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Learn How Are Rummy Points Calculated?

How Are Rummy Points Calculated?

A game like rummy stimulates our brain to think. It helps us think about strategies that could help us win the game. This mental stimulation is the reason why the game is popular among all age groups. However, those of you who haven’t played the game because you are confused about how games in 13-card rummy, pool rummy and deal rummy are won or lost, let’s tell you that those are done on the basis of points. The question that follows is how are those points calculated? This differs for each version of the game and depending on that particular version’s rummy rules which we will explain below:

Calculation of rummy points is the most important factor to decide the winner in a 13-card rummy variant for a game, tournament or series. Every card has a certain value which is used while calculating points. The points will be calculated for the cards that are not melded together. Please find below how scores are calculated in the 13-card rummy variant.

Points Rummy Point Calculation

Card Points: Cards of rank 2 to 10 have the points corresponding to their rank. For instance, 3 will be holding 3 points, 7 will hold 7 points. Face cards like A, K, Q & J hold 10 points each. The Joker card holds 0 points in rummy.

The Winner’s Point: The person who wins the game is the first one who is able to meld the cards into sets and sequences. The winner of the game gets 0 points in the game.

The Dropper’s Point: A player can drop the game before they have played for the first time or when it is their time to play. A player who drops the game before he plays his hand will be receiving 20 points. If a player drops in the middle of the game, he will be getting 40 points.

The Wrong Declarer’s Point: If a player makes the wrong/invalid declaration during the game, that player will be receiving the point of all the cards held by him. The maximum points that can be received by a player in such a scenario is 80.

Maximum Points: In one game, the maximum points a player can get is 80 points and it doesn’t matter how many points the cards hold.

Pool Rummy Point Calculation

The players playing this version of the game pool-in a certain sum as prize money to start the game. The two popular variations are 101 and 201 Pool Rummy. In each of these variations, the player who is first to score 101/201 points gets eliminated. The last man standing or the last remaining player on the table is declared the winner.

Deal Rummy Point Calculation

Deal Rummy is very similar to Points Rummy where a fixed number of deals/games are played.

Playing different rummy variations helps to understand how the points for a winner or loser is calculated. Hence, it’s important for all rummy players who want to be good at the game to play all kinds of rummy.