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3 Rummy Hacks You Should Be Using Right Now!

3 Rummy Hacks You Should Be Using Right Now!

Playing just the regular rummy or just playing by the rummy rules isn’t going to be enough if you want to be the best in the business of the cash rummy world. So what can be done to give yourself an advantage over your opponent and win extra cash while you are at it? Learning different rummy hacks and rules always come in handy when you are stuck in a difficult situation during online rummy.

Here are some tips, tricks and rummy hacks that you can make use of to get yourself ahead of your opponent and win rummy games.

Discarded Cards

Always keep an eye out and try to keep track of the cards discarded by you as well as you opponents. This will give you an idea of what your opponent is trying to work on and what type of cards he needs in order to match his cards. With the help of this trick if you are able to know what cards your opponent is looking for then you won’t be discarding those cards and in result your opponent won’t be able to match his cards.

Making Notes

Many rummy platforms provide their users with an option of taking notes of different situations while they are in a game. This helps a user to remember what to do and how react to different situations while playing online rummy in the future and not just that it allows a user to keep track of the cards picked and discarded by the opponent.

Get to know your opponent

Almost on all the online rummy website there is a user profile for its players which allows other user to see who they are playing against. It is crucial to know who your opponent is before you start a game of cash rummy. Users of a beginner level would never want to come across to a professional level player as losing your money would become inevitable. So you should always have look at your opponent’s profile before putting your money on a lost cause.

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