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Things to do This Summer With Friends While Staying Apart

 Things to do This Summer With Friends While Staying Apart

As human beings, we need each other’s company. We’re programmed to cultivate connections with other beings, and the bonds we build make the tough times bearable for us and good times better. This is the reason why following the rules of social distancing during this pandemic is a tough task to accomplish for even the most reserved personalities.

This summer is different compared to a lot of summers that we have seen and braved till now in our lives. It is different because not only do we have to deal with the heat wave like previous ones, but also fight the corona virus by staying inside our houses. Our lifestyle has changed. While many in the past in order to deal with the season would have traveled to colder places in the country and even abroad to beat the heat it isn’t happening this time. So how does one still enjoy the season without risking the health of your family and friends? Let’s focus on a few ways to deal with the issue:

Play Rummy: Those of you who have family roots or connections in villages would relate to this. In villages during the summer season people along with friends would gather under the shade of trees and play rummy. The shade protected them from the heat wave and rummy entertained them. Let’s change the scenario a little bit and move it to your cosy homes. Now, just download the Play Rummy app on your smartphone and go through the tutorial on how to play rummy? Next step, request your friends and loved ones to do the same. Your homes would protect you from the heat wave as well as the pandemic and the play rummy game would keep you all entertained.

Play Other Online Games: Playing rummy is not the only option. Octro has a vast range of other online games like Indian Rummy, Teen Patti, Seep, Tambola. So, try all of these because they are a good source of making full use of this summer season. They will keep your mind ticking, your spirits high and your energy levels up even during these tough times.

Karaoke session: Just when you want to take a break after a few rounds of playing rummy and other Octro games, you can do a fun session of karaoke singing for a couple of hours to continue playing rummy with the same energy. Karaoke sessions relax your mind. So, organise a Karaoke singing session on video calls for a couple of hours with your friends in the evening before you hit the sack.

Read Books: After a few fun rounds of play rummy, one can also engage in a relaxed session of reading books together on video calls. This is an age-no bar activity. You could do this session together with people your age, those younger to you and even those older to you. What’s more comforting than a good story session with your friends and family. Reading is a great escape from everyday life and a handy way to stay inside your homes to beat the heat as well.

Workout Together: This could be done before or after playing some rummy games. Not everyone has access to parks, lawn or gymnasiums to exercise these days. So we do a makeshift arrangement for this. Select a workout video on Youtube. Share the link with your friends and gather them together on a video call to begin the workout. This is to keep you fit after all the lack of physical activity in these unusual summers.

Cook Together: After you and your friends are done playing rummy, working out, reading books you will feel hungry at some point of time. Why not cook together on the video calls. You will not be able to taste each other’s recipes but cooking together is another activity that will keep you in touch with each other while staying inside your homes.

Visit Museums: Did we really say this? But we surely had you for a minute there, didn’t we. No, we know you’re a good and responsible person who will not undermine these days, weeks, and months in isolation for a quick trip with your friends. Museums all over the globe are closed to crowds and travel remains highly inadvisable, but you can still take a peek at the works of art in NYC’s Museum of Modern Art, London’s Tate Modern, the Louvre in Paris, and Washington, DC’s National Gallery of Art virtually.

Even when the summers are gone, be prepared to deal with this changed routine to conquer the period of boredom which is likely to last for a while from now and extend to other seasons as well. Do these things to be socially connected at least till a vaccine to cure covid-19 is found.