3 Simple Questions to Help You Choose between Free vs Cash Games

Indian Rummy is undoubtedly a refreshing game to play. But, when it comes to choosing between Free or Cash Games, you seem confused. So, lets unwind all those distractions by finding out answers to the following questions:

What is your level of expertise?

Level of expertise implies how much a rummy player is skilled in making a significant move and winning them. Remember, free games help in building up the confidence in your skills before a player starts playing cash games. Therefore, it is best advised to practice few free games initially.

What is your primary objective of playing?

Rummy games require skill, heedless of which variant you play. However, it is not always about winning cash rewards. Usually, people play rummy for fun and others perceive it as a Real Money game. Eventually, it is the player’s objective that decides whether you want to play real cash game or a free game. Therefore, be clear about your faith from the game.

Do you have time and effort needed?

People who are masters of rummy always choose to play cash games when they want to take their gaming skills to the next level. These people invest their considerable time and efforts by playing regularly in order to maintain their rummy skills. Free games are best for the ones who perceive rummy as a mode of relaxation. There are tournaments and competitions in free games too where you could win cash prizes as rewards to give you a feel-good factor.

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What are common myths about Indian Cash Rummy

The game of Rummy has gained popularity across the world. However, people still juggle with the common myths in their head. We are here to put light on some of the myths that are constantly keeping you away from this amazing game.

So, lets bust the myths with some factual information on Indian Cash Rummy:

Myth: Illegal to play

Fact: It is always in your head that if a game involves cash, then it is closely associated with betting and gambling. However, this is not the case. Playing Real Cash Rummy comes under legal games, as per Indian law.  Rummy is a game which requires skill and thus, the game is exempted from the gambling law.

Myth: A player needs to deposit large amount of money

Fact: PlayRummy.com provides you the facility for sign-up amount, which you can use it later to play real money game – Rummy.

Myth: Drinking Alcohol is mandatory

Fact: There is no rule of drinking alcoholic beverage while playing Rummy. A large number of people play Rummy without having any sort of alcoholic drink.

Myth: People always tend to lose money

Fact: Rummy is a game of skill, and if you are an amateur, you will surely win. Infact, online Rummy offers you a chance to win cash every day. Tournaments offers you a fair chance to win, like at PlayRummy.com you can win huge amount of money, anytime. Download PlayRummy.com on your mobile. Click Here https://www.playrummy.com/download.php

Myth: Bots are playing against you

Fact: There is no concept of Bots, until you are playing rummy offline. Online Rummy always offers you to play against the registered players only.

Myth: Only a single variant in rummy game

Fact: There are different variants of rummy, namely, Points rummy, Pool games and Deals rummy. All of them have different formats to entertain you to the maximum.

Myth: Online Rummy is not safe

Fact: This myth lingers around in every person’s head as the game of rummy involves cash. However, most of the websites like PlayRummy.com holds licensed and certified payment gateway, where it is 100% safe to share your card details without thinking twice.

Myth: You need to be lucky to win the game

Fact: The fact is that you need to possess certain skills that require constant practice and dedication to win the game of rummy. Apart from that, you need to implement strategies to win the game.

To conclude, come and play rummy to relax and enjoy. The engagement of this game among people has grown overtime. Today, it has also moved people from clubs and tea stalls to the comfort of their homes.

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