Things That Make Play Rummy the Leader in Digital Rummy

Things That Make Play Rummy the Leader in Digital Rummy

Rummy is already a popular traditional game and it feels like something is missing in any event or get together if we don’t play rummy online in the end. People nowadays are fond of playing rummy at parties. Considering all the ages in a gathering everyone loves playing rummy in almost every household. Considering the fact that technology has grown so fast. It has been also developed very well. These online platforms have introduced rummy online in the digital world and have gained great popularity. You can easily play online rummy at the comfort of your home.

There are a few key points that make this game a leader in the digital world.

#1 Bonus and prizes

This game gives you a different bonus and prizes if you win in a game just by playing online. This is one of the main features of the rummy game to add a bonus to your points by just playing the game through your smartphone.

#2 Start the game anytime you want

Digital rummy has now given this ease that you can play the game anytime you feel like playing or you want to play or when you have time to play. So, the digital rummy giving you the most of your time without going anywhere. You just have to download the app on your PC desktop or your smartphones.

#3 Tournaments

The online rummy game provides you with a variety of tournaments according to your score or points you have gained just by playing the game. There are different apps currently for rummy games. Each is claiming to have the best offers to its players. You can choose any website or rummy app of your own choice and start playing thrilling tournaments from your smartphone or laptop by just sitting at home and spending your leisure time playing your favorite game with just one tap. Only the rummy lovers would love to play the tournaments.

#4 Connections and interactions

The digital rummy game connects you with different people with different cultures and traditions around the globe. This game helps you in finding a person like you who is a rummy game lover. You both enjoy the game. The most important thing is that you can connect with anyone without waiting for your friend or family to join you on these platforms online.

#5 Fair play and well organized

The online rummy has given the players a different style of interacting and connecting. Apart from the traditional way of playing the rummy game like one person has to shuffle the cards, the other person has to write down the scores. The digital gaming system has made things easy. These things are done automatically by the system. You can log in to your account without worrying about if someone could steal it. The rummy online game you play with your smartphones are well secured. The apps are user-friendly. You will enjoy playing the rummy game online (if you have knowledge about the rummy game) because of the unique graphics of the game.

#6 Variety of games offered by different websites and apps

The online rummy game gives you the benefit of playing the game according to your choice of version. These online games allow you to play 13 card rummy or 21 cards rummy depending on your skills, experience, and mood. These platforms also have a huge number of players active. You can learn by playing with the beginners then experience and after that, you can play with the professionals too.
These opportunities are for online exposure with the game only.

#7 Cash investment with secure websites

The rummy game provides you with different tournaments by investing some money and if you win that game, you will win a cash prize which can be withdrawn within 48 hours. these platforms are safe to invest your money if you want to earn a little more while having fun as well.

#8 Free sign up and bonuses

You can win free bonuses just by signing up with your email address. You can use these bonuses in playing the tournaments and win cash prizes and gifts on weekly, monthly or daily bases.

#9 Tutorials for the players

You can also see the tutorial for a different type of variant and learn from it. You can make yourself a pro in it without having a struggle. There are so many tutorials to guide you about the tips and tricks of the game which will help you in winning different tournaments. You can enjoy the rummy online game. This game is really fun to play on Sundays. Avail the special tournament offers and make your weekend enjoyable.

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Lessons You Can Learn from Rummy to Organize Your Life

People think of rummy or even online rummy as a game for entertainment or winning lucrative cash prizes. When you come to think of it, it is much more than that. You can generally learn a lot of life lessons on the organization and other stuff while you’re going at it in the online rummy world.


How often do you see a rummy player organizing his/her cards by setting them up to make sequences and sets as soon as the cards are dealt by the dealer? Just as in rummy, life demands organization as well. It is necessary as it helps you identify patterns in your life. How to go about it and how to make it easier for yourself. As in rummy, if your life is not well organized, it would be difficult to see whether it going in the right direction or not.

When you are organized, just like in rummy, you can see everything so clearly. The options that you have and the options that you don’t have. There is less confusion and weariness when you are organized. This helps you to decide to set your priorities straight.


Rummy demands keen observation as the moves your opponent makes could highly affect the moves you would be making in the future. Observing every move of your opponent keenly would greatly improve your chances of getting one over your opponent. So, playing rummy would improve your overall observing capabilities to always keep your eyes open and stay on your toes all the time.


Being adaptive to changes is always the way to go in every walk of life. In rummy, no matter what cards you are dealt with, you never submit to defeat but instead during your turn you pick a card from the deck of cards kept in front of you and recalculate your options. You learn to reevaluate and recalculate and accordingly adapt to the situation if you are a rummy player.

Being adaptable to different situations and to different people will always assist you in making it out of tough situations. No matter how good or bad hand you’ve been dealt by life, you can always come on top if you’re adaptive to different situations and turning it in your favor.


It has been one of the most common techniques to prioritize your tasks and your time according to the resources you have. Successful people in the world always have their tasks prioritized. If you don’t prioritize then you may overlook some important things and regret at a later point in time and it may be too late then. Just as in rummy, the importance of prioritization is highly regarded. Firstly, cards are discarded which adds no value to win the game and the good cards are kept. On a rummy table, organization and prioritization go hand to hand.


Patience proves significant when you are stuck in an intense game of rummy. You need to wait and wait for your opponents’ moves before you can decide how you can strategize your own moves. If you play with patience, your mind is more alert to any changes in the game and also helps you think rationally. When you extrapolate it to the game of life, patience is imperative at every stage. Losing patience may transpire damages that are irreversible in life. Patience helps you evaluate situations better and take rational decisions.

Thinking before you act is really important in rummy and so in real life. One wrong step and the game belongs to your opponent. Here too, organization plays a massive role. The more organized you are, the more sorted your game is. Sometimes the game might also become too overwhelming, especially if the odds don’t favor you.

Trying and try again:

Just as in any other game or any walk of life, you cannot win at everything. There is always an element of luck when you are playing the game of probabilities and combinations. So, don’t get disappointed whenever things are not going your way. It is always difficult to admit defeat especially when your time and money is on the line. Winning and losing are both come and go. Either way, it the part of the game and so a part of life.


To win a game in an online rummy, a player must finish the game before all other opponents at the table. You have to discard all the cards with the highest points until you have no points left. Losing with lesser points is still better than losing heavily. That is what rummy teaches; how important it is to relieve yourself of things that are useless to you. And so in life, you have to let go of things that can you’re your progress.

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Popular Technology Trends Influences Card Games in the World

Who would have thought that the playing games that could only be played in social gatherings, festivals and holidays, one day could be played laying down in your couch, thousands of miles away from your friends, family or even with complete strangers that you have never met in your life. All you need is an online gaming platform that suits you well, a decent internet connection and most importantly the passion and desire to be the best at online rummy card games.

Latest Tech in Online Gaming

Just as technology has worked its way into the world of television and music, providing people access to millions of online contents without even waiting for it to be broadcasted on different channels and mediums like it used to be in the past decades, wherever they may be in the world. Gaming has also picked up the pace with the latest technology, there was a time when people used to play games on their consoles or with their family or friends on special occasions like festivals or holidays. But now gaming has gone online as well in the past decade.

Introducing Online Gaming Variants

As the number of online gamers increases, there is certainly a need for introducing different variants of a particular game. New gaming ideas need to flow around. Attracting gamers from all over the world is comparatively an easy task than keeping them interested in the game. To keep them interested, variants of online rummy games are continuously being introduced which keeps gamers occupied, absorbed and glued to the game.

Challenges and Rewards

With the advent of online games, people used to spend their spare time in the online gaming world or to get cut from their normal routine for some time. But nowadays the reason to play online games has gone to a new level. People these days, while indulging themselves and spending their luxury time in online gaming also love to win some extra cash while doing so. Latest online card games provide all of it. Real cash attracts people as they enjoy participating in competitions and not only win the bragging rights but also loads of extra cash and experience online gaming to the fullest.

So, do you want to make some extra cash playing the online rummy games you love and that too by just sitting there at your home in your comfy couch? Making extra cash by doing something you would usually do for fun has never been this easy in the modern world of advanced technology.

Download the app now!

Why Playing cash rummy on playrummy is safe & secure? is a site designed and structured in such a manner where you can achieve a wholesome enjoyment levels with 100% security and safety. A million plus player base has been registered to India’s most preferred site to enjoy a completely safe gaming.

Some of the measures undertaken by on enjoy 100% safe gaming on the site are listed below:

Secure Payment

Multiple payment options has been set by to allow its customers to choose as per their convenience. The website runs on 256-bit security system for all the payment options that includes net banking as well as online wallets among others. The site also ensures completely that not a single user detail is being shared by any other third party services. Also, they have a platform on which they run 24*7 support services.

Fraud Detection

At, we have a special team which is constantly looking at the fraudulent activities taking place or detecting them. This is the everyday part of our routine to ensure that fair players are not affected during the game of Rummy.

Responsible Gaming

The site also restricts players below the age of 18. So, one must attain 18 years of age in order to register with our site.

Law Abiding is restricted for the users of Orissa, Assam and Telangana. The account of the user will be invalidated, if any player was found active from these regions.

Player Protection System

A player protection system is always in place to ensure their points are not altered if by any chance, the player experiences a power disconnection in between the game. This is how a player is safe from the risk of gaining higher points.

So, with the highest amount of safety, our site becomes the best to get your game started without any worries. To download the game on your mobile phones, Click Here

Tips and Tricks to become a Pro Cash Rummy Player

Cash Rummy is a game which is easy to understand but requires high skills to master. Little tricks and some clever moves can make any player a pro in the game of  Cash Rummy. Here are some rummy rules and tricks to make you a pro in the game of Cash Rummy.

Focus on Pure Sequence

When the 13 cards are dealt to you, your focus should be on forming a pure sequence as soon as possible. By selecting the sort option, sort all your cards and try to make a pure sequence immediately. New players often make a mistake of taking their time and forgets to make a pure sequence which becomes an opportunity for the opponent who declares the game first.

Keep a Tab on your Opponent’s Cards

This is a trick which a professional Cash Rummy player can easily understand. Keep a very close eye on your opponent player as in which card is he picking or discarding. By doing this you will get an idea of the sequence which he is trying to make and it will give you an edge as you will not discard the card close to him.

Take the Help of Joker

Using a joker is a very wise decision as it acts as a wild card in online rummy games and increases your chance of winning. Cleverly use Joker to form a non-pure sequence to win rummy games. Always note, to form a pure sequence first, after that use the joker to complete another set. By doing this, your points will be reduced if your opponent declares the game.


Rummy is a game of skill. The Supreme Court in 1968 declared Cash Rummy a deal that involves some proficiency and ability. Where ‘Gambling’ is a game of chance, the game of Rummy is defined as a game of skill. Hence, it is completely safe and legal to play Indian Rummy. offers you a platform to play 100% safe Cash Rummy. It provides you with secured and protected payment options to make your deposits. While introducing a hassle-free cash withdrawal process, we ensure your money is withdrawn to your bank account anytime you want. Today, we have millions of registered players, unique gameplay features and secured online transactions which has evolved us into becoming the most trusted site to play rummy.

We safeguard our game tables 24*7 with highest level of security. Our security algorithms scan if any fraudulent activities are taking place in the website. For this, we suggest that every player should verify the email id, upload the ID proof as well as address proof, at first place. Overall, all these features make a reliable site to play Indian Rummy.

How Indian Law define Cash Rummy?

The real reason, why Rummy is not a game of gambling is that the players do not blindly put money into the game when they play for real cash or money online. It requires a certain skill and strategy to have an advantage over your opponent. Throughout the game, a player has the power to change the odds of the game by using some tactics.

Secondly, the players do not play against the house like in most gambling games. All the players compete against each other without any chance and bets against the house. Hence, playing online rummy games for real cash online is completely legal.

In 1996, the Supreme Court of India stated that any game that is dependent on significant amount of skills, is not ‘Gambling’. Despite there being an element of chance if a game is preponderantly a game of skill it would nevertheless be a game of “mere skill”. Therefore, the expression “mere skill” would imply substantial degree or preponderance of skill.

Also, playing for cash in a game of skill in protected by the Indian Constitution under Article 19[1](g).

According to a court ruling, games of skill are considered as a business activity.

A platform to explore with 100% safety

As we have explained you about the legality of Cash Rummy, we therefore, invite you to register yourself for free at You can win millions of cash by using some of your great skills and strategies. So, friends what are you waiting for! Join now on our website or just follow the link to download on your mobile handsets instantly.


Five Star Contest

PlayRummy would like to welcome you to play the Five Star Contest. With Large bounty Prize of ₹20,000 as cash Prize. Make sure to secure the highest position in contest to grab the Mega Prize.

How to Participate

  • Deposit minimum ₹250 on 6th September to be eligible for this promotion.
  • Assured Prizes worth ₹20,000 shall be awarded to 5 Stars (players) from 5 different contests.
  • The promotion will be valid only on 6th September.

Five Star Contest Prize Money

Star Prize Contests
1 ₹6,000/- Maximum Depositor of the day.
2 ₹5,000/- Maximum Wagered(lost) of the day.
3 ₹4,000/ Maximum amount won in the day
4 ₹3,000/ Allrounder of the day. (Check T&C)
5 ₹2,000 Maximum Games played in the day.

Tips & Tricks

Deposit & Play on bigger table to get big prize money.

Terms & Conditions

  • The promotion will be valid only on Wednesday, 6th September 2017.
  • Player must verify their email, mobile no., KYC & Bank details to avail the prizes instantly.
  • If KYC not done, then User has to upload valid documents within 24 hours to avoid lapse of prize money.
  • Prizes worth ₹20,000 shall be awarded to 5 top players from 5 different contests mentioned in “What is 5 Star Contest”
  • Star Contest 1,3 & 5 contests listing are available on Leaderboard.
  • Allrounder of the day winner will be declared on basis of user deposit, game play & win ratio.
  • You can win only one prize money.
  • All standard PlayRummy terms and conditions apply.
  • PlayRummy management decision is final in case of any disputes.

Winner List

Star Name Prize Money
1st Zala ₹6000
2nd Rakesh ₹5000
3rd Hemant ₹4000
4th RK ₹3000
5th Arvind ₹2000


Be Insured

PlayRummy would like to welcome you to play the Fat Wallet Cash Back Contest. With Large bounty Prize of ₹1,00,000 as cash Prize. You can get 10% cash back of losing amount according to your deposit

How to Participate

  • Deposit min ₹500 and claim 10% up to ₹2500 of your losses.
  • We have insured all of your losses for 1st & 2nd September 2017.
  • Next 2 days recover upto 10% of your losses of your deposits.
  • Make deposits using promocode “GUARD” & insure all your deposits for 1st & 2nd September.
  • All deposits made using this promo code shall be calculated for cashback.

Cash Back Example

Deposits Losses Cash Back
₹500 ₹400 10% (Up to ₹40)
₹500 ₹500 10% (Up to ₹50)
₹500 ₹800 10% (Up to ₹50)
₹1000 ₹400 10% (Up to ₹40)
₹1000 ₹800 10% (Up to ₹80)
₹1000 ₹1200 10% (Up to ₹100)
₹2500 ₹1100 10% (Up to ₹110)
₹2500 ₹1800 10% (Up to ₹180)
₹2500 ₹2700 10% (Up to ₹250)
₹5000 ₹1800 10% (Up to ₹180)
₹5000 ₹3000 10% (Up to ₹300)
₹5000 ₹6000 10% (Up to ₹500)
₹10000 ₹1500 10% (Up to ₹150)
₹10000 ₹6000 10% (Up to ₹600)
₹10000 ₹12000 10% (Up to ₹1000)
₹25000 ₹10000 10% (Up to ₹1000)
₹25000 ₹20000 10% (Up to ₹2000)
₹25000 ₹30000 10% (Up to ₹2500)

Tips & Tricks

Larger deposit will return you larger cash back

Terms & Conditions

  • The promotion will be valid only on the 1st & 2nd September 2017​.
  • All deposits made using Promo Code “GUARD” ​to be eligible for the promotion.
  • Post deposit you can’t apply coupon code on it.
  • Bonus will not be vested during this promotion.
  • Minimum Deposit required to be eligible for the promo is ₹500​.
  • Eligible Players will qualify for this CashBack according to their total Deposit Amount.
  • Players will get CashBack in their deposit account by 6th of September.
  • Players must verify their ​E-mail, Mobile no., KYC & Bank details to avail the prizes.
  • All standard PlayRummy terms and conditions apply.
  • PlayRummy management decision is final in case of any disputes.

Winner List

S.No. Name Prize Money
1st Sam ₹35
2nd Gameboy17 ₹126
3rd Tejas ₹86
4th Bineesh ₹144
5th luckky ₹36
6th satyanarayan ₹2
7th ratan ₹50
8th Anil Singh ₹50
9th paresh j patel ₹32
10th Naresh Vora ₹100
11th Pradeep ₹100
12th Chandrashekhar ₹42
13th asif chikna ₹185
14th Naveen kumar ₹50
15th RSR ₹33
16th Harry ₹50
17th Salman shaikh ₹30
18th Rakesh Maurya ₹1110
19th PIDUGU ₹50
20th hari ₹100
21th Vinayak SP ₹44
22th Shahab Sethia ₹687
23th Aniket ₹8
24th Riyaz Zunzunia ₹10
25th vijay ₹522
26th sunil kumar ₹1075
27th Digambar Pete ₹60
28th mani ₹197
29th Shivkumar ₹162
30th chaitanya ₹46
31th Sharif ujjainwala ₹50
32th Hi renk ₹22
33th nilesh ₹100
34th chetan ₹4
35th bhaskar1218 ₹280
36th Ram ₹38
37th GokaniAnand ₹5
38th Naran D Vegda ₹47
39th Sachin ₹40
40th vinod singh ₹50
41th siddu2848 ₹45


Tunnela Thursday

PlayRummy would like to welcome you to play the Tunnela (Pure Sequence) Contest. With Prize of ₹50,000 as cash Prize. The contest is a competition between players to declare the game with Tunnela (Pure Sequence).

Prize Money

Per Point Table Prize Money
₹0.25 ₹20
₹1.00 ₹80
₹2.00 ₹150
₹5.00 ₹250
₹10.00 ₹500
₹20.00 ₹1000

Winners List

S.No. Name Prize Money
1st Naran D Vegda ₹20
2nd anil ₹20
3rd RK ₹250
4th amit ₹150
5th Shahab Sethia ₹20
6th Dinesh ₹20
7th CS Pandey ₹20
8th Game changer ₹150
9th biju cy ₹20
10th Sharif ujjainwala ₹80
11th hari ₹20
12th Bullet ₹80
13th Nanda kishore ₹80
14th Sahid ₹20
16th Rajendra ₹20
17th R V S ₹20
18th Jitu12655 ₹80
19th yuvrajsinh ₹20
20th arun ₹80
21th Atul ₹80
22th chaitanya ₹20
23th pankaj khairnar ₹20
24th Guns ₹150
25th sachin ₹20
26th Sahnil ₹20
27th guna ₹20
28th Anil Singh ₹500
29th chintan ₹20
30th nupur ₹80
31th parth5356 ₹150
32th Kumar ₹150
33th Md zahoor ₹250
34th jana ₹80
35th hemant ₹250
36th GS ₹250
37th Mahavir patil ₹80
38th tushar ₹80
39th Shivkumar ₹250
40th sandeep ₹20
41th Naresh ₹20
42th bhavesh ₹20
43th Dharmesh patel ₹250


Sunday Joker

PlayRummy would like to welcome you to play the Indian Joker Contest. With Prize of ₹20,000 as cash Prize. The contest is a competition between players to declare the game without joker.

Prize Money

Per Point Table Prize Money
₹0.25 ₹10
₹1.00 ₹25
₹2.00 ₹50
₹5.00 ₹100
₹10.00 ₹200
₹20.00 ₹500

Winner List

S.No. Name Prize Money
1st Sunil ₹10
2nd Vijay kumar ₹10
3rd Mahavir patil ₹25
4th Rakesh Maurya ₹200
5th ankush ₹100
6th KhalNayak ₹25
7th ratilal ₹100
8th sachin ₹10
9th Vinod ₹10
10th Palak patel ₹10
11th Madhu ₹10
12th Prabhas ₹10
13th bhaskar1218 ₹100
14th MN SONS ₹10
15th prem ganji ₹10
16th Rajesh ₹10
17th Naresh ₹10
18th Bineesh ₹25
19th syb ₹10
20th anil ₹10
21th sandeep ₹10
22th Juliet ₹25
23th balaji ₹50
24th indra8855 ₹200
25th Danny ₹10
26th Prashant Gawande ₹10
27th sachin ₹10
28th killer ₹100
29th Ravi ₹25
30th ANIMESH ₹10
31th ratan ₹10
32th Nayan ₹10
33th Montu ₹25
34th vinu ₹25
35th Abhilash Mohan ₹10
36th DM ₹10
37th sagar karpe ₹10
38th Ravindra Patel ₹10
39th Bharat ₹10
40th john ₹10

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