Play Rummy Rules

Tips and Tricks to become a Pro Cash Rummy Player

Cash Rummy is a game which is easy to understand but requires high skills to master. Little tricks and some clever moves can make any player a pro in the game of  Cash Rummy. Here are some rummy rules and tricks to make you a pro in the game of Cash Rummy.

Focus on Pure Sequence

When the 13 cards are dealt to you, your focus should be on forming a pure sequence as soon as possible. By selecting the sort option, sort all your cards and try to make a pure sequence immediately. New players often make a mistake of taking their time and forgets to make a pure sequence which becomes an opportunity for the opponent who declares the game first.

Keep a Tab on your Opponent’s Cards

This is a trick which a professional Cash Rummy player can easily understand. Keep a very close eye on your opponent player as in which card is he picking or discarding. By doing this you will get an idea of the sequence which he is trying to make and it will give you an edge as you will not discard the card close to him.

Take the Help of Joker

Using a joker is a very wise decision as it acts as a wild card in online rummy games and increases your chance of winning. Cleverly use Joker to form a non-pure sequence to win rummy games. Always note, to form a pure sequence first, after that use the joker to complete another set. By doing this, your points will be reduced if your opponent declares the game.