Know How Playing Rummy Helps in Increasing Your Brainpower

Food & Fun - Perfect Combination while Playing Rummy Online

Gone are the days when people were happy with the indoor or card games. Nowadays people are into virtual games and what can be the best virtual partner then Rummy. Online rummy is insanely famous these days among the youth and people are coming in flocks to play Rummy online.

Today we are going to talk about how playing Rummy can increase your brainpower. It is a known fact that with concentration and focuses brainpower increases. Playing rummy is a tough game. It desires focus and concentration from the player and for this reason, it is definitely the best game for brainpower.

Brilliant observational skills

Playin g Rummy online is not an easy thing. Unless you have amazing observational skills then there are chances that you are not going to be successful in Rummy. Online Rummy increases brain power by making the gamer best in observational skills. At every single stage, the gamer has to focus on a lot of things. He has to see which card was discarded and which was picked. On the other hand, it is also the duty of the gamer to analyze the game with his analytical skills. He has to keep track of all the moves his opponent is making. Rummy is exceptional and it offers brilliant observational skills to the gamer. One can utilize these observational skills in real life to be a pro as well.

Increased Focus

It is said that if we can focus on something for a longer period of time then we tend to achieve it. For all those who lack in focus should definitely go for online Rummy.

Rummy is a brilliant game for increased focus and concentration. If you think that you are lacking in concentration and focus then nothing can be a better option than online Rummy. With continuous practice, one gets better in Rummy and focus. With the practice, the gamer eventually is able to rearrange his tactics and strategies. With continuous practice and focus, the game eventually wins the game. If Rummy teaches anything then it is dedication, focus, concentration, and brainpower.

Ability to make Quick Calculations

Rummy is that game where you have to make quick calculations. Once a person becomes habitual in playing Rummy then he gets to know about all the strategies of making quick calculations. In online Rummy a gamer is making fast calculations every other minute. He is calculating points every single second. Online Rummy teaches the gamer basic mathematical calculations and along with this Rummy also makes the gamer better in the quick calculation. Rummy is an amazing and exceptional game and it is the best online game for making the right choice and right calculation.

Mind reading abilities

In online Rummy the gamer has to see every single second what the opponent is up to. In other words, by playing Rummy the gamer become able to read the mind of his opponent in the brilliant way possible. This is that amazing skill that alone makes Rummy the most exceptional game in the virtual realm. The continuous playing of rummy increases brainpower because with Rummy the gamer is able to understand what his Rival is thinking or what card he made discard or pick.

Ability to make the right decision

With online Rummy it is possible to have the ability to make the right decision. When a gamer is playing Rummy then he is making decisions every other minute and he has to decide which card he has to retain or which he has to discard. The continuous playing of online Rummy makes the gamer exceptional in the right decision-making skills. Decision making is not an easy thing and one is only able to make the right decisions with the passage of time. Rummy is a wonderful game because it blesses the gamer with the ability to make the right decision. These strategies and tactics which one uses in playing Rummy can be used in real life as well.

The sense of competition

Rummy is brilliant for a sense of competition. Most of us are not making any waves in real life because we don’t have in us a sense of competition. Online rummy is exceptional in sowing the sense of competition in all the gamers. The basic target of online rummy is to win. When the gamer is aware that he has to win the game then he is oozing confidence. This sense of competition is very essential to succeed in life. If you are one such person who is not very good with confidence then download Rummy or enjoy it online to be best in it.

If you want to increase your brain power, dedication, will, focus, concentration and calculation then online rummy is your go-to option. Play this brilliant game online and be the best in things.

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Lessons You Can Learn from Rummy to Organize Your Life

People think of rummy or even online rummy as a game for entertainment or winning lucrative cash prizes. When you come to think of it, it is much more than that. You can generally learn a lot of life lessons on the organization and other stuff while you’re going at it in the online rummy world.


How often do you see a rummy player organizing his/her cards by setting them up to make sequences and sets as soon as the cards are dealt by the dealer? Just as in rummy, life demands organization as well. It is necessary as it helps you identify patterns in your life. How to go about it and how to make it easier for yourself. As in rummy, if your life is not well organized, it would be difficult to see whether it going in the right direction or not.

When you are organized, just like in rummy, you can see everything so clearly. The options that you have and the options that you don’t have. There is less confusion and weariness when you are organized. This helps you to decide to set your priorities straight.


Rummy demands keen observation as the moves your opponent makes could highly affect the moves you would be making in the future. Observing every move of your opponent keenly would greatly improve your chances of getting one over your opponent. So, playing rummy would improve your overall observing capabilities to always keep your eyes open and stay on your toes all the time.


Being adaptive to changes is always the way to go in every walk of life. In rummy, no matter what cards you are dealt with, you never submit to defeat but instead during your turn you pick a card from the deck of cards kept in front of you and recalculate your options. You learn to reevaluate and recalculate and accordingly adapt to the situation if you are a rummy player.

Being adaptable to different situations and to different people will always assist you in making it out of tough situations. No matter how good or bad hand you’ve been dealt by life, you can always come on top if you’re adaptive to different situations and turning it in your favor.


It has been one of the most common techniques to prioritize your tasks and your time according to the resources you have. Successful people in the world always have their tasks prioritized. If you don’t prioritize then you may overlook some important things and regret at a later point in time and it may be too late then. Just as in rummy, the importance of prioritization is highly regarded. Firstly, cards are discarded which adds no value to win the game and the good cards are kept. On a rummy table, organization and prioritization go hand to hand.


Patience proves significant when you are stuck in an intense game of rummy. You need to wait and wait for your opponents’ moves before you can decide how you can strategize your own moves. If you play with patience, your mind is more alert to any changes in the game and also helps you think rationally. When you extrapolate it to the game of life, patience is imperative at every stage. Losing patience may transpire damages that are irreversible in life. Patience helps you evaluate situations better and take rational decisions.

Thinking before you act is really important in rummy and so in real life. One wrong step and the game belongs to your opponent. Here too, organization plays a massive role. The more organized you are, the more sorted your game is. Sometimes the game might also become too overwhelming, especially if the odds don’t favor you.

Trying and try again:

Just as in any other game or any walk of life, you cannot win at everything. There is always an element of luck when you are playing the game of probabilities and combinations. So, don’t get disappointed whenever things are not going your way. It is always difficult to admit defeat especially when your time and money is on the line. Winning and losing are both come and go. Either way, it the part of the game and so a part of life.


To win a game in an online rummy, a player must finish the game before all other opponents at the table. You have to discard all the cards with the highest points until you have no points left. Losing with lesser points is still better than losing heavily. That is what rummy teaches; how important it is to relieve yourself of things that are useless to you. And so in life, you have to let go of things that can you’re your progress.

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Three Amazing Games You Missed This Month Explained in Fewer than 240 Characters

It really is a world of online games nowadays! There are many new developments in online game technologies in the modern IT world. Every day there is new a version of an online game is released to keep the gamers interested and absorbed all the time.

Here are a few of the new card games that you might have missed:

1. Crazy Eights

A little complicated card that could be difficult to grasp as opposed to Rummy. The objective of the game is to play all of the cards in your hand first. The game beings as eight cards are dealt to each player facing down. The number 8 card is a wild card.


• Number 2 card forces the next player to pick up the 2
• A number 4 card forces the next player to miss a turn.
• The Queen of spades forces the next player to pick up eight.

The game is quite near to the rules of UNO. To begin the game, the player on the left of the dealer shows a card over from the undealt deck of cards. The player tries to play a card that matches the suit of the card in the undealt cards. If they don’t have a matching suit then they can play a card with the same face value of any suit. If they can do neither then they have to draw a card and skip their turn. If a player changes the suit by playing a card of the same value then the next player must first try to match that suit.

2. 31

31 is a fast-paced and easy to learn card game. The game consists of a basic addition rule as the number would have to be counted up to 31. To begin with, the dealer deals three-card each. Each player will then take turns picking up a card from the undealt cards and then discarding one useless card.
The win this game, a player needs to have a sum of 31 in your hand before any of the other players do.


• The cards 1-10 are worth from 1-10 according to the numbers
• The values of face cards are worth 11
• Aces can be used as either 1 or 11.

3. Chase the Ace

Chase the Ace can be played with a deck of 52 playing cards with 3 people or more. To start the game, each player is dealt one card only. will deal with each player one card and one card only, faced down. To win this game, a player must not have the lowest valued card in his hand. Or to be simple, you have to keep yourself from losing until the end is how you win in this game. After the cards are dealt, the players choose whether to pass their card to the next player or hold onto it. The person to the left of the dealer starts and can either switch with the person to the left of them or they can discard their card and draw a new one.

Connect with Us for Trusted Portal to Play Online Rummy

Do you have any queries in your mind regarding how to play rummy? Then have a word with our team right now, call us or drop an email at [email protected] Hence, do not hesitate to connect us whenever you need help.

While you’re at it, take a look at our other Rummy Blogs and also download the PlayRummy app!

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Jagaddhatri Jashan (Declare With Queen of Heart)

Jagaddhatri Jashan

PlayRummy would like to welcome you to play the Jagaddhatri Jashan Contest. With Prize of ₹50,000 as cash Prize. The contest is a competition between players to declare the game with queen of heart (Q).


  • Play on ₹0.25 and above tables to qualify.
  • Minimum 3​ Player per Table
  • Declare your game with queen of heart (Q) to win prize money.
  • Eligible for only one Valid Declaration

Tips & Tricks

Play on bigger table to get big prize money.

Prize Money

Per Point Table Prize Money
₹0.25 ₹30
₹1.00 ₹70
₹2.00 ₹130
₹5.00 ₹230
₹10.00 ₹500
₹20.00 ₹1000

Terms & Conditions

  • The promotion will be valid only on the 29th October 2017
  • Minimum 3 players per Table
  • Eligible for only one Valid Declaration
  • You must have deposited atleast once on to be part of this promotion.
  • First 50 Eligible Players will qualify for this tournament.
  • You can check if you have won on the leaderboard.
  • Players who have verified KYC will get prize money instantly in their deposit account.
  • Players who haven’t verified KYC and win in this tournament, must verify their email & Mobile and upload KYC & Bank details with in 24 hours to avail the prizes.
  • All standard PlayRummy terms and conditions apply.
  • PlayRummy management decision is final in case of any disputes.

Winner List

S.No. Name Prize Money
1st Vicky ₹230
2nd sandy ₹30
3rd Jay Kanchva ₹1000
4th Raza ₹130
5th fasal Greens ₹30
6th indra8855 ₹130
7th bhairavi bhandari ₹30
8th dinesh ₹500
9th ROCK ₹30
10th nilesh ₹500
11th sandeep ₹500
12th Harryunna ₹30
13th Samuel Bangera ₹30
14th Abdul Rashid ₹30
15th Rock ₹230
16th MBBS ₹30
17th abdwar895 ₹230
18th Deepakmahale ₹30
19th Mahesh Varotariya ₹230
20th Ravi ₹70
21th munu lraba ₹30
22th vasim ₹30
23th Kumar ₹30
24th shiva ₹30
25th chaitanya ₹70
26th Naran D Vegda ₹30
27th shrishail ₹30
28th ravi ₹30
29th Sanju ₹500
30th Hirate ₹70
31th devil ₹30
32th Umesh ₹30
33th CS Pandey ₹30
34th vishwas hande ₹30
35th Vinod ₹130
36th jay ₹30
37th bandu ₹30
38th ganesh ₹30
39th Bhimashankar ₹130
40th Ashraf ₹230
41th arjunpasale ₹130
42th LUCKY PLAYER ₹500
43th Azzy ₹130
44th Priyansi ₹70
45th Sagar g ₹30
46th prakash ₹30
47th Mehmood khan ₹30
48th VenuGopalReddy ₹1000
50th Deepak Patil ₹130
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Legendary Leaderboard

PlayRummy would like to welcome you to play the Legendary Leaderboard Contest. With Prize of ₹50,000 as cash Prize. The contest is a competition between players to score the highest ranks on the Leaderboard. Make sure to secure the top positions on the Leaderboard to grab the Mega Prize.

How to Participate in the Contest

  • Deposit using promo code “LEGEND” to participate in this Leaderboard Tournament.
  • Play and win maximum games on any point tables & earn points on the Leaderboard.
  • Play with minimum 3 player on the table.
  • Your game will not be valid if your opponent makes a drop or goes for wrong declaration.
  • Score more points to rank higher on the Leaderboard.
  • You can reset your score to 0 four times. In case points are in negative
  • Score will be calculated on the basis of Per Point Table On which you Play. Check T&C for score calculations
  • The top 20 players will win up to ₹50,000 in cash prizes at the end of the promotion.
  • Leaderboard is subjected to change. Continue checking for your rank.
  • The promotion will be active from 30th to 31st October 2017. Each day points be calculated to put them in order to their ranking on the Leaderboard.

Contest Prizes

  • First 20 People on the Leaderboard shall be awarded the Prize Pool Money of ₹50,000
  • Minimum of 100 Gameplays
  • Deposit Min. ₹200 to qualify for the prize money
Rank Prizes
1st ₹9000
2nd ₹7000
3rd ₹5000
4th ₹4000
5th ₹3300
6th ₹2800
7th ₹2500
8th ₹2200
9th ₹1900
10th ₹1700
11th ₹1400
12th ₹1200
13th ₹1000
14th ₹900
15th ₹800
16th ₹700
17th ₹600
18th ₹500
19th ₹300
20th ₹200

Consolation Prizes

  • You should be on the Leaderboard {included both (+)(-) ranking }
  • 21th to 70th ranking players on the Leaderboard shall be awarded the Prize money of ₹60 each
  • Minimum of 100 Gameplays required to qualify
  • Contest Winner are not eligible for this Award Money. i.e. 1st to 20th Rank will only be awarded the Contest Money

Tips & Tricks

The larger point tables you play, the larger your collective points will be.

Terms & Conditions

  • The promotion will be active from 30th to 31st October 2017. Assured Prizes will be distributed.
  • You need to deposit a minimum of ₹200 to participate in the promotion.
  • Please note that minimum gameplays are 100 to qualify of any prize money
  • The top 20 players will be awarded a Prize Pool of ₹50,000 at the end of the promotion.
  • Consolation Prizes worth ₹60 each shall be awarded to players who rank between 21th-70th positions.
  • Play and win maximum games on any point tables & earn points on the Leaderboard.
  • Score more points to rank higher on the Leaderboard.
  • Score will be calculated on the basis of Per Point Table On which you Play.
    • If you win by 40 points on a ₹1 per point table, your points will be 40
    • If you win by 40 points on a ₹2 per point table, your points will be 2*40 = 80
    • You win by 40 points on a ₹5 per point table, your points will be 5*40 = 200 etc.
    • If you lose a game, similar points will be deducted.
  • Leaderboard is subjected to change. Continue checking for your rank. Aim to secure the highest position to grab the largest prize money.
  • The each day during the promotion period points be calculated in order to place players according to their ranking on the Leaderboard.
  • Player must verify their email, mobile no., KYC & Bank details to avail the prizes.
  • Player will get prize money in their deposit account by 1st November 2017.
  • TDS will be applicable as per government rules.
  • All standard PlayRummy terms and conditions apply.
  • PlayRummy management decision is final in case of any disputes.

Winner List

Rank Name Prize Money
1st Jay Kanchva ₹9000
2nd RK ₹7000
3rd sandeep ₹5000
4th ZALA RASID ₹4000
5th Manish ₹3300
6th Sagar ₹2800
7th Pathan ₹2500
8th Pratik Desai ₹2200
9th nilesh ₹1900
10th Nilesh Patil ₹1700
11th Vijay trivedi ₹1400
12th Ramkrishn Narsude ₹1200
13th Milan Patel ₹1000
14th wajid parkar ₹900
15th Ravi ₹800
16th shamsher ₹700
17th Ravi kothyari ₹600
18th Sunil ₹500
19th Raj ₹300
20th SANDY ₹200
21th munu lraba ₹60
22th shihab ₹60
23th anil00123 ₹60
24th chaitanya ₹60
25th Deepakmahale ₹60
26th Kumar ₹60
27th Suraj ₹60
28th swapnil ₹60
29th chan ₹60
30th Avadhoot ₹60
31th Mangesh ₹60
32th Naresh ₹60
33th Prem ₹60
34th prashant ₹60
35th hari ₹60
36th Gajanan ₹60
37th RSR ₹60
38th Vaibhav ₹60
39th MN SONS ₹60
40th Mayur ₹60
41th jay ₹60
42th Deepak ₹60
43th vijay ₹60
44th Sky ₹60
45th kalu ₹60
46th Mohan GV ₹60
47th Kirankumar Chinni ₹60
48th Baboolu ₹60
49th Sujit Kumar ₹60
50th Pradnya patil ₹60
51th jana ₹60
52th Rock ₹60
53th kunjappa ₹60
54th rakeshmakwana ₹60
55th KhalNayak ₹60
56th Vicky ₹60
57th CS Pandey ₹60
58th Imtiyaz ₹60
59th kumar ₹60
60th hanuman chatur ₹60
61th BNR ₹60
62th Raza ₹60
63th Sushilp ₹60
64th Bullet ₹60
65th prem chetry ₹60
66th harry maher ₹60
67th arjunpasale ₹60
68th Vishal ₹60
69th Darshan Ramani ₹60
70th Ashraf ₹60
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Playing at PlayRummy app is 100% Safe & Secure

While becoming a pro in rummy or at professional forefront, a player always looks for a platform that is safe and secure for any cash deposits and transactions. On the other hand, it becomes essential for an online rummy app or website to provide a 100% protected and intact arena to make their online players comfortable. With this thought, has created a world-class gaming platform to playing rummy online. The latest technology and safety measures have been used to ensure that our players get 100% safe and secure rummy experience.

The platform of Play Rummy is protected by the latest technology which protects the personal information of players like email id, banking details, credit or debit card details, account passwords and mobile numbers. The players should also stop worrying about any unauthorized access to their accounts and rest assure all your data is in our safe hands. Here are the points to look for:

          Certified for fair play – safe and secure

Play Rummy mobile app has deployed the best industrial practices in generating unpredictable and random combinations for dealing cards.

A good RNG in a rummy site implies the following:

Every rummy player receives a set of completely random and unrelated cards

Unpredictability of sequences

A certain RNG system is used by every online rummy website that distributes random cards to all the players. This way each player receives a fair hand at almost every game. Our RNG system was tested under strict quality norms to ensure it operates fairly. Every player at Play Rummy gets a fair chance to play rummy.

Safe Banking

Multiple payment options are provided by Play Rummy which help smoothen the process of adding cash to your accounts (using credit, debit or netbanking). All your transactions are safely procured by SSL Security with integrated three different payment gateways to ensure speedy transactions. We are verified by COMODO, which helps confirm the use of SSL for secure transactions.

Play Rummy app provides our users with a wide variety of payment options, of which there are three payment gateways to ensure smooth transactions:

1. PayUMoney


3. Paytm

Responsible Gaming

For every rummy player, we have created a responsible gaming environment. We also believe it is important to prevent addiction and underage access. As per Indian laws, we do not allow any one below 18 years to play at our gaming portal. As a law abiding firm, we strict players from Odisha/Assam/Telangana to register and play on our website. Click Here to download rummy game on your mobiles.

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Top Indian Rummy Variations You Must Try

Gone are the days when people used to have expertise on just one or two variants of Rummy game. But, with the advent of online and mobile platforms, the players have got the flexibility to try their skills on multiple variants. These variations are for both 13-card and 21-card game format. With all these components wrapped into one gaming platform – online rummy is the perfect blend of entertainment and skill gaming. To wholly enjoy the game of rummy, every player must try out the below mentioned top Indian Rummy Variations:

1.Points Rummy

This is the fastest variant of rummy which is played for points and have a pre-decided monetary value. At a maximum, 6 players can join the table at one time and play for points. The one who completes his meld first and makes his ‘Finish’ is declared a winner. This player will also take all the points of the losing opponents. Most of the times, the entry value of this variations is Rs. 1 which makes it approachable for both new and old players. Moreover, the reason behind that it can make people play more games even in a tight schedule is the factor of being the fastest form of rummy game.

2. Pool Rummy

This variation of Indian Rummy is played for a fixed amount of points, let’s say 101 or 201. All the players in a game must pay a fixed buy-in value and play for the pre-decided points. A player will be eliminated if he/she crosses the points and the winner will be declared when all the opponents are eliminated and he remains the last one to take home all the money. This game variant is played tactfully to eliminate the opponent as fast as possible. This variant, most of the times, becomes exhaustive as there are no limits in the number of deals, a player plays.

3. Deals Rummy

Deals Rummy is the longest rummy variation one can enjoy while playing online rummy. The game is usually played for 2, 3, 4 and 6 deals and can be played with up to 6 players. In each deal, the winner will win chips lost by all the opponents. The game finishes once all the deals are played and the player with maximum chips is declared a winner. The best part of the game is that the player can make a comeback in the subsequent deals even if you lose some deals.

Join and enjoy cash rummy games. To download on your mobiles, Click Here

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How to Play Cash Rummy Games in the Safest Way Possible!

Cash Rummy games involve a lot of safety measures as it is a card game and a player is here to win cash. Seeing on the growing popularity of this game, we are sure that it has become a number source of entertainment for many. However, there are numerous things to keep in mind before joining cash tables. Let’s check them out-

Choose a trustworthy site

When safety is a concern, choose a website after doing your research part. This will help a player in signing up to make sure he or she will not become a victim of scam. There are many scam websites which can take the money or incur big losses. Also, make sure to read the review or checking out the websites that writes and rates on online rummy websites. This is done on the basis of gameplay experience, safety and security of transactions and a player’s account details as well.

Manage Account Details

While playing Cash Rummy Games, a player should always create a unique username and password. This alone would protect a player’s account by up to 50%. The details of one’s account should never be revealed as the scammers has the ability to reach anyone through e-mails, in-game chats or via social media platforms. Hence, it is a player’s responsibility to secure his or her online Rummy account by not sharing the account details to anyone.

Time-bound Cash Rummy Games

A player must keep a time limit for himself, while playing cash rummy games. This helps in losing less and having greater control on your gaming addiction. One can also quit his game, if in case, his opponent is controlling and having an upper hand. This way a player can relax and perform better in the tournaments.

Enjoy the safety bounded rummy games with To download app, click here

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What Makes You A Better Rummy Player?

The game of Rummy involves strategy, patience and complete interest of a player. Mastering the game of Rummy requires a lot of practice and a high amount of concentration. There are various factors that make you a better Rummy player. Come put a light on them-


A Rummy player needs to have control over their reflex actions and should has the ability to strike at the right time to win. Be careful while forming the sets and sequences to finish the game. Many times, one has to play according to the opponent’s game and plan your strategies in between the game itself. In some situations, a player can block his opponent and take that time to get your winning cards.


A Rummy player must possess a high concentration and observation level in order to beat the opponent at all levels. A look at those 13 cards is important because it consists of 4 different series and colours. One needs to be careful in observing which card was picked by your opponent from the closed or open pile.


A Rummy player must lookout for numerous possibilities to meld his/her cards. He must also hold the knowledge of which sequence can help you in lowering the points, in case, the opponent declares the game before the player.

Picking Cards

Picking Cards from an open pile can turn risky as most of the seasoned players of rummy have the ability to read your hands from the pile one is picking. If a player wants only one card to finish the meld, then go for it. Else, pick cards from closed pile.

Discarding Cards

Remember, a player should never help their opponents make their melds. Hence, keeping your eyes on your opponent’s picks and discards can help you learn his hand and the melds he is trying to form. Note: Don’t let opponent take the cards from the closed pile so that you get more time to make your sets or sequences.

When Quitting or Dropping

Dropping can save the points a player gained from his or her previous game. No Joker or getting cards that are hard to meld implies dropping out is a good call.

Invest some time in making yourself a better rummy player by downloading on your mobiles. To download, Click Here

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Advantages of Online Rummy over Traditional Rummy

The game of rummy is able to reach wider masses as the ‘online’ element worked for many. It does not matter whether you are at home or travelling, you have that advantage of playing with random players and enjoy extravagant bonuses. This is how the game of rummy online has become so much entertaining and addictive. Let’s explore some of the advantages of playing online rummy.

User-friendly Gameplay

Easy and user-friendly gameplay reduces the hassle you often experience in traditional offline games. The software has the greater ability to shuffle the cards well, deal with all the players equally and calculate the points without any errors. Not just that, the online feature allows you to explore different variants of the game. All this will help in giving you the flexibility to change your strategies more often and confuse the opponent without making them learn about your real game plan.

Play with new players, Everyday!

Playing with your own set of people many a times turn boring and monotonous. Online Rummy websites offer you to play with new and random players each and every time you login. The more you play with different players, the more skills you will be able to develop and learn to strategize to a great extent. For people who wants to go ahead with the same buddy, they can invite them to a private table too.

Reward Program

Every Online Rummy platform has its own rewarding programs which make them unique. Most of these platforms offer you free cash on registration, while some gives extra cash bonus on their first deposit. Apart from this, most of the websites run daily promotional programs which include cashback deals. It encourages the players to come back and join the tables again. This is always better than offline rummy where most of the times you run out of cash.

All the above advantages has made the online game of rummy more exciting and popular. To get all these amazing benefits, download on your mobile handsets now! Click Here

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