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What Makes Online Rummy So Popular in Social Groups?

‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ these two Sanskrit words mean that the whole world is one family. While it is true but even while being a part of one big family, all of us are different when it comes to cultures, traditions and lifestyle. The thing that binds us is being connected to each other through our common interests. Card games like online rummy being one of those, especially in this modern day and age when everybody is busy. Online rummy over the past decade has become really big.

Rummy as a game is centuries old and with it being played online now with the advancement in technology, it has reached even more people and the popularity of the game has picked up. After all, what’s better than bonding over a game of rummy that’s too online even when you can’t be physically present to play it. So, let’s get started to know what makes online rummy so popular on social groups.

Chance To Meet New People: Online rummy games provide you a platform to get to know and interact with new people who have similar interests like yours. With social media you can you’re your conversations and interactions on the virtual rummy table to the next level and get to know that person better. This works for both outgoing people and even introverts. The extroverts can make new friends while the introverts can improve their social skills. It gives you an opportunity to have your own friend circle online where you all your passionate rummy players can discuss about the game even more.

Enhances Communication Skills: There have been many researches that have proved that video games can help shy people open up to the world. Getting all chatty and talking to people isn’t a forte of introverts especially if they are not confident about how the other person is going to react. A game like online rummy can help these nerves settle down. Here these people will get a sense of security by not physically being face to face with the other person. This can lead to a lot of them shedding their inhibitions and being more vocal about their opinions thereby enhancing their communication skills.

Teaches Teamwork: A very important skill to move up the ladder is working well in a team environment. The better you are at it both in personal and professional life the more you are appreciated in your social groups. Online games like rummy need a good amount of collaboration and cooperation from a player. Multiplayer online games like online rummy need a player to communicate efficiently with others to ensure a win especially if you have teamed up with someone on a private table.

A Harmonious Environment: There have been many studies recently that have arrived at the conclusion the online games are less likely to be bullies. When those studies were conducted the games were asked to choose roles of hero and villain. Those who chose being villainous characters regretted it later. It was also found out that people who organise and meet up with fellow players in their collaborative efforts have more leadership skills. They motivate others and are more likely volunteers for charity events. Hence it can be said that online games like playing online rummy promotes harmony.

Long Lasting Friendships: If you already know how to play rummy online or learn the game you during the course will notice that online games encourage human interaction. This will help you understand others more people even when you haven’t met them physically. Playing online rummy could in fact help you forge long lasting friendships. Since human beings are social animals and we are dependent on each other all of us want to feel accepted. It’s proven that for human beings it is easier to start a conversation virtually with others whom we have not met physically. Various online rummy gaming platforms organise many meet and greet conventions making it easier for people to forge long lasting friendships. And you might never know these online friends can easily become your offline friends as well.  So, before you know it, your online friends can become your offline friends too! Once you strike a chord with other online players and become friends you can enjoy with them even when you are not playing rummy, you can discuss game strategies or have generic game discussions.

Now that you know why online rummy is so popular on social groups download the best rummy app and start playing.