Five Beneficial Characteristics Of Online Rummy

Online gaming over the past decade or so has become a really popular option to have fun and the popularity continues to rise with each passing day. People from different age groups and across genders have taken to online like fish to water. With the whole online gaming industry experiencing high levels of engagement from even online rummy which falls under the same umbrella has seen a rise in its popularity as well. Rummy is considered to be a really high intensity and exciting game by both masses and classes can make your mind function much faster and better. Along with this the game of online rummy also tests and sharpens your mathematical and logical skills.

Off-late the online rummy games have become more sought after than the off-line version. While both versions are pretty similar when it comes to the rules the ones played off-line are played using physical cards. For the online version you can download India’s most trusted rummy app, learn how to play rummy through its tutorials and play the game anytime and anywhere.

Let’s take a look at the five major beneficial characteristics of online rummy.

Entertaining & Engaging: Playing online rummy is both entertaining and engaging. Whether a person wants to chill during a break or wants to have a fun activity that engages their mind playing online works perfectly for both situations. All they have to do is download the rummy app. Go through the tutorials to learn how to play rummy and start playing. Unlike other online games rummy doesn’t become boring after a few games. In fact, in online rummy there are many variants which a person can explore in their free time. There are also several tournaments going on different online rummy tables at any given point of time so a player can take part in them as well. These tournaments are really exciting and engaging as some of the best rummy players take part in these making the whole activity great fun.

Increases Patience: Playing online rummy requires complete concentration from a player. A slight lapse could prove costly ruining their chances of winning it. To concentrate on each and every move of the opponent a player needs a strong mind which can only be achieved after regularly practicing by playing. Observing all that happens during a game can only improve the concentration levels, doing this also makes you a more patient player and person who is prepared to calmly handle all situations during the game. Being patient in online rummy is the key because this is what prepares a player to wait for the right opportunity to play their cards.

Tool To Socialise: In the fast paced world that we are in right now not everyone always gets a chance to stay regularly in touch with their loved ones. Especially during the on-going pandemic those who miss meeting their friends and loved ones can use an online rummy game like PlayRummy to satiate their craving to socialise. One can invite their friends and family to play the game with them and socialise virtually. The game also gives you an opportunity to play with strangers and make friends. Playing with other players around the country can help you improve your game as well earn money.

Travel Partner:  In offline rummy a person has to wait for other players to get ready to play with them which makes them dependent on others to enjoy but in online rummy it’s quite easy to find players to play even when one is travelling. Just take out your phone, download the rummy app, start playing whether travelling on a short route or a long journey where passing time can be a challenge. Online rummy enhances the whole travel experience as your perfect travel partner even when you travel alone and to the remotest of locations.

Stress Buster: A good rummy game online can keep you entertained and can reduce a lot of stress during the ongoing pandemic when anyway there is a lot of stress and gloom all around us. Online rummy games can divert a person’s attention from all the negativity around and help him just enjoy the game. It will keep people busy but will still make them feel relaxed.  Many people online play rummy regularly because it helps them relieve their stress. Over the years it has been considered a game which can really help a person unwind after a tough day. So, if ever you feel mentally tired and are looking for a fun way to relax, try to play rummy on India’s most trusted rummy app.

These are some of the beneficial characteristics of online rummy. There might be others as well which one can come to know when you play the game. So, download the rummy app now and play.

Let’s Know More About The Variety Of Players On PlayRummy

 Let’s Know More About The Variety Of Players On PlayRummy
Rummy is a fascinating game, especially, if you are playing online rummy. The reason behind that claim is that when you play rummy games online you can find a lot of different kinds of online rummy players any given time. While all those people who would be on the online rummy table as your opponent and would have different characteristics that would be not known to you but majorly all the rummy players fall in some specified categories. Most players who are on online rummy platforms are there to win cash but their playing pattern and style would differ making them a specific kind of player.

If you pay attention to those playing patterns and styles you can actually assess how a particular online rummy player would play the game. Hence, it is imperative to know the different kinds of players you will find on the rummy app, which is the most trusted online rummy app.

The Nervous Newbies
These are the players you often encounter while playing rummy online. One of their key characteristics is that they are nervous and hence can be mostly seen playing in freeroll tournaments and low-value tables. There is also another type of rummy player who is known as a Noob. These are also new kids on the block but are playing for the sake of trying something new.

The Intelligent Brigade
When you step into the world of online rummy you would find many online rummy players even those who play free rummy games as intelligent ones. How you could say that a particular player is intelligent is when you notice that they don’t take un-calculated risks. These players never play their hand unless it contains a pure sequence and a set or sequence. Also, these players continuously keep a watch on their points and odds of winning. They sometimes also drop mid-game if they don’t, they have great cards. One should always be careful when playing against this category as the hands they play are more probable to finish first.

Avid Online Gamers
An avid online gamer is always on the look-out for a good opponent. There are enough of this kind on online rummy platforms as well. If you download the PlayRummy app, which is India’s best online rummy gaming platform you will understand the level of competition in the online rummy. Online gamers are further drawn in by the fact that you can play the game anytime and anywhere. Avid online gamers really enjoy the thrill that online rummy provides.

The Perfectionist Tribe
With every game of online rummy that players play they get better at it. It is this pursuit of getting better with every game is what makes an online rummy player a perfectionist. Since rummy is a game of skill perfectionists are drawn towards it and they aren’t the ones that like to give up till they master the game. It is an online rummy which gives these perfectionists a chance to show their true game metal playing against some of the best in the business. So, if you are a rummy lover, especially an online rummy lover you will find just the right players to play against on PlayRummy.

The Thrill Seekers
If you played online rummy, you already know and if you haven’t played it till now be rest assured that the game’s so engaging that it will keep you on the edge of your seat. This is the reason there are players who only play this regularly to experience that thrill. Every move has to be carefully calculated. Sometimes despite your best calculations, it might be difficult to win the game and that’s where this game will keep making you better and pushing your skill limits. Even those who seek thrill will have to play the game with a calm head because only then can they apply their strategies to achieve the best results.

The Variety Cravers
There are the online rummy players who get bored with one style or pattern of gaming. Hence for them, on PlayRummy there are various tournaments that can satisfy their craving for variety. If you are one of these players then after you download the rummy app you can choose from the various options and enjoy the game.


Can a card game become a part of your daily entertainment?

Can a card game become a part of your daily entertainment?

The year 2020 has been a strange one because of how it has affected most things adversely, including the entertainment sector. Our outdoor sources of entertainment have reduced drastically because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now most people have resorted to various sources of entertainment inside their homes. This is where playing card games have played a major role in entertaining people be it during the lockdown or even now when some things have opened up including cinema halls in some parts of the country. But to cut the long story short yes, a card game can become a part of your daily entertainment. Let’s tell you how?

A card game like PlayRummy which is a form of 13-card rummy and played online is an interesting one to explain how card games can be a part of your daily entertainment.

Play Anytime, Anywhere: These days when options to entertain self are limited because of the pandemic a card game like PlayRummy can be played inside the safe confines of your house anytime by connecting with various players anywhere in the country. This is simple to do and one doesn’t have to fret over planning or scheduling the online rummy card games. Also, no need to hunt for competitors who would be passionate, interested and knowledgeable about the game. It’s a hassle-free process and no one. When one plays rummy on India’s most trusted rummy app, there will be many players playing simultaneously.

Keeps You Social: Yes, a card games can keep you social and connected to the world by following all the norms required to stay safe in these tough times of the pandemic. When you play card game online you connect with many players from various parts of the world. There are many online gaming communities that a player can be a part of. There is a bond that you can share with them over the game and while doing all these you can manage to entertain yourself with the in-game banter.

Stress Buster: There can’t be a better stress buster than a card game. After you are tired and done with your routine work of the day be it household or professional and about to get worked up thinking about next day’s work nothing can calm you down than a good card game online like playing rummy. The game takes your mind away from the daily hustle-bustle of your life. Till the time you are playing none of whatever is going outside matters to you. After you are done playing it you will feel fresh and relax. The entertainment you get after a good online card game rejuvenates you for the tasks ahead.

Life Lessons: An online card game is entertaining because it gives you life lessons that you can apply how you live. Yes, it’s that deep if you look and observe properly. Like in life even this game won’t always go according to plan. The card games teach you to hang on and wait for your turn to strike back and make an emphatic comeback. Always be prepared and deal everything with a positive frame of mind because in the end skill will win.

Monetary Entertainment: While there is no such term as monetary entertainment coined yet, but the thrill a card game player gets after winning a huge sum of money on a game like PlayRummy, it can beat any entertainment they have experienced before. People who like playing card games mostly do in search of that monetary entertainment.

All these points surely prove that a card game can become a part of your daily entertainment.

Why Should People Prefer to Play Rummy Online During Lockdown Period?

Why Should People Prefer to Play Rummy Online During Lockdown Period?

These are tough times for the entire world with almost every country fighting and taking measures to save themselves from the COVID-19 outbreak. People have resorted to different measures to keep themselves busy in these precarious times by being inside their homes. As a result online gaming platforms around the world have seen a spike in engagement level.

Rummy games are one of the most popular options to keep people occupied. Back in the day, the love for card games, especially rummy was an excuse to meet people, socialise and play but now there is a restriction on that because of the pandemic. Rummy traditionally has been a skill-based game now, however, players are increasingly preferring to play rummy online.

The rise of technology has certainly helped this trend and with fast 4G speeds, you can literally play anywhere and at any time.

Here are some reasons why players these days prefer online rummy over offline rummy:

Social Distancing: With lock downs continuing to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic one can be easily bored sitting inside their houses. Having a smartphone or a computer with a decent internet connection is all you need to take you to the world of online rummy. Playing rummy online does help people to follow the social distancing rules without going outside their home and still being engaged in a fun-filled activity with others.

Availability of co-players: For offline rummy players there are times when you might want to play a round of rummy but your friends or club members might be unavailable to give you company. Luckily, there’s no such issue with online rummy. Here, someone will always be there to play at any given point of time. This is because there are a lot many players who are active at any given moment on these platforms. You can play against them from across the globe as well as learn new strategies to play the game. These days with rummy mobile apps, you can take the game along with you wherever you go. Also, players have the option to auto drop.

Wider Appeal: Online rummy appeals to players from different strata of the society and with various competitive level handling ability. Online rummy games are designed in such a manner that even a beginner can play the game easily.

Tutorials: Unlike the manual rummy, in online rummy there are tutorials available that are self-explanatory and would help how to play rummy and aspiring players to master the game quickly and become competitive.

Better Rules: Offline rummy games often lead to dispute amongst players as there is a lack of clarification in rules. However, when they play the game online, they can participate without any such hassle as the rules for online games are already well-defined and people can’t tamper with them according to their whims and fancies.

Variants: Online rummy games offer different variants. This is not possible when you are playing rummy offline as every player might not know how to play a specific variant of rummy game. Regardless of the variation a player chooses, the playing experience would be unique.

Fair Play: Online rummy is the preferred option because players here don’t have to worry about co-players cheating.In online rummy, the player seating is random. These platforms ensure that the seating around the table is not controlled by any player. One basic example of it would be that unlike offline rummy shuffling of cards in online rummy is automated so chances of cheating are comparatively far less. All websites and apps are well-equipped with fair play plug-ins that monitor every player and ensure no one is cheating. If someone still cheats then the individual will be removed from the platform.

Offers and Promotions: Most online rummy platforms have incredible offers and promotions on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis which players can avail and win more. A lot of websites also offer welcome bonuses for newcomers, which is an incentive worth enjoying.

Security: Most online rummy platforms are safe and transparent in terms of giving cash and making deposits. These platforms have secure payment gateways and transacting there is safe. Players might not find the same security while playing in offline rummy clubs where the disputes are far uglier.

Support: In case of any help, players can always reach the 24/7 support offered by online rummy platforms. Main support channels here include call support, chat support, and email support.

Bigger Rewards: Since the network of players in online rummy is wider and bigger, hence bigger are the rewards as well. The rewards here can be life-altering. Huge rewards for winning a tournament has been one of the reasons why players prefer to play rummy online. The wonderful news for the players is that the frequency of such massive tournaments is more such that they are bound to witness one big tournament in a month at least.

Online rummy gives you the opportunity to play endlessly with a pool of skilled players who’ve come to hone their skills over the years. So, if you are rummy lover, you will find just the right community to download rummy.

Ways to Keep Yourself Safe from Coronavirus Outbreak

Ways to Keep Yourself Safe from Coronavirus Outbreak

The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has lately taken the world by storm. Understandably, this is a stressful time and people want to know how they can protect themselves and their families.

What is COVID-19 (novel coronavirus)?

Recently, an outbreak of a new coronavirus disease now named COVID-19 was identified. Coronaviruses are a diverse family of viruses that cause illnesses that appear much like the common cold. The most recent diseases caused by coronaviruses include severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS).

Where did COVID-19 come from?

COVID-19 was first reported in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China. It has since then spread to other parts of the world including India.

What are the signs and symptoms of COVID-19?

Symptoms of COVID-19 are similar to a range of other illnesses such as influenza and do not necessarily mean that you have COVID-19. Symptoms include fever, coughing, and difficulty in breathing.

How does COVID-19 spread?

Just like the flu, the COVID-19 virus can be transmitted from one person to another. Scientific evidence confirms that COVID-19 is spread by droplets. This means that when an infected person coughs, sneezes or talks, they may issue droplets containing the virus. These droplets are too large to stay in the air for long, so they fall on surrounding surfaces. These surfaces are now infected with the virus and can easily be spread by contact and then travel when you touch your mouth, nose or eyes.

The following article helps highlight some everyday steps that people in the country can take now. In addition, we request you to stay informed about what is happening in your local community.

The following steps to help prevent the spread of germs during this situation:

  • Stay home if you can and avoid gatherings of more than those people you stay with. If in public restrict yourself to no more than 3 – 4 people.
  • Practice social distancing by keeping a distance of about six feet from others if you are forced to go out in public. If at a mart or complex with a larger gathering avoid contact with items you otherwise do not wish to purchase. Also, avoid contact with people. Keep your hugs and hellos to yourself.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after returning from a public place. Certainly clean thoroughly after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing. If soap and water are not readily available, use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. You can also use vinegar to clean.
  • Avoid close contact with sick people. In case you are sick, stay home and get stock of basic medical care. Wear a facemask if you are sick. You do not want to infect or extend your unhealthy factors even to your loved ones.
  • Wear a facemask when you are around other people especially while sharing a room or vehicle. You should be covered and protected from infection and from infecting others before you enter a healthcare provider’s office.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when coughing or sneezing and directly throw used tissues into the trash. If a tissue isn’t available, cough or sneeze into your elbow or sleeve and not into your hands. Do not use a handkerchief, it spreads the infection and multiplies the same after every use.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces daily. This includes tables, doorknobs, switches, workplace, phones, keyboards, etc.

Who are the higher risks?

Studies show that some people are at higher risk of getting very sick from this virus. This mostly includes older adults and people who have serious chronic medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and lung disease.
If you are at higher risk for serious illness from COVID-19 because of your age or a serious medical condition, it is extra important for you to take action to avoid getting sick.

Most people will be able to recover from COVID-19 at home. So be sure you have over-the-counter medicines to treat fever and other symptoms. Have enough household items and groceries on hand so that you will be prepared to stay at home.

NOTE: Symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure. Call your doctor for medical advice if you think you have been exposed to COVID-19 and develop symptoms.

Together this COVID-19 War will be fought and won, so remember its unity and it all starts from one!

We understand you are bored and probably have done a lot of cleaning, cooking, and office work. If entertainment becoming scarce, try playing online rummy at Just download the rummy app here and enjoy non stop mobile rummy, You can choose your choice of tables to play on. Win real cash and see the fun double! Stay in, play and stay safe

How Playing Online Rummy Can be Stress Buster for You

How Playing Online Rummy Can be Stress Buster for You

Stress is an unfortunate reality of most people’s lives these days and in order to cope with this pressure, many individuals turn to substances or alcohol, landing up in a mess. On the other hand, anyone who has played stress relief games can vouch for the positive influence it has had on decreasing their stress. As a matter of fact, today, organizations provide stress buster games in the office such as Rummy game, table tennis, billiards and so on. The reason is that such stress buster games have proven to have a positive impact and better productivity among employees.

If you are someone who is looking to deal with stress without leaving your desk then playing cards online is one of the best stress-busters you could possibly come by. In the Indian context, rummy online has quickly become the preferred choice of card games among others. The primary reason behind the game’s surge is something else. The unprecedented rise in the popularity of Rummy is because of the fact that it acts as a primary stress buster which is need of the hour for anyone to enjoy a hale and healthy life coupled with happiness. In this blog, we are going to discuss why you should play rummy online for stress relief.

Reasons Why Playing Rummy Online is a Stress-Buster

1. Gives a Soothing Effect

It is almost impossible to find someone who is completely stress-free. Everyone has multiple things to do at their workplaces, as well as their homes, day after day. And as the list of these tasks gets longer, one can experience an overwhelming feeling. It is also not possible to leave out these essential tasks and keeping up with juggling so many activities can be extremely exhausting. A quick round of rummy during your break time or free time can take the edge off and can make a real difference to your day. In fact, there are many testimonials of players who have had tried other stress buster games and have now switched to cash rummy for the added advantage of winning real money.

2. Provides Avenue for New Friend Circle & Meeting New People

When you start playing online Rummy you tend to gain many friends across India from all quarters. You may be used to playing the game at a particular time. So, you are bound to come across the same set of players logging in at the same time. So, it is easy to develop a friendship with them using the chat option provided in the PlayRummy. By exchanging pleasantries daily with them you can have enjoyable chat sessions with them. Thus, such fresh friendships can lessen your stress to a larger extent.

4. Help Improve the Skill of an Individual

Online rummy for money is a perfectly legal and beneficial way of busting your stress. It is also a game that you can get better at with time and practice. If the cause of stress in your life is your lack of organization, then stress buster games like rummy will aid a great deal. You will find that you become more mindful of the order of things and the systematic flow of actions.
Give stress the boot and become an online rummy player today!

5. Provides a Sense of Accomplishment

The many expectations that are laid on a person’s shoulders in their daily life can wear them down. We all have days when we feel like nothing is working in our favor or going our way. Such days are absolutely the worst because they can deplete a person’s motivation and leave them feeling drained out. For such times, all you need is a mobile phone with a basic internet connection to play the rummy game. When you play online rummy for cash and win, it will give you a positive push and will put you in a better frame of mind than when you started.

In conclusion, our favorite card game, rummy, has almost always been the one engaging activity when we have a lot of free time at hand. In India, the 13-card Indian Rummy game has been the most popular activity during long train journeys, social gatherings, and weekend evenings. But, do you know that are more rummy variants that you could play when you have free time? And, some of the rounds don’t even take too long to play. Here are some of the relatively less-popular rummy variants, with a gist of each, which could keep boredom and mundanity at bay.

Connect with Us for Trusted Portal to Play Online Rummy

Do you have any queries in your mind regarding how to play rummy? Then have a word with our team right now, call us or drop an email at [email protected] Hence, do not hesitate to connect us whenever you need help.

So open the PlayRummy app now and win big cash.

Top Indian Rummy Variations You Must Try

Gone are the days when people used to have expertise on just one or two variants of Rummy game. But, with the advent of online and mobile platforms, the players have got the flexibility to try their skills on multiple variants. These variations are for both 13-card and 21-card game format. With all these components wrapped into one gaming platform – online rummy is the perfect blend of entertainment and skill gaming. To wholly enjoy the game of rummy, every player must try out the below mentioned top Indian Rummy Variations:

1.Points Rummy

This is the fastest variant of rummy which is played for points and have a pre-decided monetary value. At a maximum, 6 players can join the table at one time and play for points. The one who completes his meld first and makes his ‘Finish’ is declared a winner. This player will also take all the points of the losing opponents. Most of the times, the entry value of this variations is Rs. 1 which makes it approachable for both new and old players. Moreover, the reason behind that it can make people play more games even in a tight schedule is the factor of being the fastest form of rummy game.

2. Pool Rummy

This variation of Indian Rummy is played for a fixed amount of points, let’s say 101 or 201. All the players in a game must pay a fixed buy-in value and play for the pre-decided points. A player will be eliminated if he/she crosses the points and the winner will be declared when all the opponents are eliminated and he remains the last one to take home all the money. This game variant is played tactfully to eliminate the opponent as fast as possible. This variant, most of the times, becomes exhaustive as there are no limits in the number of deals, a player plays.

3. Deals Rummy

Deals Rummy is the longest rummy variation one can enjoy while playing online rummy. The game is usually played for 2, 3, 4 and 6 deals and can be played with up to 6 players. In each deal, the winner will win chips lost by all the opponents. The game finishes once all the deals are played and the player with maximum chips is declared a winner. The best part of the game is that the player can make a comeback in the subsequent deals even if you lose some deals.

Join and enjoy cash rummy games. To download on your mobiles, Click Here

What Makes You A Better Rummy Player?

The game of Rummy involves strategy, patience and complete interest of a player. Mastering the game of Rummy requires a lot of practice and a high amount of concentration. There are various factors that make you a better Rummy player. Come put a light on them-


A Rummy player needs to have control over their reflex actions and should has the ability to strike at the right time to win. Be careful while forming the sets and sequences to finish the game. Many times, one has to play according to the opponent’s game and plan your strategies in between the game itself. In some situations, a player can block his opponent and take that time to get your winning cards.


A Rummy player must possess a high concentration and observation level in order to beat the opponent at all levels. A look at those 13 cards is important because it consists of 4 different series and colours. One needs to be careful in observing which card was picked by your opponent from the closed or open pile.


A Rummy player must lookout for numerous possibilities to meld his/her cards. He must also hold the knowledge of which sequence can help you in lowering the points, in case, the opponent declares the game before the player.

Picking Cards

Picking Cards from an open pile can turn risky as most of the seasoned players of rummy have the ability to read your hands from the pile one is picking. If a player wants only one card to finish the meld, then go for it. Else, pick cards from closed pile.

Discarding Cards

Remember, a player should never help their opponents make their melds. Hence, keeping your eyes on your opponent’s picks and discards can help you learn his hand and the melds he is trying to form. Note: Don’t let opponent take the cards from the closed pile so that you get more time to make your sets or sequences.

When Quitting or Dropping

Dropping can save the points a player gained from his or her previous game. No Joker or getting cards that are hard to meld implies dropping out is a good call.

Invest some time in making yourself a better rummy player by downloading on your mobiles. To download, Click Here

Why Playing cash rummy on playrummy is safe & secure? is a site designed and structured in such a manner where you can achieve a wholesome enjoyment levels with 100% security and safety. A million plus player base has been registered to India’s most preferred site to enjoy a completely safe gaming.

Some of the measures undertaken by on enjoy 100% safe gaming on the site are listed below:

Secure Payment

Multiple payment options has been set by to allow its customers to choose as per their convenience. The website runs on 256-bit security system for all the payment options that includes net banking as well as online wallets among others. The site also ensures completely that not a single user detail is being shared by any other third party services. Also, they have a platform on which they run 24*7 support services.

Fraud Detection

At, we have a special team which is constantly looking at the fraudulent activities taking place or detecting them. This is the everyday part of our routine to ensure that fair players are not affected during the game of Rummy.

Responsible Gaming

The site also restricts players below the age of 18. So, one must attain 18 years of age in order to register with our site.

Law Abiding is restricted for the users of Orissa, Assam and Telangana. The account of the user will be invalidated, if any player was found active from these regions.

Player Protection System

A player protection system is always in place to ensure their points are not altered if by any chance, the player experiences a power disconnection in between the game. This is how a player is safe from the risk of gaining higher points.

So, with the highest amount of safety, our site becomes the best to get your game started without any worries. To download the game on your mobile phones, Click Here


Leaping Leaders Leaderboard

PlayRummy would like to welcome you to play the Leaping Leaders Leaderboard Contest. With Prize of ₹40,000 as cash Prize. The contest is a competition between players to score the highest ranks on the Leaderboard. Make sure to secure the top positions on the Leaderboard to grab the Mega Prize.

How to Participate in the Contest

  • Deposit using promo code “LEAPING” to participate in this Leaderboard Tournament.
  • Play and win maximum games on any point tables & earn points on the Leaderboard.
  • Play with minimum 3 player on the table.
  • Your game will not be valid if your opponent makes a drop or goes for wrong declaration.
  • Score more points to rank higher on the Leaderboard.
  • You can reset your score to 0 four times. In case points are in negative
  • Score will be calculated on the basis of Per Point Table On which you Play. Check T&C for score calculations
  • The top 15 players will win up to ₹40,000 in cash prizes at the end of the promotion.
  • Leaderboard is subjected to change. Continue checking for your rank.
  • The promotion will be active from 4th to 5th October 2017. Each day points be calculated to put them in order to their ranking on the Leaderboard.

Contest Prizes

  • First 15 People on the Leaderboard shall be awarded the Prize Pool Money of ₹40,000
  • Minimum of 100 Gameplays
  • Deposit Min. ₹150 to qualify for the prize money
Rank Prizes
1st ₹8000
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10th ₹900
11th ₹800
12th ₹700
13th ₹600
14th ₹500
15th ₹400

Consolation Prizes

  • You should be on the Leaderboard {included both (+)(-) ranking }
  • 16th to 35th ranking players on the Leaderboard shall be awarded the Prize money of ₹50 each
  • Minimum of 100 Gameplays required to qualify
  • Contest Winner are not eligible for this Award Money. i.e. 1st to 15th Rank will only be awarded the Contest Money

Tips & Tricks

The larger point tables you play, the larger your collective points will be.

Terms & Conditions

  • The promotion will be active from 4th to 5th October 2017. Assured Prizes will be distributed.
  • You need to deposit a minimum of ₹150 to participate in the promotion.
  • Please note that minimum gameplays are 100 to qualify of any prize money
  • The top 15 players will be awarded a Prize Pool of ₹40,000 at the end of the promotion.
  • Consolation Prizes worth ₹50 each shall be awarded to players who rank between 16th-35th positions.
  • Play and win maximum games on any point tables & earn points on the Leaderboard.
  • Score more points to rank higher on the Leaderboard.
  • Score will be calculated on the basis of Per Point Table On which you Play.
    • If you win by 40 points on a ₹1 per point table, your points will be 40
    • If you win by 40 points on a ₹2 per point table, your points will be 2*40 = 80
    • You win by 40 points on a ₹5 per point table, your points will be 5*40 = 200 etc.
    • If you lose a game, similar points will be deducted.
  • Leaderboard is subjected to change. Continue checking for your rank. Aim to secure the highest position to grab the largest prize money.
  • The each day during the promotion period points be calculated in order to place players according to stheir ranking on the Leaderboard.
  • Player must verify their email, mobile no., KYC & Bank details to avail the prizes.
  • Player will get prize money in their deposit account by 9th October 2017.
  • TDS will be applicable as per government rules.
  • All standard PlayRummy terms and conditions apply.
  • PlayRummy management decision is final in case of any disputes.

Winner List

Rank Name Prize Money
1st Raj ₹8000
2nd asif chikna ₹6500
3rd Zala a i ₹5500
4th RK ₹4500
5th Ram ₹3500
6th rakeshmakwana ₹2500
7th Suraj ₹2000
8th prakash ₹1500
9th Amit Hooda ₹1100
10th Pathan ₹900
11th Priyansi ₹800
12th xyz ₹700
13th hanuman chatur ₹600
14th navnath ₹500
15th vijay ₹400
16th DEEP ₹50
17th MN SONS ₹50
18th Mangesh ₹50
19th ketan ₹50
20th anil00123 ₹50
21th Deepak ₹50
22th Vicky ₹50
23th Shivkumar ₹50
24th Sulphedi ₹50
25th mustafa ₹50
26th KhalNayak ₹50
27th Rock ₹50
28th Ravi kothyari ₹50
29th Shivu ₹50
30th Bhimashankar ₹50
31th nilesh ₹50
32th Jd ₹50
33th kunjappa ₹50
34th Imtiyaz ₹50
35th chan ₹50

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