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13 points to remember when you play 13 cards rummy

13 points to remember when you play 13 cards rummy

Do you want to master the art of 13 cards rummy? Do you want to make full use of the opportunity provided by the online rummy platform to play the game you love and also earn money out of it? If yes, then you need to have a good knowledge of the 13 things you should do before you start playing online 13 cards rummy games.

Picking a 13 cards Rummy Website

For amateur users, the first thing to do is to always do a thorough research about different website platforms of a 13 card rummy. Website reviews are always helpful for choosing a good platform. Ask other people if they have used those platforms before which could help you decide.

Website UI

In any software application, user interface plays an important role in luring the users to their application. A good user interface not only consists of a beautiful layout but should provide the user an easy maneuvering platform. PlayRummy provides it users with one of the best UI experiences in online rummy platforms.


One of the most important factor in choosing a website is the gameplay of which is being provided. The graphics and visuals during a match play an important role in seizing the user’s interest immediately.

Variations of Rummy

Different websites provide different types of rummy variations. As there are more than one type of rummy games, so every website can have different sets of rules for their game. While choosing the website, the user should look for the rummy variant that he or she is best at

Tutorials and T&Cs

Every website has a tutorial page which allows a user to go through the website. In case of an online 13 cards rummy, the website should have a good tutorial of how to play 13 cards rummy game.

A user should also go through the terms and conditions section before he or she starts playing the game.

Practice session

Before a user go online to compete against other players all around the world, practice is always the key to begin with. Most of the rummy websites provide an option for the users to practice before the actual gameplay.


Always be on the lookout for the promotions these rummy sites often come up with which allows the players to earn different bonuses along with different cash prizes.


Tournaments are the way to go in the online rummy games. Competing in a tournament allows you to showcase your 13 cards rummy skills and it also brings your weaknesses out in the open so you could learn from it. Other than that, big cash prizes are always there up for grabs in a tournament.

User Profile

Playing in an online rummy platform, a user should always have a player or a user profile which is kind of an identity for them in that virtual world


Most of the websites have bonuses stored for their new users who sign up and also for the user who are returning to their website after some time. It is a good ploy from the website to get their users back as well as for the users to earn some extra bonuses.

Customer Service

Every website has an customer support and service section which allows the users to submit any questions or difficulties they are having in the playing or with the withdrawals of their money to the website.

Money Withdrawals

Users always to get hold of the money they have won playing the online 13 cards rummy game. So a website which allows faster withdrawal of the money to their users are the ones to go for. Not only that but safe withdrawals of the money is also very important factor in the online rummy platforms.

Processing Fees

Every website has their own processing fee which gets deducted from the total amount being withdrawn by the user from the accounts. A user should always look for the website with low processing fees. PlayRummy provides one of the lowest processing fee in online 13 card rummy platforms.

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