cash but their playing pattern and style would differ making them a specific kind of player.

If you pay attention to those playing patterns and styles you can actually assess how a particular online rummy player would play the game. Hence, it is imperative to know the different kinds of players you will find on the rummy app, which is the most trusted online rummy app.

The Nervous Newbies
These are the players you often encounter while playing rummy online. One of their key characteristics is that they are nervous and hence can be mostly seen playing in freeroll tournaments and low-value tables. There is also another type of rummy player who is known as a Noob. These are also new kids on the block but are playing for the sake of trying something new.

The Intelligent Brigade
When you step into the world of online rummy you would find many online rummy players even those who play free rummy games as intelligent ones. How you could say that a particular player is intelligent is when you notice that they don’t take un-calculated risks. These players never play their hand unless it contains a pure sequence and a set or sequence. Also, these players continuously keep a watch on their points and odds of winning. They sometimes also drop mid-game if they don’t, they have great cards. One should always be careful when playing against this category as the hands they play are more probable to finish first.

Avid Online Gamers
An avid online gamer is always on the look-out for a good opponent. There are enough of this kind on online rummy platforms as well. If you download the PlayRummy app, which is India’s best online rummy gaming platform you will understand the level of competition in the online rummy. Online gamers are further drawn in by the fact that you can play the game anytime and anywhere. Avid online gamers really enjoy the thrill that online rummy provides.

The Perfectionist Tribe
With every game of online rummy that players play they get better at it. It is this pursuit of getting better with every game is what makes an online rummy player a perfectionist. Since rummy is a game of skill perfectionists are drawn towards it and they aren’t the ones that like to give up till they master the game. It is an online rummy which gives these perfectionists a chance to show their true game metal playing against some of the best in the business. So, if you are a rummy lover, especially an online rummy lover you will find just the right players to play against on PlayRummy.

The Thrill Seekers
If you played online rummy, you already know and if you haven’t played it till now be rest assured that the game’s so engaging that it will keep you on the edge of your seat. This is the reason there are players who only play this regularly to experience that thrill. Every move has to be carefully calculated. Sometimes despite your best calculations, it might be difficult to win the game and that’s where this game will keep making you better and pushing your skill limits. Even those who seek thrill will have to play the game with a calm head because only then can they apply their strategies to achieve the best results.

The Variety Cravers
There are the online rummy players who get bored with one style or pattern of gaming. Hence for them, on PlayRummy there are various tournaments that can satisfy their craving for variety. If you are one of these players then after you download the rummy app you can choose from the various options and enjoy the game.


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The History Behind The Kings In The Rummy Cards

The History Behind The Kings In The Rummy Cards
If you have played any card games, especially rummy, be it online rummy or offline then have you ever wondered where these faces of Kings on the pack originate from? Like King, there is a queen and jack as well but since King is the highest value card that has a face let’s focus on that in this article.

While to most these kings printed on the cards might look anonymous and just a generic representation of the monarchy, the International Playing Card Society, in France, have on record said that these kings have an identity and they once depicted some of the most famous leaders in history.

These faces of the kings over the years have changed many times because of design alterations but in 17th century France, the four kings in the deck were named reflecting the importance of the French monarchy itself.

Since the French rulers wanted to see themselves as successors to the earlier kings that is the reason the kings on the playing cards represented some of history’s most iconic leaders: Charlemagne, David, Caesar and Alexander.

While there is no one established theory behind how the playing cards came into existence, historian Joseph Needham believes they first appeared in Tang China, in the 9th century AD, but these early cards weren’t organized into suits, with numbers and symbols, until much later.

There is a theory on this which says that an image of a king first was seen on playing cards produced in India or Persia, and later these cards were brought to Europe via the Iberian Peninsula in the middle ages.

There are many proofs that the card games registered their presence in Europe in the late medieval period, probably in the latter half of the 14th century. It was around this period that sermons written by concerned clergymen in Italy, France and Spain took references from card games, usually in conjunction with prohibitions of dice and gambling.

During this period, playing card designs varied a lot while there were some familiar elements that seemed consistent. According to the International Playing Card Society, most of these variations had a combination of numbered cards with three or sometimes four “royal” cards: king, queen, knight and knave. These were further divided into suits represented by different symbols, including a cup, coin, sword and stick.

This is when the card games associated with them got popular across Europe, and the makers experimented with ways to streamline production. Regional variations began to develop, as different areas began to standardise the iconography associated with their cards. It was in Germany that queens were removed entirely, and the original symbols were replaced with bells, hearts, leaves and acorns.

The French craftsmen used new techniques for an efficient production program and that is when their designs began to rule within Europe. According to the International Playing Card Society, the French reintroduced the queen, but kept some of the German icons to represent the suits, establishing the symbols that are familiar today: hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds.

The area where the French were at their innovative best was in giving the royal cards names from history. In the 16th century, the designers came up with a variety of characters including Roman heroes such as Augustus or Constantine, or Biblical figures such as Solomon. However, by the early 17th century, they had settled on four key figures that resonated with France’s image.

The king of hearts was identified as Charlemagne. He is considered to be the French hero who unified the Franks and created the great Carolingian Empire. This represented France’s great past and the longevity of its monarchy.

The biblical figure of David became the king of spades, representing the triumph of the righteous over the strong. Julius Caesar became the king of diamonds. It was Caesar who was the Roman hero and the conqueror of Gaul. The king of clubs was Alexander, the ancient Greek leader who got the better of the Persians and conquered lands as far away as the Hindu Kush.

This practice of giving names and identities to the royal cards lasted for almost 200 years in France, although the rest of Europe didn’t adopt this practice to that extent.

It was only towards the end of the 18th century when French revolutionaries started to disapprove of the outrageous monarchical overtones in the playing cards designs. They now wanted more neutral symbols and imagery that did not go all out to glorify their monarchy.

This resulted in the practice of identifying the royal cards as individuals from history ended by the early 19th century and today none of the kings on playing cards, even in France, have any historical connections to any of their heroes or monarchy.

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The Untold Story behind Rummy: Origins of the Game!

The Untold Story behind Rummy: Origins of the Game!

All those who are passionate about the card games especially rummy should know about the origin of this game and how it has evolved. This card game has variations that are different around the world. The basis of all rummy games be it offline rummy or online rummy is the same, which is to meld the cards in hand into sets and sequences by picking and discarding cards. With online rummy becoming big because of technological advancement like the internet and smartphones different versions of the game also came into existence but the basics being the same.

There are many theories about how the game came into existence which a lot of rummy players have no idea about so let’s delve into to know a little more how rummy became what it is today.

Spain! Where It All Began?
This is believed in a large section of rummy playing nations that rummy got its origin from ‘Conquian’ which is a game played in Spain and Mexico. Many believe that it originated in Spain then began to be played in America with the migration of some Spanish people in the nineteenth century. Conquian, according to many is the game from which all other Rummy variants took birth.

The Asian Angle
Like the European and North America claim there is another one from China which says that rummy originated from a card game called ‘Mahjong’ in China almost a thousand years ago. The Chinese have said Mahjong was also played with the same pick and drop style as rummy. In the nineteenth century, the same game also became popular with names such as ‘Khanhoo’ and ‘Kon Khin’. From China the game is believed to have moved to India. That’s not all, even Japanese have also put their hat in the ring when it comes to rummy claiming that they have a game called ‘Hanafuda’, which was developed by the Portuguese who visited Japan.

It’s All In The Name
The name ‘rummy’ is said to have originated from the word rum. Rum is a British slang used to describe things that are odd, peculiar, strange or queer probably because how the Britishers earlier saw the game. Then another reason believed for the name is that there were rummy competitions between two people, and the loser had to treat the winner with alcoholic beverage rum.

From The Poker Family
Poker is There have also been theories that rummy is part of the poker family and in fact it believed that it is the Whiskey Poker version of the card game that evolved into rummy. It was first called Rum Poker and then rummy.

First World War Connection
Many newspapers in Hungary reported that rummy was played even during the time of the first World War. It was also said, around the year 1915 the game came into existence at coffee shops in the Pest division of Budapest city.

The Reason Behind Rummy’s Popularity
There is a reason why today online rummy is so popular and that being how easy the game is despite various challenges every time you play. It is a perfect option to de-stress and entertain yourself. In the 1930s a lot of Hollywood stars also contributed towards this card game’s popularity. During the Great Depression when a lot of people preferred staying in their homes it was rummy that came to their rescue as a form of leisure activity.

Despite all these theories we still can’t be sure about what is the real source of rummy’s origin. However, what we are really sure is rummy which has now also evolved into online rummy is being played across countries and among people of different ages to indulge in this engaging pastime along with winning real cash.

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How To Know The Skill Level of Your Opponent?

How To Know The Skill Level of Your Opponent?

If you have ever played online rummy or are likely to do so, a thing that you will most likely hear is always try to gauge the skill level of your opponent. Gauging that is vital because only after assessing the skill level of the others playing the game will you as a player select your rummy table and the cash you want to play with. Knowing their strategies and approach during the game will help you make your moves in the game. Hence to make a player has to be shrewd when it comes to assessing their opponent’s skill in the game. Here are a few steps how you can do that and have an upper hand over them.

The Discarded Cards: If you are up against a highly skillful opponent in online rummy then be rest assured that they won’t get rid of any cards which could benefit you making a set or sequence. Such players are very good observers and keep an eye like a hawk on every move in the game. They try to decipher all the possible and probable melds that their opponents could be eyeing based on the cards that are being discarded or picked during the game. So, this is the first test to prove that your opponent is a very good rummy player if they do not discard any card which could be of importance to you.

The High-value Cards: This is another step to know how good your opponent is. If you know how to play rummy you would have heard about it many times that it is the high-value cards that can prove costly if ever you lose the game. Suppose your opponent is an experienced campaigner then it is likely that they would get rid of their high-value cards in a manner based on their carefully constructed strategy. You would never see them discarding the high-value cards just for the sake of doing it. They would never rush into the move. However, if they aren’t that good at the game or lack in experience there is every chance that they would hurriedly discard the high-value cards just because it has been one of the most discussed tips when you play rummy online. Here too the key is to keep an eye on what approach your opponent takes because that will determine if he is novice or a veteran in the online rummy game.

Timing the Drop: Experience and good online rummy players don’t play every hand. They are very mindful of the fact that dropping is the best move when a player realises, they have a bad hand. You would most likely see these players either opt for an initial drop or a in the middle depending on the cards dealt and how the game progresses after some rounds. This won’t be the case, if the opponent in front of you is a novice with limited skills. These players despite a bad hand often continue to play some rounds hoping to get a favourable card. If your opponent is good, they are aware that the wisest move is to drop than to play a bad hand.

Mistake Meter: From the time you and your opponent log in to play rummy online an invisible mistake meter that both of you will switch on in your subconscious mind will determine your skill level in front of each other. Be it erroneously discarding a joker or being every casual about how you treat your middle cards will depict the skill levels on display. These are the kind of mistakes that would clearly show how experienced or inexperienced the players on the table are. There are times when even picking and discarding cards in no particular fashion also point out a player’s inability to work on a strategy to win.

So, all these factors point out to one major quality that all good rummy players have in order to gauge the skill level of their opponents and that is to observe all the time. This if done properly and keeping attention to every detail can take your game a notch above your opponent when you play rummy online.



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How Mobile Rummy Is Different from Desktop Rummy?

How Mobile Rummy Is Different from Desktop Rummy?
For past few years online rummy has become popular in India because of the internet speed improving drastically at least in the tier 1 and 2 cities. Ever since people started playing online rummy on their devices like laptop, desktop, tablets and smartphone there has been this debate about what is the better device to play the game on. For better understanding let’s keep desktop, laptop and tablet in one category called desktop rummy and keep rummy played on smartphone in the category of mobile rummy.
Since the debate has been about should rummy players play the game on the desktop or on the mobile? Let’s look at some factor that are different when you play online rummy on these devices.

Convenience: When you opt to play online rummy on your mobile you have chosen convenience of playing the game anytime and anywhere. Since it only the smartphone that an online rummy player can carry anywhere with him without any hassle. This is not possible in case you opt for desktop rummy. Desktops can’t be moved so frequently even laptops and tablets are a little too big to be carried everywhere. Playing on even on your laptop or tab requires at least a minimum seating arrangement which sometimes is not possible on every location you are at. So, for rummy players who eat, breathe and sleep online rummy, all they have to do is download the rummy app on their phone to play the game.

Offers: Most online rummy gaming platform give great offers and incentive to their rummy players to keep playing the game. If, however, you do a deeper analysis you would notice that most of the good offers that online rummy gaming providers give are for their mobile apps and not on their desktop versions. Hence, they are clearly targeting the mobile users since that has larger player base.

Internet Connection: To play online rummy on desktop a player needs a stable internet connection even if you intend to move. Though you can connect your devices to LAN & WiFi but since it again comes to mobility issue as these connections can only be reached till a certain distance. As far as playing rummy online on your phone is concerned you can do that anywhere because of the 4G network on your devices.

Game Interface: Compared to other devices smartphone screens are smaller, the interface is also optimised to include only the basic factors of the game. Unlike on desktops, in the online rummy mobile version of the game players will be able to see a much bigger table and much larger cards. You can also see the avatars of all the players who have joined the table. Since, there are space constraints, the online rummy on mobile gives priority to the cards that you are holding which is a major part of the game play.

Privacy: This is one of the most crucial aspects of playing online rummy. A player must make sure that all the online transactions made with regards to the real cash on the gaming platform as safe. It is absolutely necessary to maintain your privacy especially when playing rummy on desktop because when you download the rummy app on phone privacy protection features are usually there.

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