Online Rummy Games – Practice Rigorously To Become A Pro

Online Rummy Games - Practice Rigorously To Become A Pro

Players usually want to go for quick fix and shortcuts to win games of online rummy however those can’t be long term solutions because if you want to become a pro rummy player rigorous practice is the only way to progress. Everyone who plays rummy online wants to win, however, not everyone does. Those who want to win more consistently than others and turn pro rummy players the mantra is practice. As we all know rummy is a game of skill and that can only be hone with consistent effort on the players’ part.

Practicing in online rummy is also hassle free unlike offline rummy where a player needs to find out other people to play with. In Play rummy you can play the game anytime and anywhere. Let’s go through all the aspects of practicing and how it can be beneficial in a rummy player turning pro.

Just Knowledge Doesn’t Get The Job Done

A person can talk a lot about any work and how that can be done but the real test of it is in actually doing that work. Knowing how to do something and actually doing it are two different aspects. Theoretically knowing about something has no value if you can’t implement it practically. To implement your moves perfectly in an online rummy game, practice is the key. Only after rigorous practice can a player predict all possible outcomes of a move. Hence, just having knowledge about an aspect doesn’t always get the job done.

Benefits of Practice

Practice can make a player adept at playing the game. It is always good to play rummy game online with someone who knows their cards. Rather than coming across as a player who doesn’t know the game others on the rummy table will take notice of you as someone who knows what they are doing. Practicing regularly will help a player come up with good rummy strategies that could turn the game in their favor.

Increase In Confidence

When players know they have put in a lot of effort in practicing the game they will have more confidence about it. As a player if you have done the hard yards and trained your mind to deal with any situation that the game presents then when you actually face a challenge in the game you are more likely to come out of it as a winner. All professional athletes and players train hard to deal with difficult scenarios and it is no different for players who want to be pro at rummy. Rigorous practice is the one of the steps to keep improving your game and raising your confidence level.

Practice Keeps You In The Zone

Good rummy players play with extreme focus. When you ask them how they do it more often than most others they will tell you that when they play there are in a zone. Being in the zone is nothing but being in the correct frame of mind while playing. When a rummy player is in the zone, they are less likely to make mistakes and they can predict their opponents moves. This state of mind can only be achieved by practicing the game day in day out. The more a player practices, the more he is able to go into that zone while playing. Those who don’t practice it is difficult for them to experience this zone because most of their time on the rummy table will be spent wrapping their head around unfamiliar moves and being surprised by what the opponents are doing. When players are in the zone, they don’t feel over awed by their opponents moves.

Practice Develops Intuition

Intuition is nothing but an ability or a sense of predicting an outcome before an event actually happens. Online rummy players who want to turn pro would have heard this before. If you want to predict your opponent’s moves then knowing how to play a good rummy game is very important. And being good at the rummy game or being a pro at it can only happen with practice. The reason behind it is simple, because once a player has performed an activity countless times, they no longer need to think of it consciously because the neurons and synapses are used to it. All professionals in their respective area of work develop this intuition with time and consistent practice. Once the brain is accustomed to an activity, predicting the outcome will just be a by-product. If you can play rummy online with dedication, your intuition for this game related stuff will improve.


Someone rightly said a long time ago that without practice and effort no talent can reach its optimum performance and the same goes for rummy players who want to turn pro in the game. Keep practicing to make your game better and the rewards will follow because practice makes a man perfect.

Perks of playing rummy online with friends

Playing the game of rummy online with your friends’ circle comes with its own benefits. We are here to look at some of the perks a player can enjoy while playing online –

Improved Skill

A player can get a great learning opportunity while playing rummy with his or her own set of friends. You will definitely feel relaxed and comfortable and at the same time free to play the game without any reservations. You can easily clear the in-game doubts without having anything to hide. Learning becomes much effortless when you have your own rummy circle of friends. So, play with them and become a pro with the skills you acquire.

Be More Social

Being around with friends and people will eventually make you more social. The chat feature enabled by various rummy portals has facilitated player-to-player interaction. So, grab your chance to meet new people from around the globe and socialize with them.

Bond With Your Friends

In today’s life, either your work or other work commitments may distant you from your friends physically. However, on online platforms you can always connect with your friends anytime and anywhere. This platform also offers you a chance to bond with your friends and cherish the real friendship through a virtual medium. You can also have an option to create a group table where you can invite more friends. Utilize the in-game chatting facility to tell your new buddies about your learning experience in rummy world.

Keep Stress At Bay

While playing with your friends’ circle, you can keep yourself stress-free. Fill your mind from positive energy and give a break to your daily troubles to enjoy the game of rummy. It is a fact that if you keep yourself around with the one who you care, you will set your spirits high.

Refer and Earn

This is one of the latest feature of an online rummy game. Invite your friends to play and earn amazing rewards and bonuses. Different rummy portals offer different earning points for referring others. So, what are you waiting for! Just go through the details and get benefits of this amazing offer.

Skill is the Secret to Win in Rummy – Tips to Remember!

Rummy is a game which is popular with different names and almost everyone is familiar with them. In India, this game is famous as ’13-card game’ where the cards need to be arranged in the best possible way at the earliest.

It is a fact that your real-time skill decides your winning fate, and here are a few notable tips-

Playing more does not imply winning more

A beginner plays the game of rummy out of excitement even if they got a bad hand at it. The reason is that they just want to be a part of the game, which is eventually the biggest mistakes in Indian Rummy game. Playing more is not the key, but patience plays an important role to become the master of the game.

Avoid playing rummy when you’re upset

Mostly, the game of rummy is played to refresh your mind and escape from boredom. Also, it is highly suggested to not play the rummy games when you are depressed. This is because Rummy requires your presence of mind and if you play emotionally and half-heartedly you’ll lose many games which eventually will affect your pocket.

Avoid playing same kind of game

It is suggested to try out different varieties of rummy games and not to stuck on one. There are tournaments available to compete yourself on a single platform. So, make the most out of it by simply showcasing your skill at the live tables and thrashing your opponents.

Learn from your own mistakes

A profitable rummy player is a person who learns from his own mistakes and avoid it at the later stages as well, so that it does not fall under same consequences. Improve your game skills by analysing it and finding out the scenario when you lost the game. This help definitely help you in the long run.

8 Reasons Why Rummy is Our Favourite Card Game!

The game of rummy has become the most favourite card game, despite the age group and literacy levels in our country. There is not one reason for its becoming the most preferred card game. There are numerous other reasons as well. So, let’s explore them here –

Online availability

The game of online rummy is available 24*7 on mobile platform which can be played anytime and anywhere without any restrictions. It has also brought all the rummy players together on a single platform where they can enjoy as well as earn extra cash and premium rewards.

Surety of Safe, Secure and Legality

Rummy is a game of skill and that is why, it is undoubtedly legal to play online. Keeping this in mind, Play Rummy has offered a platform which grants 100% guarantee of a secured space to play 13-card game without any hitch.

Play while sitting at home

The online version of Rummy provides pure comfort of playing directly from your home. Just a stable internet connection and a smartphone device, and you are good to start playing the game.

Easy and Fun to play

It is simple to understand the game through user-friendly graphics and digits on the mobile app. The basic rules of rummy are easy to grasp, and the skill can be subsequently gained with lots of practice.

An Online Social Interaction

Online rummy portals have enabled the chat feature where players can engage themselves in interacting with their rummy mates. This helps in building the strong social network across the digital world as well as chance to know about your opponent.

Win-Win situation

Being a game of skill, Rummy requires a lot of planning and plotting of strategies to make a valid show at the earliest. Today, most of the rummy portals have opened an entryway to win real cash solely with your skills. Every rummy player gets an opportunity to showcase their skills on live tables and become the winner by grabbing all the cash prizes in the pot.

Get Extra Bonuses

Every rummy player is offered with a variety of bonuses, like Welcome Bonus package, Refer and Earn, Download Benefits and much more when you download the spectacular rummy website and app – Play Rummy.

Diversify your skills

Play Rummy offers you a variety of game variants to choose from and master the skills in it. The different game requires different strategies, though the basic rules remain the same for any game type.

To conclude, the game of rummy imparts the ultimate fun. You can enhance your skills and earn some decent cash in your leisure time.

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How to Play Rummy without Joker Cards?

Rummy is a card game which has become popular among the people of all age groups, despite of its intricacies and complexities. Each card of all four suits holds the different yet significant place. But amongst all these cards, we cannot ignore a card which plays a pivotal role in the game – The Joker Card!

However, many of us don’t know that it is possible to play rummy even without the Joker card, Startled?

Come, read on and find out how to play rummy without using the Joker card –

Precaution in Points

For all the amateur player, remember, what does seasoned players keep in mind, while making sets without joker. The calculation points, according to their denomination is a step that differentiates a winner player from a novice player. The sequences are decided based on suits and numbers, with a motive of keeping the points possibly low. If because of this, the player decides to drop during the initial step, then it is considered a wise move as it saves you from upcoming penalty points.


While playing rummy, if you are not considering the joker card, you can use the leftover card that you get after dealing with the cards. The leftover card then can be shown to the other players as well, and hence, treated as a joker card. This is a popular rummy practice among the players. The card works well to make melds and sequences just like a joker card would have made!

The Extra Concern

There is no doubt that it gets super easy to arrange sequences with the presence of joker card. However, in its absence, a player should make an extremely well-thought move while playing. Making advances of picking or dropping cards needs to be regulated and manipulated with the sole idea of making sets of maximum number of cards as promptly as possible.

So, people don’t restrict yourself from trying your hand at this game, because who knows what reward is waiting for you!


To become an efficient player of Indian Rummy, a person should not necessarily be literate. Even an uneducated person can play and enjoy the game of rummy online. It is simple and easy to understand through user-friendly graphics and digits on the Play Rummy app. Also, there is no age bar or limitation to play this game. Anyone and everyone can play without any second thoughts. However, what is important in becoming an efficient player is your skill and the right techniques of playing. Here, we will look at some of the qualities to develop in order to become a professional Indian Rummy player –

Follow Rummy Rules

An Indian Rummy player should first read the rummy rules and regulations in a careful manner, understand and implement them in such a way that he or she cannot get disqualified for not following the proper guidelines. This can be a challenging task because online Indian Rummy usually comes with pre-programmed parameters.

Maintain Code of Conduct

It becomes important to maintain the code of conduct during the Indian Rummy game. One should ensure that he or she does not misuse his or her skills engage in any violation to rummy rules.

Develop Right Skill

A player should practice more and more to become efficient in the game. This in turn, will help player to develop right skills in the shortest possible time.

Be Honest

During the game of Indian Rummy, a player should engage in healthy conversations, which can go a long way in the level of interest in the game. Avoid harsh words and abusive slangs during online chats session in a game. It is noted that players with straightforward and honest nature has higher chances to win the game than the players who are rebellious.

The above qualities can help you develop skills required to play online Indian Rummy. Also, it can benefit a player in terms of enjoying the game and in terms of earning extra cash.

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What if you are facing a bad streak?

In the game of Rummy, often players complain about not getting good cards and thus, face tough times when they lose a few games continuously. According to numerous studies, the role of luck is highly limited and not more than 10%; as compared to the skill level of the player which has 90% role in the game of rummy. We are not denying the fact that there are causes that might lead you to a bad streak in rummy. Let’s explore them here –

  • You are exhausted
  • Your skill level does not match up with that of your opponents
  • When you enter the game in the middle of an ongoing session, your seating position is at a disadvantage and risk
  • You are playing too risky or too safe
  • There are too many disturbances around you

Many a times, there is a combination of the above factors that often leads you to your losing streak in Rummy.

Here are some tips that you should really do to come out of your losing streak:

  • Take a break
  • Join a table unlike your previous one, that has players with different skill sets
  • Re-consider your entry into the game
  • Be focused and calm; concentrate on game
  • Switch your focus outwards instead of inwards. Give yourself three to four rounds of the game to gauge the style of gameplay of the other players on the table. Firstly, observe, then prepare your strategy and then finally attack.

Don’t Get Bored Even When You Don’t Have Anything To Do

In the hectic schedules of life, many a times you feel bored and you have nothing to do as well. In all those moments, you must choose to do whatever you want and should definitely make the best use of it.

Here are the few options you can start with:

Get Creative

It’s time to take that one hobby that you want to pursue. Whether it is painting, pottery, singing or even a new style of dance, take it up and enjoy some happy moments learning something new. You can also think of learning new languages or join a course which can help with your hobby in the future.

Play With Kids

Pure fun is many a times the only stress buster that you are craving for! How often do you get the opportunity to play with your kids? Grab one, as it will help you bond with your family as well. Treasure the moments with your kids and make the most of it.

Play Game of Rummy

Push yourself to think and use your skills to win the game of rummy. So, take out time to play the game of rummy in your spare time. Whether you are a beginner or a rummy professional, sharpen your skills. You can even play cash games and win real money that is directly transferred to your bank account. So, get ready to win money, improve your brain power and of course get completely entertained.

Interact With New People

As soon as you strike a conversation with new people and make friends, you get a new perspective to things. So, this time don’t blame your busy schedules for not getting the time to talk. Instead, keep your mobile aside and for a change talk to real people.

Donate Your Old Clothes

Set up your cleaning plan. Pick up and make a pile of your old clothes. Push all the clothes into one box which seems good for donation. Visit an orphanage near you to give away clothes that are of no use to you. It is a great social act to help someone.

Use your free time in a productive manner, learn rummy rules and utilize your time in playing for real cash online.

This way all your bored moments will vanish away and you will once again feel alive.


Scratching you head while sitting on a rummy table? Confused about you should play the hand or just drop out? This question lingers in every player’s head!

To be precise, it has always been a safe approach to drop out at the beginning of the game. That way, you can save your points as compared to when you drop in the middle or towards the end. But, think of those situations when you should play on and when you should drop the hand. Come, let’s take a look at when to pick and drop in a game of online rummy.

You Don’t Like The Cards You Got

Many a times, when you get the cards that you are not really fond of, you decide to drop the game. The reason is that it seems difficult to win the game with the given set of cards. Right? Is that what you think? Well, we would say no! Even if you have got cards that don’t make the game easy for you, you can play on and improve on it. Since, rummy is a game of skill and with right approach and strategy, you can definitely win the game in no time.

High Value Cards

This is also another situation when the players quit the game easily. When you get the high value cards like King or Queen without strong in between cards, it eventually increases the point load. The obvious reaction to this situation is that a player discard the game right at that moment. However, high value cards might not be a dead weight every time and you don’t need to call for a quit. The smart way to go about it is to replace the high value cards with wild card or Joker as soon as possible. This is the best way to not stuck upon with the cards and play confidently.

Don’t Have Any Joker Cards

It is a wise decision to drop out of the game, if you don’t have any joker cards. It is difficult to win a rummy game without any joker cards or wild cards in your hand. However, it is always on your confidence and skill level to decide if you want to play on or drop out of the game. If you are playing rummy for real cash, it is best to keep your loss to minimum and drop out of the game at the start.

The Middle Drop

As the game progresses, sooner or later you will realize that it is not going the way you expected. Hence, you will stuck in a dilemma to drop out or play on. There can be two situation in this circumstance: If you feel that have at least a 60% possibility to win the game, then only you decide to play on. However, if it is the other way round, it is best to drop out. In this situation, you will lose some points, however, it will not be as much if you decide to quit much later.

So, remember whenever you are playing rummy, play it smartly. Anticipate how the game is going to proceed and then plan your wise move.