Rummy – A Game of Skills and Quick Decisions

Rummy – A Game of Skills and Quick Decisions

Everyone loves having fun almost any time of the day. Sports and games of any type are a big part of a person’s life who loves to have fun. Many people who can’t or don’t want to go for an outdoor game stick to the indoor or online games instead. People who don’t go out for the outdoor games and still like to be competitive and play competitive games often go online for games like poker, rummy etc.

Rummy has been one of the most recognised and played online game in India. It is one of the most favorite skill based game not only in India but all over the world. In order to boost up your chances of winning in the world of real cash rummy, your skill set matters the most. Not just your skill set but also your quick and correct decision making also comes in very handy in different situations.

Now you might be pondering what sort of skills you would need in an online rummy game. Here are some of the most important skills you would need that would give you the advantage over a normal player with normal skills.

  • Be patient before playing any move! Think of the outcomes that would take effect after you have played the mover you are thinking of.
  • Always be on the lookout of the cards which your opponent discards. That will allow you to determine which cards your opponent is looking for so you won’t discard them.
  • Your quick decision making always comes in handy when there is less time and you need to act fast and play the best move
  • Memory is one of the most important things in rummy. A player with a strong memory of which cards have been discarded or picked or that are still in the stocked up pile always has an upper hand.
  • Always watch you and keep score of the turns you and your opponent might have been left before you or your opponent can win.
  • Finally! The concepts related to probability can make your life easier in a rummy game as you would then be able to predict what is going to be the next move of your opponent and play accordingly.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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Online Rummy – A Game of Fun and Rewards

Online Rummy – A Game of Fun and Rewards

There have been many fun online games people like to play in their spare time. Nowadays people mostly prefer to stay indoors and play different cards and board games. Not only that, playing online, people in this day and age also love to make extra money out of their spare time.

13 cards online rummy is one of the most entertaining and good money making game being played all around the world. People these days don’t have a lot of spare time with their busy schedules, so all they want to is have fun in a real quick time and also make extra money out of it.

Many rummy platforms nowadays provide their users with many prizes and giveaways apart from the online gameplay. For the cash rummy lovers PlayRummy is the place to be as it is filled with lots of competitions, prizes and brilliant ideas that are being announced every other day. Making money and getting hold of some extra cash has never been so much fun.

There are over more than millions of players all over the world who play 13 cards rummy on different platforms which allows a person to play it any time of the day according to their spare time. So you won’t have to take time out of your busy schedule and play it as you and when you desire.

13 card rummy is one of the most appealing online card game. PlayRummy provides it user with many amazing promotions and rewards which adds to the appeal of the game.

Not many platforms or rummy applications can provide or offer their users with the best of entertaining experience and be able to achieve what a normal user desires.  At PlayRummy you could have everything there is to have in a 13 cards online rummy. So don’t let your 13 cards rummy skills go to waste. Join now at and get hold of many rewards and cash prizes that you have imagined of!.

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Want To Become A Professional Rummy Player?

Want To Become A Professional Rummy Player?

Have you got what it takes to be a professional rummy player? Do you want to be called the best of the best in the cash rummy world? You can now go pro at the game you love to play and win lots of cash prizes.

Many rummy websites allow it user to practice before they could take on other players from around the world. As they say, practice make a man perfect! And so it is in the online rummy world. The more you practice the more chance is there for you to become a professional in the rummy universe.

Here are some words of advice for you to before you take on the rummy world.

Plan different strategies for different situations

Although playing practice games can ease you into a competitive rummy game but by only playing competitive matches against real opponent helps you to evolve. You can make your own strategies for different situations to bail you out of the difficult scenarios. Trying on with new manoeuvres and strategies help you in future games and big tournaments.

Look out for promotions and offers

Always be on a lookout for different offers or promotions that a rummy website provides. Most of the websites notify its users of the promotions through emails etc. Availing those offers will boost your account and can help you earn some extra money for the games.

Have a strong financial backup

Playing online cash games always require to have a good financial stability. You lose some, you win some. But sometimes you get on a bandwagon of a losing streak which could freak you out if you don’t have a strong financial backing. On the road to becoming a professional rummy player you would have to go through such kinds of experiences and not having the financial capability to back yourself up is going to come in the way of derailing you off that road.

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Not Comfortable Playing Online Rummy with Real Cash? Play Rummy will help Clear Your Discomfort

Not Comfortable Playing Online Rummy with Real Cash?  Play Rummy will help Clear Your Discomfort

Have you been playing online rummy for too long and have never had the taste or tried playing cash rummy online and win different cash prizes? Are you not comfortable with playing online cash rummy and are vary of the fact that you could lose more and earn less while competing for cash prizes? PlayRummy is here for you to help you clear your discomforts and the distresses you feel towards the world of online cash rummy.

PlayRummy provides its users with a 100 % Bonus up to 2500 cash by just registering yourself to the website. Not only that but it also provides protection to its users from different types of fraudulent activities.

PlayRummy has one of the lowest processing fee which means less money deduction from your winnings and more money in your pockets!

People often fear about wrong or incorrect transactions. You need not to worry about the transactions business as all the transactions whether from your bank or to your bank accounts are safe and secure on PlayRummy.

PlayRummy introduces promotions and rewards every now and then to keep its users interested even when they are not playing the online rummy they still have a chance to win some extra cash.

So if you haven’t yet step foot into the online cash rummy world it is time for you to take that first leap of faith which is always the hardest. Then everything will come along as PlayRummy provides the best online cash rummy experience there is in any online platform.

For best rummy experience, download PlayRummy app on your mobile. To download, Click Here

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Interesting Facts About Playing Cards

Interesting Facts About Playing Cards

Card games have been hugely popular amongst the people who like playing indoor games. All over the world in many households card games have been the favorite expenditure of time with families. Card games are very well known in different parts of India especially the 13 cards rummy.

There are many variants of card games originating from different parts of the world having very interesting backgrounds.

Here are some of the interesting facts about card games that a card games enthusiast would like to know:


According to some known facts, card games were first originated in China during the 9th century. Not having the resources then, people used bones and stuff like wood to make different shapes on them.

Secret Maps

According to some reports playing cards were used in World War II to make secret maps in order to hide them from enemies and to escape prisons. The cards had to be joined together in order to make a full map.

The Suicide King

The King of Hearts in the deck of cards is known as the ‘Suicide King’. Only the suicide king in amongst all the kings doesn’t have a moustache and a sword it being pierced through his head.

Innumerable and Distinct Combinations

It is astonishing how many combinations could be derived from the 52 cards. According to the mathematic calculations 8,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 combinations can be made which is astounding.

The Deck of Cards

  • 52 cards in a deck symbolise the 52 weeks that are in a year.
  • 12 Royal cards denote the 12 months in a year.
  • 4 suits in a deck of cards are based on the 4 seasons.
  • The 4 suits are designated to the four natural elements. Hearts is Water, Clubs it Fire, Diamonds is Earth and Spades it Air

Deck of 52 cards

There have been many variants in the number of cards in a deck. The most popular of them has been a 52 cards deck that has originated from French and English communities and has travelled through the world.

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13 points to remember when you play 13 cards rummy

13 points to remember when you play 13 cards rummy

Do you want to master the art of 13 cards rummy? Do you want to make full use of the opportunity provided by the online rummy platform to play the game you love and also earn money out of it? If yes, then you need to have a good knowledge of the 13 things you should do before you start playing online 13 cards rummy games.

Picking a 13 cards Rummy Website

For amateur users, the first thing to do is to always do a thorough research about different website platforms of a 13 card rummy. Website reviews are always helpful for choosing a good platform. Ask other people if they have used those platforms before which could help you decide.

Website UI

In any software application, user interface plays an important role in luring the users to their application. A good user interface not only consists of a beautiful layout but should provide the user an easy maneuvering platform. PlayRummy provides it users with one of the best UI experiences in online rummy platforms.


One of the most important factor in choosing a website is the gameplay of which is being provided. The graphics and visuals during a match play an important role in seizing the user’s interest immediately.

Variations of Rummy

Different websites provide different types of rummy variations. As there are more than one type of rummy games, so every website can have different sets of rules for their game. While choosing the website, the user should look for the rummy variant that he or she is best at

Tutorials and T&Cs

Every website has a tutorial page which allows a user to go through the website. In case of an online 13 cards rummy, the website should have a good tutorial of how to play 13 cards rummy game.

A user should also go through the terms and conditions section before he or she starts playing the game.

Practice session

Before a user go online to compete against other players all around the world, practice is always the key to begin with. Most of the rummy websites provide an option for the users to practice before the actual gameplay.


Always be on the lookout for the promotions these rummy sites often come up with which allows the players to earn different bonuses along with different cash prizes.


Tournaments are the way to go in the online rummy games. Competing in a tournament allows you to showcase your 13 cards rummy skills and it also brings your weaknesses out in the open so you could learn from it. Other than that, big cash prizes are always there up for grabs in a tournament.

User Profile

Playing in an online rummy platform, a user should always have a player or a user profile which is kind of an identity for them in that virtual world


Most of the websites have bonuses stored for their new users who sign up and also for the user who are returning to their website after some time. It is a good ploy from the website to get their users back as well as for the users to earn some extra bonuses.

Customer Service

Every website has an customer support and service section which allows the users to submit any questions or difficulties they are having in the playing or with the withdrawals of their money to the website.

Money Withdrawals

Users always to get hold of the money they have won playing the online 13 cards rummy game. So a website which allows faster withdrawal of the money to their users are the ones to go for. Not only that but safe withdrawals of the money is also very important factor in the online rummy platforms.

Processing Fees

Every website has their own processing fee which gets deducted from the total amount being withdrawn by the user from the accounts. A user should always look for the website with low processing fees. PlayRummy provides one of the lowest processing fee in online 13 card rummy platforms.

For best rummy experience, download PlayRummy app on your mobile. To download, Click Here

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3 Rummy Hacks You Should Be Using Right Now!

3 Rummy Hacks You Should Be Using Right Now!

Playing just the regular rummy or just playing by the rummy rules isn’t going to be enough if you want to be the best in the business of the cash rummy world. So what can be done to give yourself an advantage over your opponent and win extra cash while you are at it? Learning different rummy hacks and rules always come in handy when you are stuck in a difficult situation during online rummy.

Here are some tips, tricks and rummy hacks that you can make use of to get yourself ahead of your opponent and win rummy games.

Discarded Cards

Always keep an eye out and try to keep track of the cards discarded by you as well as you opponents. This will give you an idea of what your opponent is trying to work on and what type of cards he needs in order to match his cards. With the help of this trick if you are able to know what cards your opponent is looking for then you won’t be discarding those cards and in result your opponent won’t be able to match his cards.

Making Notes

Many rummy platforms provide their users with an option of taking notes of different situations while they are in a game. This helps a user to remember what to do and how react to different situations while playing online rummy in the future and not just that it allows a user to keep track of the cards picked and discarded by the opponent.

Get to know your opponent

Almost on all the online rummy website there is a user profile for its players which allows other user to see who they are playing against. It is crucial to know who your opponent is before you start a game of cash rummy. Users of a beginner level would never want to come across to a professional level player as losing your money would become inevitable. So you should always have look at your opponent’s profile before putting your money on a lost cause.

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Some junglee craziness you can do with a deck of cards

Some junglee craziness you can do with a deck of cards

Being one of the most famous online games in India, people have started to elevate their skills of playing and challenging others online in Indian rummy. Players have come up with different and astute ways of out foxing their opponents as in mobile cash games it has become a compulsion that a player should know different ways around different situations.

In former times you would need a deck of cards or more to play the game you love with your family and friends. But these days technology have made it a lot easier to enjoy the game even without a deck of cards. Online cash rummy sites have allowed the users to play the game with their friends and people from all over the world without any restrictions.

13 card rummy has been one of the most popular and played rummy variant in not only India but also in other parts of the world. This game allows a player to improve his intellectual skills as winning in the game doesn’t only depend upon one’s chances but also the skill sets he possesses regarding the game.

Some trickeries are very helpful in playing the 13 card rummy as it allows a player to have the upper hand on his opponent. One of them is to remember the cards that are casted off by you was well as discarded by your opponent and also the card that your opponent picks up after being discarded by you. One of the most important tricks is to get your opponents confused by playing a move that is particularly odd. The more mixed up and confused your opponent gets more is the chance that he would be forced to make a mistake and more will be the chances of you coming on top.

So are you in for some crazy online rummy experience? Are you ready to make your opponents suffer at the hands of defeat and make bags of money in the process? PlayRummy is the place to have all that fun.

For best rummy experience, download PlayRummy app on your mobile. To download, Click Here

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Play rummy with your circle of friends anytime anywhere

Play rummy with your circle of friends anytime anywhere!

Relishing your time with the people you love is what everyone want in these times of tight schedules and hectic routines. Not everyone these days get to meet their friends and family too often let alone have a considerable time to enjoy with them. The world of internet has managed to pull that gap close enough for the people from all over the world to interact with each other even if they are far apart.

Online games are one of the way which brings people from either edge of the world to have fun with each other anytime they want or at anyplace of their choice. PlayRummy is one of those online gaming platforms that brings together card game lovers and especially rummy lovers to bring out their rummy passion and challenge other players from different parts. But for some people having fun is just not good enough. They always want something more than just having fun. And that what they are going to get! Win real cash!

Not every online game gives you the opportunity to win money. Either they use virtual money to keep people interested or even if they permit the use if real money, it is too difficult to win. But at PlayRummy you don’t only get to play your favorite card game with your friends but also win a lot of cash prizes. PlayRummy continuously comes up with different contests and competitions which comprise of lots of different real money cash prizes.

Making extra cash by doing something you normally do just for fun has never been this easy. So do you want to make some extra cash playing the game you have so much affection for and too by just sitting there at your home in your comfy bed or couch? Join is now and be the best amongst the best in the world of Indian rummy.

For best rummy experience, download PlayRummy app on your mobile. To download, Click Here

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Make money at home with your circle of friends

Make money at home with your circle of friends

Hey rummy fans! Heard all the fuss about online rummy? Ever wanted to play online rummy with your friends and win a considerable amount of money doing all that? And that too by just sitting at home in your cozy sofa or during your free time in the office? There is a great deal of fun simply holding up to be experienced. Well that’s just what PlayRummy has in stored for you!

Rummy has been the most loved card game in India since its advent. Making money and getting hold of some extra cash has never been that much fun. Where all those online rummy games allow you to play with virtual money, PlayRummy is an online platform where you could play rummy with friends from all over the world using real money.  An appealing multiplayer rummy experience which allows you to spend quality time within your friends circle even though you are far apart. This platform also lets you grow your friends circle and make new friends from all over the world when you compete against each other playing the game you love!

PlayRummy is the place to be for the cash rummy lovers as it is packed with lots of contests, prizes and out of the box ideas that are being introduced every other day, brought to life by a divergent thought process of its developers to make the online rummy experience for you and your friends extraordinary and fun. So are you up to the challenge? Do you have what it takes to be the best amongst your friends and other online cash rummy players around the world?

All you have to do is go on and create your account or you can download the application from the google app store or if you are an IOS user, the application is available to download on apple store as well.

For best rummy experience, download PlayRummy app on your mobile. To download, Click Here

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